How to Watch Irish Baseball League in Canada


The Irish Baseball League has been a hot topic among baseball fans for years. However, this year the league’s popularity is at an all-time high. This article will give you tips and information on how to watch the Irish Baseball League in Canada.

The IBL season runs from March through September, with each team playing home and away games against the other teams in their division. The matches will be covered live on ESPN. But ESPN’s geo-restriction should not come your way while watching the IBL games live. This where VPN comes handy and it will help you watch ESPN Plus in Canada.

Here is what you need to do to watch your favorite sporting event live in Canada:

Quick Steps: Watch Irish Baseball League on ESPN in Canada

Follow these quick steps to watch the Irish Baseball League in Canada with a VPN:

    1. Choose the champion VPN service and Launch it on your device. (We highly recommend ExpressVPN).
    2. Connect the VPN to any US-based servers in the list.
    3. Load the ESPN app on your device and Register for an account.
    4. Use the ESPN app and enjoy Irish Baseball League on ESPN.

Why do you need a VPN to Irish Baseball League on ESPN in Canada

You need a VPN to watch Irish Baseball League on ESPN in Canada because ESPN is a streaming service that provides live sports in regions that own the streaming license.

And ESPN+ is the best platform to catch up with live streaming of the Irish Baseball League. But to skip geo-blocking of the ESPN+ in Canada, you must use the VPN to watch Irish Baseball League

What is Irish Baseball League?

The Irish Baseball League (IBL) is a professional baseball league in Ireland. The season runs from March to October. The games are played on weekends. The upcoming season is bringing excitement to fans across the globe. Remember, a VPN will be necessary if you are in Canada. 

Where to Watch Irish Baseball League?

ESPN is the best place to watch the Irish Baseball League. You can see the live matches or recordings of the matches. You can connect your device to a US server if ESPN is unavailable using the  Best VPN. Stream IBL games in your location.

When Irish Baseball League is going to start and end?

The 2022 season of the Irish Baseball League kicks off on 28 May 2022. The regular season ends on 19 September 2022. Most event matches are scheduled to be played on Wednesday and Thursday.

What is the Irish Baseball League Schedule?

Here is the schedule of the next 5 Irish Baseball League games that you can live stream on ESPN in 2022:

Date Teams Venue
11 Sep 2022 Belfast Badgers VS Mariners Baseball 1 Hydebank Playing Field
11 Sep 2022 Mariners Baseball 2 VS  Belfast Badgers Red Rox
11 Sep 2022 Red Rox VS Ashbourne Red Rox Baseball Field Postal Code Portmarnock, Co. Dublin
18 Sep 2022 Belfast Badgers VS Dublin Hurricanes Hydebank Playing Fields
18 Sep 2022 Belfast Badgers VS Dublin Hurricanes Hydebank Playing Fields
18 Sep 2022 Ashbourne VS Mariners Baseball 1 International Baseball Centre

What is the Number of Irish baseball teams?

The number of Irish Baseball teams is 12. The current active teams are:

Ashbourne Giants
Ashbourne Stags
Belfast Northstars
Belfast Buccaneers
Clones Comets
Dublin City Hurricanes
Greystones Mariners
Cork Cosmos
Dublin Spartans

What are the Current Results of the Irish Baseball League?

Here are the current results of the Irish Baseball League:

August 7 (A league Games)

  • Dublin Spartans 13 Vs 5 Ashbourne Giants
  • Mariners Baseball 11 Vs 7 Dublin Hurricanes

August 7 (B league Games)

  • Dublin Spartans B 16 Vs 6 Ashbourne Giants B

Which Team Won Last Year Irish Baseball League?

The Mariners Baseball team won last year’s (2021) Irish Baseball League. It is their second in a row as they were the 2020 League title, winner. They’ve won 3 league titles in total since the inception of the League.

Which Team Won Most Irish Baseball League?

Dublin Spartans won the most Irish Baseball League champion titles. The team won the IBL 12 times. Dublin Spartans were the winners from 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 to 2013.

How Much Does the Average Irish Baseball League Player Make?

The average salary of an Irish Baseball League player is €39,367, which is approximately US $40703.90. As per data from the Economic Research Institute, a player in IBL makes an average of €19/hr. And their average bonus is €1000.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Irish Baseball League in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Irish Baseball League in Canada due to its impressive features and exceptional speed. If you want to know more about the provider, read the description here:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Irish Baseball League in Canada

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The MediaStreamer is the SmartDNS of ExpressVPN that gives you the flexibility to connect devices that do not support VPN. These devices include smart TVs, game consoles, etc. 

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With these features, fan can watch their favorite content titles such as The Captain or NHL Entry Draft in Canada. Along with accessing ESPN, ExpressVPN can also access all other streaming services like Sky Sports, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Netflix, etc.

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Baseball is becoming one of the most popular games in Ireland. With the inception of IBL in 1997, it became a mainstream sport. Baseball Ireland Little League and Baseball Ireland Credit League are now for under-18 baseball players.

Yes, it is a professional league.

Wrap Up

Geo-limitations of ESPN may prevent baseball fans in Canada from streaming IBL. To watch Irish Baseball League in Canada, you need to use ExpressVPN. This VPN service will never fail you regarding speed and security.

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