How To Get Bravo TV Free Trial in Canada In 2022 [Easy Guide]


Are you looking for an unpretentious guide regarding Bravo Tv free trial in Canada? Have you been looking for a streaming service that provides you with various genres to sit back and relish?

Bravo is amongst the most famous and longest-running entertainment cable channels in the United States. Built on a passionate fanbase, Bravo TV’s fields of programming have broadened since it first started its streaming services.

Bravo TV is the one-handed solution to your genre mood, from arts and culture to sports, fashion, and food.

Since Bravo TV is a geo-restricted platform and only available in the United States. Therefore, you will need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Bravo TV in Canada and also its content including Bravo TV movies in Canada and Bravo TV shows in Canada.

How do you know whether or not paying for Bravo TV is worth it? Bravo TV provides a free trial period that addresses all your worries regarding the matter before you pay for a subscription.

Following is a handy, easy-to-understand directory that will surely deal with all your queries about Bravo TV free trial in Canada at once. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the topic.

How To Sign Up For Bravo TV Free Trial in Canada?

Many streaming services offer Bravo TV as one of their channels. However, only a few of them let you avail of Bravo TV free trials. Amongst these are YouTube TV, Peacock, Sling TV, and fuboTV.

Signing up for Bravo free trial on YouTube TV will take only 15 seconds! Just follow the easy steps listed below:

  1. Turn on your YouTube TV using your Google Account
  2. Type your zip code to know what local channels are available in your area
  3. Add Bravo TV as the network you’d like to watch
  4. Choose a payment option that suits you the best


Choose payment method either PayPal or credit or debit card.

Note that Bravo TV free trial length on YouTube TV varies a great deal. However, you will get at least seven days complimentary days.

Sling TV can get you three payment-free days of Bravo TV entertainment. Unfortunately, Sling TV only offers its Blue package holders access to Bravo TV, not the Orange package purchasers.

Want to watch Bravo TV on Peacock? Just sign in to your premium Peacock account! Peacock has some ads mixed up with the contents of Bravo TV, limiting access to the free trial.

fuboTV is another streaming service that allows customers to get entertainment by a Bravo TV free trial. Elite, Pro, and Starter are the three packages of fubo you could purchase, and then begin with your seven days of free Bravo streaming.

Which Streaming Platforms Offer Bravo Tv Free Trials in Canada?

Here are what streaming service offers Bravo. However, not all these platforms allow periods of Bravo free trials. A list of venues generously offers pay-free Bravo TV scrolling and streaming:

1. fuboTV


Enjoy Bravo TV’s free trial through fuboTV.

2. YouTube TV


Get Bravo TV 7-day free trial through YouTube TV.

3. Sling TV


Start your Bravo TV free trial through Sling TV.

4. Peacock TV


Peacock TV, the streaming home of Bravo TV.

You should begin your Bravo TV experience with one of these services, so your mind is clear that you want to pay for Bravo TV.


Yes, Bravo tv free trials do exist in Canada. Different streaming platforms provide different lengths of free trial periods. With no luck, only a handful of selective streaming platforms get their customers to connect to free Bravo TV streaming periods.

You can download the Bravo app without any payments. However, there is no way to enjoy Bravo TV with no annual or monthly costs in the long run. You could always sign up for Bravo tv free trials through the prescribed platforms.

In many people’s opinion, Sling TV is the least expensive way to get Bravo TV. It is US$35 per month and its Blue package allows its customers to access Bravo subscription and Bravo free trials.


How to get Bravo tv free trial in Canada? All your worthy questions like these ones are answered in this read.

So, please sit back and enjoy Bravo TV with the help of this guide, as it has all the knowledge you need regarding Bravo tv free trials and  Bravo tv subscription cost and  steps. Make sure you don’t cancel your Bravo account before enjoying everything the service has to offer. Enjoy!

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