fuboTV Cost in Canada: All About Pricing Plans, Channels (2022 Guide)


Are you wondering how much fuboTV cost in Canada in 2022? The cost of the fuboTV Pro plan would be CAD91.24 (US$69.99) and there are 3 more different packages of fuboTV available to get. In this blog, we will guide you through all the packages and which one is the best for you.

What actually fuboTV is? fuboTV brings you hundreds of sports, entertainment, and news channels, handy DVR facilities, and unswerving performance. The basic plan stacks up 124 channels, much more than any other live streaming service for this fuboTV cost.

However, fuboTV is a geo-restricted platform that is exclusively available in the United States. To watch fuboTV in Canada, you will need a reliable VPN app like ExpressVPN.

The main strength of fuboTV is its live coverage of marquee sporting events being held on local, national, or international stages.  Other than its expansive lineup of channels, fuboTV also offers several add-on features cord-cutters prefer in this type of streaming service.

Although its biggest drawback is that the majority of the live streams available on the platform are restricted to 720p video quality. But fuboTV has a quite big advantage over its competitors, especially if you are a sports enthusiast, it streams some events in 4K high-definition resolution.

The streaming platform also lacks Turner-operated channels, as well as the Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) and A&E Network. Still, fuboTV remains the top streaming service for cord-cutters who want to stream a diverse range of sports.

Quick Guide: How Much Does fuboTV Cost in Canada?

fuboTV offers four different subscription plans to choose from ranging between CAD91.24 (US$69.99) and CAD130.35 (US$99.99). New subscribers also get a 7-day fuboTV free trial in Canada on sign-up, allowing them to try the service thoroughly before committing to a long-term plan.


Choose your plans wisely!

fuboTV was launched in 2015 as a sports-dedicated live TV streaming service. Initially, it was priced super-low at just CAD9.13 (US$7) per month. The popularity of the streaming service skyrocketed within the span of two years and more channels were added.

Consequently, its price also got jacked up, but even with a whopping price increase, fuboTV still offers a great value for money.

Here’s a brief overview of the fuboTV subscription cost and plan offered by fuboTV:

fuboTV cost for Pro Plan: Costs CAD91.24 (US$69.99) per month with 124 channels, 3 simultaneous screens (on the go), 10 simultaneous screens (on home internet), and a cloud-based DVR for 1000 hours.

fuboTV cost for Elite Plan: Costs CAD104.27 (US$79.99) per month with 177 channels, including Fubo Extra and News Plus channels, 3 simultaneous screens (on the go), 10 simultaneous screens (on home internet), and a cloud-based DVR for 1000 hours.

fuboTV Cost for Ultimate Plan: Costs CAD130.35 (US$99.99) per month with 212 channels, including Fubo Extra and News Plus channels, Sports Plus, Starz, Showtime, 3 simultaneous screens (on the go), 10 simultaneous screens (on home internet), and a cloud-based DVR for 1000 hours.

fuboTV Cost for Latino Plan: Costs CAD43.02 (US$33) per month with 43 Spanish-language channels, 2 simultaneous screens (on the go and on the home internet), and a cloud-based DVR for 250 hours.

In case the service fails to meet your expectations, it’s super easy to cancel fuboTV subscription in Canada.

fuboTV Pro Plan


fuboTV pro plans offer numerous channels.

The entry-level package of fuboTV, the Pro plan costs CAD91.24 (US$69.99) per month in Canada and gives you access to 124 channels, including all major networks except Paramount, ABC, Bravo, and Disney Channel. Other than that, you will get live coverage of more than 100 prominent sporting events.

Moreover, you can also watch some of the best fuboTV shows in Canada. If you love recording your favorite show, all the plans, including the Pro plan, offer 1000 hours of DVR and 10 simultaneous screens at home.

fuboTV Elite Plan


Nat Geo Wild, NHL TV, MLB TV, and NBA TV come with Elite Plan.

Naturally, as the price goes up, the content offering also increases if you opt for the Elite plan. It gives you access to 177 channels and 130 live sporting events.

On top of that, you will also get the Fubo Extra add-on which offers you another set of 41 channels, including Nat Geo Wild, NHL TV, MLB TV, and NBA TV.

With News Plus, you will further get 12 more news channels, including Africa News, and BBC World News. Among all these channels, the best fuboTV movies in Canada catalog is another attraction for film fanatics.

fuboTV Ultimate Plan


The fuboTV ultimate plan offers 177 channels.

Quite predictably, the fuboTV Ultimate plan is the utmost supreme plan fuboTV has to offer to its subscribers from Canada. You get a direct jump from having 177 channels to having 212. Even more excitingly you also get an entry to live and on-demand.

The ever-popular platform Showtime is known for its vast content library including premium shows, movies, and sports content (MMA and boxing matches).

You will also get Sports Plus with the NFL Redzone which you can watch from every touchdown to every game, every Sunday afternoon. fuboTV Ultimate plan will cost you CAD130.35 (US$99.99) each month, so if you have a big family with everyone wanting something different to watch, go for it!

fuboTV Latino Plan


Enjoy cloud DVR up to 2 screens with a Latino plan.

fuboTV Latino plan in Canada will get you the special 43 Spanish-language channels for just CAD43.02 (US$33) per month. The fuboTV Latino plan includes a mix of movies, sports, and factual programming channels. In this plan, you will get 250 hours of cloud DVR on up to 2 screens at once.

If you want more hours added to the DVR, there is always an option available for you to upgrade and boost the Cloud DVR to 1000 hours and sign up for the unlimited screens option.

How to Subscribe to fuboTV in Canada?

A streaming platform like fuboTV is becoming essential in households. fuboTV offers you to stream local and international up-to-date events. If you want to subscribe to fuboTV and want to sign up you need to have your credit card and billing details at hand.

Here we are going to guide you through the simple steps to get fuboTV plans:

  1. Open the fuboTV website in any of your browsers.


Visit the fuboTV official website.

2. Click on the “Start Free Trial” option on the screen.

3. Enter your details and set a password.


Enter your valid email address to create a fuboTV account.

4. Next up will be the plans and packages. Select the plan you want to opt for and click on “Start Free Trial.”


Select the fuboTV plans as per your requirement.

5. Select the add-ons if you want to add any extra bundle.

6. Click on “Continue to Last Step.”

7. Fill in the payment information and credit card details and enter.


Enter your credit card information.

8. Click on “Start Watching fuboTV” and enjoy.

Note: fuboTV accepts credit cards and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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Which fuboTV Package is Best for You?

There are a number of factors to be taken into account while deciding on which fuboTV package in Canada is the best for you. To evaluate which plan will give you the best bang for your buck, count the number of users in your household and their content preferences.

The video quality, and the DVR option. Following are the main reasons why you would go for a fuboTV subscription in Canada:

  • fuboTV channels
  • You mostly want to watch sports-related content in HD video quality.
  • You have several users in your household who want to stream simultaneously on their devices.
  • You want to record and download content on different devices to stream while offline.
  • You also want to watch some of the hit TV shows and popular films.

If you are not a heavy TV watcher and just want to catch up with live sports, fuboTV Pro plan at CAD91.24 (US$69.99) per month will suffice. However, if you are looking to completely replace your cable TV subscription with a live TV streaming service, then the fuboTV Ultimate plan is the best option for you.

For CAD130.35 (US$99.99) per month, this package will get you 212 major channels, live and on-demand content, all major sporting events, the latest news, and much more. The choice is literally yours!


Well, if you ask us, yes! fuboTV subscription in Canada is worth it. Are you a sports fan? Would you also like to have entertainment, lifestyle, news, and kids channels? You’d like to have a wide catalog of channels? Would you like to get on-demand content, as well? If you answered yes to these questions fuboTV is a perfect choice for you, especially for families. It’d be even better if you have a big family, who have diverse choices on what they like to watch from different entertainment niches like sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and kids channels.

No, fuboTV is not free. But fuboTV does offer a 7-day free trial with complete access to its channels. In the meantime, you can make your choice on which plan suits you. After the fuboTV free trial period ends, you will be charged automatically for the plan you picked. You can check the prices and plans in the guide above.

Yes, you can share your fuboTV account with anyone you like. Current fuboTV bundle plans are mostly for a ‘Family Share’ or anyone you would like to share your account with. With the add-on of ‘Unlimited Screens,’ you can stream on up to ten devices at once.

Wrapping up

In this article, we have elaborated on fuboTV cost in Canada and all the different packages it offers. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three plans that basically vary in terms of price and the number of channels and content.

fuboTV tends to bend heavily towards sports-related content ideally making it a top choice for those who want live TV streaming offering a variety of sports. Definitely go for fuboTV if sports is your top priority!

Now you know how much is fuboTV Cost in Canada a month, whether you choose fuboTV monthly cost or yearly totally depends on you.

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