Binge Not Working With VPN in Canada? [Easy Fixes for 2022]   


If you’re facing Binge not working with VPN issues in Canada, in this article we will tell you how to fix it and answer in detail “why does Binge not work with VPN in Canada?”

When you try to stream binge on your own you get the following error on-screen: “An unexpected error has occurred. If the issue persists, please contact the Binge Support Crew”.

Although Binge is an over-the-top media service platform that acquires shows from various TV houses and agencies abroad, it is a platform geo-restricted to Australian viewers only. If you are not able to stream it through a VPN, it is possible that Binge has blacklisted your VPN.

Binge is an Australian video-on-demand service, owned by News Corp and Foxtel. It offers a wide selection of docos, lifestyle, drama, and blockbuster movies to 1.2 million Australian binge-watchers.

You can sign-up on Binge and watch Wednesday (2022) an Addams Family spin-off that portrays the life of Wednesday Addams. If you are a fan of Cillian Murphy’s screenplay, you can watch Peaky Blinders (2013) on Binge Australia.

We will share with you troubleshooting tips on how to fix binge not working with VPN in Canada.

How to Fix Binge not working with VPN in Canada? [Troubleshooting Tips]

Binge has a precise restriction against foreign binge-watchers. You must be wondering, Why my Binge is not working?

Well, the streaming service uses DPI technology to block-out non-Australian viewers and their IP addresses and even VPNs. Follow these steps if Binge not working with VPN in Canada.

1. Switch Servers


Switch your Australian server,

Whilst streaming for Binge abroad, if you suddenly get the geo-block error on your screen, or Binge not loading it is because the client-server has identified your IP address and has blocked your connection.

This usually happens due to VPN’s weak protocol against foreign platforms. This can also happen due to server overload on the VPN server and lack of a kill-switch feature that leads to packet loss and ultimately getting blocked by Binge.

Try switching to a different P2P server that can devise a dedicated IP address so you can resume watching Binge in Canada. We recommended the Sydney server of ExpressVPN for smooth streaming.

2. Clear Your Tracking Cookies

clear your cookies

Clear your cookies and cache.

Cookies are chunks of information that are locally stored on your device and readily sent to the client site in the form of meta-data. They store information about your website’s presets. Cookies give away your IP address information to Binge.

You can clear cookies and cache, locally store session data, and try watching Binge Australia again.

3. Restart Your Browser

If you still can not get the streaming service to work and are wondering Why isn’t my Binge stream working? Well, you can re-install the VPN browser extension and restart your browser to resume watching Binge Australia.

4. Enable Leak Protection

You can enable DNS/IP leak protection along with Anti Tracking System on your VPN. They are precautionary security features that can save you a great deal of IP leaks and data drops while watching Binge Australia.

5. Switch Time Zones

You can switch time zones to make it look like you are viewing from Australia that is GMT+12.

6. Switch Devices

Some VPNs do not encrypt data on non-HTML5 servers. They also delay patch updates for some devices to run geo-blocked content. You can switch devices for ExpressVPN to run Binge Australia.

Does Binge work with a VPN? Yes, and a VPN like ExpressVPN is compatible with most of the popular devices such as: iPhones, iPad, Apple TVs, Android phones, Tablet, Roku TV Box and Amazon Fire Stick.

7. Get a Dedicated IP Address

Binge is quick to detect forged IP addresses. To watch lifestyles and movies on Binge Australia you will need a VPN that can dish out a dedicated IP address of Australian origin using ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is built-to-spec. It can create a truly dedicated IP address and route your internet traffic through its encrypted servers to Binge’s client server.

Watch Binge with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

How Does Binge detect my VPN in Canada?

Binge uses deep packet investigation technology to detect foreign viewers per household connections. To unblock the full library of Binge in Canada, you will need a strong VPN. ExpressVPN lets you watch Binge on five devices simultaneously. It comes with a discounted price of CA$8.91/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) on a 2-year plan.

Why Does Binge block VPNs in Canada?

Binge is Foxtel’s newest film and TV distribution platform based in Australia. It has a rigorous spectrum licensing agreement with international content-producing agencies that limit its broadcast from airing in Canada.

This is why Binge blocks VPNs from accessing its dramas and movie packs. If Binge not working with the VPN you picked, try ExpressVPN. It comes with a handful of protocols.

FAQs- Binge not working with VPN in Canada

Yes, it is absolutely legal to watch Binge with VPN in Canada as long as you are not pirating or misusing the content. If Binge is not working with the VPN you picked, well, you can try out ExpressVPN.

No, Binge can easily detect two-bit free VPNs. You should opt for a premium VPN subscription. You can get ExpressVPN’s 2-year plan for an affordable price of $6.67/month (49% OFF) and enjoy watching movie packs and lifestyle programs on Binge Australia.

Binge is consistently on the lookout for VPNs with weak encryption in Canada. Using Binge with VPN means, you must forge your IP address to match the streaming service’s criteria. Just get military-grade ExpressVPN!


Binge is owned by News Corp and Foxtel. It acquires content from international TV agencies and has limited its access to watch Binge movies and watch Binge shows for Canadian audiences. You will need a world-class VPN to access Binge in Canada.

If Binge not working with VPN in Canada, try ExpressVPN. It lets you watch Binge on five devices simultaneously and you can stream your favorite content without hassle. In case you get bored, you can always cancel your Binge subscription.

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