How Do I Get 7Plus On My TV in Canada in 2022 [Easy Guide]


Looking for answers to your question “how do I get 7Plus on my TV in Canada?” This article is a perfect guide on how to get 7Plus on TV so that you can start streaming your favorite 7Plus movies and TV shows on your big screen from the comfort of your couch. Wondering how to connect 7Plus to TV? Follow our easy-steps guide.

7Plus is an Australian video-on-demand and catch-up television streaming service operated by the Seven Network. It hosts a diverse range of content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports. The Rookie, 9-1-1, and The Mentalist are some of the best 7Plus shows that you can stream.

Apart from its on-demand content, 7Plus also provides live online streaming of Channel 7, 7flix, 7mate, 7two, 7Sport, and However, there’s a red flag for you if you’re currently overseas because 7Plus is geo-restricted outside Australia. Luckily, you can still watch and get 7Plus in Canada with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Let’s find out how to watch 7Plus on TV in the simplest way possible.

How Do I Get 7Plus on My TV [Quick Guide]

If your smart TV doesn’t have the 7Plus app installed, you can easily download it. Wondering “how do I get 7Plus on my TV?” just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the app store of your smart TV and download the 7Plus app.
  2. Install the app on your TV and open it.
  3. On your web browser, go to “” to authenticate and connect 7Plus on TV.

Log into your 7Plus account to authenticate the code on your Smart TV.

  1. Log in to your 7Plus account using your username and password. If you already haven’t created an account, you can always register as a new 7Plus user.
  2. After signing in, you will get an 8-digit long code to add to your 7Plus app on the TV.
  3. Provide the 8-digit code on your smart TV.
  4. Click the “Submit” button and let the process complete.
  5. If your code matches, you will get a “Success” prompt message on the smart TV.
  6. Once done, you will be able to access your 7Plus account on your smart TV. So, find your favorite TV show and start streaming it on the big screen
  7. Now, you know the answer to how do I get the 7Plus app on my TV!

Note: This above-mentioned log-in procedure is for simple smart TVs. If you have an Apple TV, you will need to follow an entirely different login process.

Trying outside Australia? Use a VPN!

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How to Install 7Plus on my Smart TV?

If you have one of the latest TV models, you can find the 7Plus app pre-installed on your TV set. However, the users of older TV models will need to install the 7Plus app manually. 7Plus offers its smart apps for a variety of TV sets, including Samsung, Hisense, Sony TV, Android TV, and many other brands.

Follow these simple steps to install 7Plus on your smart TV:

  1. Open the app store of your smart TV and search for the 7Plus app.
  2. Download the official 7Plus app to your smart TV.
  3. Now, install the app and open it once the installation process finishes.
  4. Launch the app on your smart TV and activate it to start streaming content.
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How to Activate 7Plus on my Smart TV?

Once the 7Plus app has been installed on your smart TV, you will need to activate it before streaming it on your big screen. The procedure is quite straightforward and simple. Here’s how to activate 7Plus on smart TV:

  1. Launch the 7Plus app once it has been installed on your smart TV.
  2. Click on any video to play it.
  3. You will be navigated to the steps of creating a 7Plus account. You will also get an activation code that will be used to activate 7Plus on your smart TV.
  4. Now from your PC or mobile, open “” to activate and connect your account.
  5. Login to your account if you already have one, or else, create a new 7Plus account.
  6. Enter the 8-digit 7Plus connect code and click on the “Submit” button.

Note: Once your account is connected to your TV, you can easily stream 7Plus on your smart TV. However, if you’re trying outside Australia? Use a VPN!

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How To Connect 7Plus On Apple TV?

Follow these easy steps to connect 7Plus on Apple TV:

  1. Download and install the 7Plus app from the App Store on your Apple TV.

Download and install the 7Plus app on your Apple TV.

  1. Select any video you want to watch and click on the “Activate” button from the settings.
  2. Sign in to your app and get the 7Plus activation code.
  3. Open on your web browser.
  4. Enter the activation code on your Apple TV and submit it.
  5. Once done, your 7Plus will be connected to your Apple TV.

Trying outside Australia? Use a VPN!

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How to Fix 7Plus Not Working Error on Smart TV?

The 7Plus app works fine and offers a seamless streaming experience. However, there’s a possibility that you occasionally encounter some technical glitches leading to Channel 7 not working error. Here are some of the reasons for the error and how you can fix them:

  1. The server of the 7Plus app might be down or under maintenance. The only thing you can do is wait for the app to be back working again.
  2. Your internet connection might be sluggish. Check your Wi-Fi router and reboot it to get it back in working condition.
  3. Wrong time and date can also lead to an error where the 7Plus app might stop working. Go to the settings of your device and set the date & time.
  4. Your smart TV might need a breather. Turn it off and then turn it on after a couple of minutes.

Note: If you encounter any other unforeseen error that couldn’t be solved without technical assistance, you can contact customer support. For viewers outside Australia, use a VPN

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How Do I get 7Plus on my TV: FAQs

7Plus is an online streaming platform of the Seven Network that offers access to the following channels:

  • Channel 7
  • 7flix
  • 7mate
  • 7two
  • 7Sport

No, 7Plus is a video-on-demand and catch-up TV streaming service that offers access to the free-to-air Seven Network and its TV networks.

Due to some glitches in the 7Plus app, you might get a 7Plus not working error on your smart TV. In that case, simply log out of your 7Plus app and log in again after a few minutes. On some occasions, 7Plus servers go under maintenance and you will have to wait till the app is up again.

You can watch the following channels on the 7Plus app on your smart TV:

  • Channel 7
  • 7flix
  • 7mate
  • 7two
  • 7Sport

Wrap Up!

7Plus is a wonderful streaming platform that gives you access to the entire channel lineup of the Seven Network, with live and on-demand content. Australian content lovers often ask “how do I get 7Plus on my TV in Canada?” The answer has been comprehensively given in this blog.

We have also addressed your query “how do I connect my 7 plus to my TV?” The process is simple and doesn’t involve any complicated steps. Just follow this guide word-to-word and you will be able to stream 7Plus content on your smart TV.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that the service is geo-restricted and requires a VPN connection like ExpressVPN if you are looking to stream it outside Australia.

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