15 Best PBS Cooking Shows to Watch in Canada in 2022


Whether you are looking to tempt your tastebuds by watching scrumptious dishes, or you want to try a new delish recipe, you must watch the best PBS cooking shows in Canada! If you are a binge-watcher who loves to hang around food, PBS offers a string of the most entertaining cooking shows.

Before the mushrooming of streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Bravo, and others, PBS was the network cooking shows lovers preferred. The Public Broadcasting Service commonly referred to as PBS is an American free-to-air TV network that is known for providing educational content, including fan-favorite cooking shows.

From the classics like The French Chef and Baking with Julia to the recent smash hit The Great British Bake Off, there is an impressive lineup of PBS great cooking shows. However, much like other streaming services, PBS’s content library is geo-restricted and accessible within America only. To watch PBS in Canada, you will need a reliable and best VPN service.

Let’s move ahead and explore the best PBS cooking shows available to stream right now in Canada.

What are the Best PBS Cooking Shows in Canada to Watch Right Now?

PBS has one of the most wide-ranging libraries of food and cooking shows with thousands of episodes available to stream. From nostalgic to new, here are the 15 best PBS cooking shows to watch in Canada in 2022:

America’s Test Kitchen books (2000– )


Genre: Documentary

Director: Herb Sevush


Cast: Christopher Kimball, Dan Souza, Julia Collin Davison, Erin McMurrer, Bridget Lancaster

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

No of Seasons: 22 seasons

America’s Test Kitchen books is a cooking show that displays many experiments done with cooking products by participants. The series shows participants’ unique techniques, as they confront different culinary challenges that come their way.

Hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison test the Kitchen cooks to prepare America’s favorite recipes.

The French Chef (1962–1973)


Genre: Short, Family, Documentary

Director: David Atwood, Russell Morash

Creator: Julia Child

Cast: Julia Child

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

No of Seasons: 10 seasons

Even though the show has the name The French Chef, it is an American TV cooking show. The series was hosted and created by Julia Child. It was an immensely popular cooking show that was aired for 206 episodes in total. The purpose of the show series was to convince the American people to try and cook French cuisine at home.

The French Chef is one of the best old PBS cooking shows to date.

A Chef’s Life (2013–2018)


Genre: Reality-TV

Director: Cynthia Hill

Creator: Vivian Howard

Cast: Vivian Howard, Ben Knight, Sheri Castle

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

No of Seasons: 5 seasons

A Chef’s Life is a cooking show and documentary series led by Vivian Howard. The series’ first season has 13 episodes that are half-hour long. Vivian and her spouse, Ben Knight, live and own a business in Kinston, NC.

They run the ‘Chef and the Farmer,’ a small farm-to-table restaurant. The show explores modern and traditional, both applications of typical Southern ingredients via the work and life of the series’ narrator and host, Vivian Howard.

If you are into Reality Tv, there are some of the best reality shows on Netflix in Canada.

Cook’s Country From America’s Test Kitchen (2008– )


Genre: Documentary

Director: Herb Sevush, Jan Maliszewski


Cast: Bridget Lancaster, Christopher Kimball, Julia Collin Davison, Adam Ried, Jack Bishop

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

No of Seasons: 15 seasons

The series Cook’s Country From America’s Test Kitchen discovers some of the best American cuisine and chefs through comprehensive kitchen testing. Also, check out the top cooking shows available on Hulu to watch from Canada.

Family Ingredients (2016- )Family-Ingredients-us


Genre: Documentary

Director: Ty Sanga

Creator: Ty Sanga

Cast: Ed Kenney, Noriko Aka, Pham Thi Thai Ha, Raymond Le, Andrew Le

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

No of Seasons: 2 seasons

Family Ingredients is a travel cooking documentary series. The show celebrates and honors the multicultural culinary history and cooking traditions of Hawaii. If you watch this show it will feel just like visiting your old friends.

Throughout the series, you will get to see and meet interesting locals and learn a lot about the culture and food.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (2015- )


Genre: Documentary

Director: John Bedolis


Cast: Phil Rosenthal, Martin Short, Lily Rosenthal, Ray Romano, Monica Horan

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

No of Seasons: 1 season

In I’LL HAVE WHAT PHIL’S HAVING, Phil Rosenthal sets off on a journey keeping his eyes on both kitchens on and off practices. On his journey, he meets many people who are keeping the old traditions alive and making new ones on their way.

The audience travels along with him as he goes from Hong Kong to Barcelona, Paris to Tokyo, and from 3-star restaurants to a Los Angeles small bakery. You may also like to watch the cooking skills of Chef Daniele on Best in Dough.

The Great British Baking Show (2010- )


Genre: Reality-TV

Director: Scott Tankard, Andy Devonshire, Jeanette Goulbourn

Creator: –

Cast: Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Noel Fielding, Sandi Toksvig, Sue Perkins

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

No of Seasons: 13 seasons

A selected number of Britain’s home bakers get assembled for a British baking contest. Every week a new theme is given for the competition, mostly the distinctive quality type of tasks that the competitors have to bake such as cakes, pastries, cookies, etc.

To complete the given tasks a specific time duration is set to finish the challenges, and their finished products are assessed by respected and expert judges. The great British baking show is among the best cooking shows on PBS to watch in Canada.

Baking with Julia (1996–2001)


Genre: Talk-show



Cast: Nancy Silverton, Julia Child

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

No of Seasons:

Julia Child displays her indispensable techniques, time-saving tips, and scrupulously tested recipes, together with many of the country’s most wonderful pastry bakers and chefs, that portray home baking in a very satisfying form.

Every episode there is a new pastry baker or chef featured who demonstrates their professional techniques you can even perform in your home’s kitchen. Also, check out Chefs vs. Wild in Canada if you are a food lover.

Meals Ready to Eat (2017- )


Genre: Documentary

Director: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes

Creator: August Dannehl, Kyle Hausmann-Stokes

Cast: August Dannehl, Holly Jivin, Neal Fraser, Matt Seigel, Tim Hollingsworth

IMDb Rating: -/10

No of Seasons: 1 season

The “Meals Ready to Eat” crew travels from one coast to another, going abroad to explore the food culture and the gourmet culinary preparations of the old military community. Retired Navy soldiers, food aficionados, and host August Dannehl go to check out the lively food operations of the military groups. Also check out Food Network in Canada, if you are a food lover.

The Migrant Kitchen (2016- )


Genre: Documentary

Director: Nathan Sage, Antonio Diaz, Ben Hunter


Cast: Jennifer Reichardt, Wes Avila

IMDb Rating: 9.2/10

No of Seasons: 4 seasons

“The Migrant Kitchen” is a documentary series, exploring America’s flourishing food scenes through the sights of new generation chefs. The cooking series falls in the PBS great cooking shows category.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street (2017- )


Genre: Documentary

Director: Jan Maliszewski


Cast: Christopher Kimball, Erika Bruce, Matthew Card, Erika Bruce, Catherine Smart

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

No of Seasons: 6 seasons

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Magazine editors go on a search for techniques and different ingredients over the world that can completely change your home cooking style by making bigger, bolder cuisines in lesser time and effort.

The group travels to Mexico, Thailand, Peru, and London. Join them on their cooking quest to remodel the way of cooking and eating in America.

Jamie Oliver Together (2021)



Director: Niall Downing, Felipe Herrera

Creator: –

Cast: Jamie Oliver

IMDb Rating: -/10

No of Seasons:

Chef Jamie Oliver takes the opportunity and brings home cooking to a new level. In the times when the dining table is considered a restaurant for spending more time with family and friends, it is the right time to do this. This 4-part cooking series is the optimum guide on how to bring people together by laying over a table full of achievable and delicious food.

Kevin Belton’s Cookin’ Louisiana (2021- )

Kevin Belton's-Cookin'-Louisiana-us


Director: Terri Landry

Creator: –

Cast: Wanda Rivers, Kevin Belton

IMDb Rating: -/10

No of Seasons: 1 season

This cooking series is so inspiring for the chef inside you that it will make you want some of Louisiana’s favorites like Étouffée, Stuffed Crab, Gumbo, and Louisiana Oyster Stew. Chef and host Belton keep things simple and his recipes simpler. The idea of making the skill of fine cooking look non-intimidating, but interesting many fine dining dishes are prepared.

Lidia’s Kitchen (2013- )



Genre: Talk-show



Cast: Lidia Bastianich, Lorenzo Manuali, Erminia Motika, Olivia Bastianich, Julia Manuali

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

No of Seasons: 9 seasons

Lidia’s Kitchen is a typical culinary masterclass hosted by the beloved chef and author Lidia Bastianich. In this show series, Lidia’s love for teaching and giving cooking classes is evident. She describes the proper techniques that are required to prepare foods and classic or new Italian recipes.

Also guiding the audience through related tips on how to purchase and store your cooking ingredients. This show falls on the list of the best PBS cooking shows in Italy.

Simply Ming (2003- )


Genre: Documentary

Director: Michael Schear, Laurie Donnelly

Creator: Ming Tsai

Cast: Ming Tsai, Rick Bayless, Henry Tsai, Jamie Bissonnette, Joanne Chang

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

No of Seasons: 13 seasons

In this cooking show, chef Ming Tsai hosts different guests on his show. During the show episode, they just talk and interact as they would in real life. Host and guest help each other in making food. There are many great techniques being told as well as experiences.


So, binge-watchers, that was our recommendation list of the best PBS cooking shows that you can stream in Canada to fulfill your appetite for watching reality-based cooking shows. If you can’t get enough of the savory content, PBS has a perfect platter of food-related content to offer.

So, grab your recipe books, fill in your buckets of munchies and start watching PBS cooking shows 2022 which includes some of the most hit cooking shows ever. And Don’t miss watching  Foodtastic on Disney Plus in Canada if you are into cooking and food tasting.

Happy watching!

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