MLB.TV Not Working With VPN in Canada? [Easy Hacks for 2022]

Are you a baseball fan unsuccessfully trying to stream MLB.TV and wondering why MLB.TV not working with VPN in Canada? There may be multiple reasons for MLB.TV not working with VPN in Canada and we’ll discuss them below.

MLB.TV live streaming is a package offered by MLB with which subscribers can watch MLB games and programs on compatible devices. Viewers can watch shows such as MLB Tonight, MLB Central, Intentional Talk, Hot Stove, etc., with their MLB.TV subscription.

International viewers can not stream live games on MLB.TV instead, they are only available as archived broadcast 90 minutes after the live broadcast. However, to watch live MLB.TV in Canada users should connect with the best VPN for MLB.TV with a US server.

Why MLB.TV doesn’t Work with my VPN in Canada?

Wondering why is MLB.TV not working in 2022 in Canada? The simple answer is that MLB.TV detected your original IP address, resulting in MLB.TV blocking VPN. The platform will now enforce its geo-restriction policies so that your access is revoked with immediate effect. These are the tips:

Why is MLB.TV not Working with VPN in Canada? [Troubleshooting Fixes]

If you often face the MLB.TV not working with VPN in Canada, here are some common fixes to help you out:

Delete Cookies


Clear your cookies and cache.

You often come across websites asking your permission to collect cookies, but did you know these are a significant reason for MLB.TV not working? Cookies ensure the web pages and information you’re shown are related to your preferences.

However, they often also contain information about your location, which gets noticed by MLB.TV sooner or later.

If your IP address doesn’t resemble the location stored by your cookies, MLB.TV will immediately know that you’re an intruder. Once the platform takes appropriate measures, you’d notice that MLB.TV live streaming becomes unavailable on your device.

If you want to get around MLB.TV not working with VPN, be sure to regularly delete your cookies or reject websites that ask for it.

Switch Servers


Switch to a new USA server like Washington or Chicago!

If you’re constantly asking yourself why is MLB.TV not working in 2022, despite deleting the cookies, consider changing your server.

Many of the best VPN for MLB.TV provides you with thousands of servers. Each server means a different IP address, so even if MLB.TV blocks one; you can always try your luck with another.

Upgrade Your VPN

A VPN’s efficiency often decreases because the app or subscription is not up to date. If the MLB.TV not working with VPN problem persists after changing the server.

Chances are that the platform has blocked all your servers. Updating the VPN will result in getting more servers that have not yet been tracked by MLB.TV.

However, if a vast number of the servers of your VPN are blocked by MLB.TV, there’s a high possibility that you’re using a cheap VPN. Consider upgrading to Express VPN MLB.TV to have a smooth and secure experience.

You won’t ever have to worry about ExpressVPN not working with MLB.TV because of its efficiency and thousands of servers.


Most of the app bugs are fixed once you reinstall your app. If none of the fixes above work for you, uninstall your VPN app and the MLB.TV not working with VPN issue will soon be resolved.

Why does MLB.TV detects my VPN?

The primary purpose of a VPN is to hide your actual location and provide you with an IP address that is in accordance with the platform’s permissible locations. Free VPN for MLB.TV or poor VPNs often fail at doing this job, resulting in MLB.TV VPN not working.

MLB.TV has to block all foreign IP addresses because its legal contracts don’t allow it to distribute content worldwide. If you want to use MLB.TV from your location, ditch the free VPN for MLB.TV and choose ExpressVPN because it is the best VPN for MLB.TV.

How MLB. TV block my VPNs?

MLB.TV not working with VPN is usually because of these techniques used by the platform:

  • Identifying the IP address:

Using ExpressVPN MLB.TV or any other VPN, you can very well change your IP address. However, this IP address is used by many people because VPN servers are not exclusive to you.

Once the platform notices that the same IP address is used by an unusual number of people, it will quickly know that you’re using a VPN, resulting in ExpressVPN not working with MLB.TV.

  • IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks:

MLB.TV constantly monitors user activity by analyzing IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. When any of these methods even slightly hint at the use of a VPN, it results in MLB.TV VPN not working.

  • GeoIP databases:

MLB.TV not working with VPN is not always due to a faulty VPN because the platform uses databases like Maxmind to screen the IP addresses. If the database has a record of your VPN’s IP address, it’ll immediately notify MLB.TV for due action.

MLB.TV not working with VPN in Canada- FAQs

MLB.TV may not work with a VPN in Canada because the service detects your VPN usage. Try a different and more reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN, or change your server location. You may also try clearing your browser cache.

Find out the locations which are blacked out by MLB.TV. While connecting with a VPN service in Canada, connect to a server that is not listed among the blackout locations.

Trick MLB.TV location by connecting via a reliable VPN service that can successfully mask your location.

Yes, a reliable VPN can get around MLB blackouts in Canada. However, we suggest using a paid VPN service instead of a free one, as free VPNs are limited and with poor security.


MLB.TV VPN Reddit is full of queries about not having access to the platform. This is because of MLB.TV has strict policies in place to prevent intruders. However, a few common fixes are all you need to solve the MLB.TV not working with VPN in Canada issue.

We’ve provided you with detailed insights into what you can do to fix your VPN to access MLB.TV. Be sure to go through all the solutions, and you’d be able to watch your favorite games without any trouble!

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