How To Watch TSN On Roku in Canada? [2022 Updated]


Are you someone who is looking for instructions on how to watch TSN on Roku in Canada? The answer is “yes”, continue reading on for the best, easiest instructions on how to stream all of your favorite TSN programs on a huge screen indefinitely.

Yes, there are numerous inquiries regarding TSNs on Roku or does Roku have TSN streaming media player. TSN is Canada’s top sports network, offering premium content on five national television feeds,, TSN Radio stations, and the TSN app with 5G capabilities, among other market-leading platforms.

MLB, Golf Majors, Grand Slam Tennis, NASCAR, F1, UFC, and NCAA March Madness are just a few of the numerous and varied live sports events that can be seen on the network. Bell Media, Canada’s top multimedia firm with outside assets in television, radio, digital, and out-of-home, is the source of TSN.

But unfortunately, TSN is only available in Canada and you can not stream it outside if you do so you will encounter TSN error 241404. To stream TSN outside Canada you need a VPN that can secure your privacy, our recommendation is ExpressvPN.

Continue reading forward to know is TSN is available on Roku?

How To Watch TSN On Roku In Canada? [Easy Steps]

Because of its accessibility, you cannot download TSN on your device because it is not listed in the Roku Content store. This might leave you thinking how can I get TSN on Roku.

However, using alternative methods like screen mirroring can easily get all of your favorite content back on screen through TSN Roku. You can also get the Roku app for exploring its further features.

The next section explains how to use the screen mirroring feature step-by-step.

How To Enable Screen Mirror On Roku To Watch TSN?

You must turn on the screen mirroring on your Roku-connected TV or Roku TV in order to screen mirror your Android or Windows device.

  • Join the Roku Streaming box after turning on your SmartTV.
  • The Home page will then appear after you hit the Home Button on your Roku controller.
  • Select the Setting option and then hit the System option.
  • Select both the options Screen mirroring and Screen mirroring mode.
  • On your Roku device, select Prompt to enable the screen mirroring feature.
  • Now you can easily screen mirror and stream TSN on the Roku on any device.

Watch TSN On RokuEnjoy streaming!

How To Screen Mirror TSN On Roku From iOS Device?

Following are the steps to screen mirror TSN Roku from iOS Device:

  • Get the TSN app on Roku for your iOS device and install it.
  • Open the app, then log in with your account information.
  • Join the Roku and iSO devices to the same WiFi network.
  • Activate Airplay on Roku.
  • Go to the control channel and select the screen mirroring option.
  • To mirror your iSO screen, choose the name of your Roku device.
  • Open the TSN after the content has been mirrored and watch on Roku compatible device.

Watch TSN On RokuThrough Your iOS Device

How To Screen Mirror TSN On Roku Using Android Device?

Following are the steps to screen mirror TSN Roku from using Android Device:

  • Download the TSN app on your Android Device.
  • Login to TSN app by entering your credentials.
  • Switch on screen mirroring on Roku-enabled TV.
  • Connect both your device Roku and smartphone to the same WiFi.
  • From the notification panel of your android device click the cast symbol.
  • Choose the Roku device name, and launch your TSN mobile app.
  • Enjoy your sports and stream!

Unblock TSN On RokuThrough Your Android Device

How To Watch TSN On Roku Using PC?

By screen-mirroring your PC, you may stream the TSN on a Roku device. The following are the steps how:

Using Windows

  • Establish a Wi-Fi connection between your PC and Roku device, and turn on screen mirroring on Roku.
  • Click on the Notification icon found in the bottom right corner.
  • To the right, a menu appears. Find the Connect option, then tap it.
  • The computer will look for connected gadgets on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Locate and choose your Roku device.
  • The Windows computer screen will appear on your Roku TV in a matter of seconds.
  • Open any browser on your computer and go to the TSN official website.
  • Log into your account and start playing any media you choose.
  • You can now watch the material on both your Windows computer and a Roku-enabled TV.

Stream TSN On RokuOn PC Using Windows

Using Mac

  • Select the AirPlay icon in the menu bar after turning on your Mac.
  • To mirror the Mac screen, tap your Roku device name under AirPlay To.
  • After mirroring the display, launch your Mac’s browser and navigate to the TSN website.
  • Select the Sign in option at the top, then input your login information.
  • Select any TSN website material and play it.
  • You can watch TSN content on your Roku-enabled TV while your Mac screen is mirrored.

Access TSN On RokuOn PC Using Mac

FAQs – TSN On Roku in Canada

TSN is a paid channel and, there are no monthly fees for streaming free channels on Roku Channel. But TSN is a paid channel so you will need to pay its subscription cost.

Yes, you can stream TSN simultaneously on up to two devices with your TSN subscription, whether you obtained it online or from a participating TV service provider.

Yes, you need to add a TSN subscription either monthly for the TSN direct price of $19.99 or annually for $199.90.

To cancel TSN on Roku or any other channel as well, the steps below will be followed. You also need to work on TSN cancel subscription to end your selected plan.

  • Your Roku remote should say “Home.”
  • The channel you want to mute should be highlighted.
  • To access the settings menu, press Star on your remote control.
  • Manage subscription option.
  • Pick Cancel subscription to stop receiving updates.

Wrap Up!

TSN can be set up on a variety of hardware, including TSN on Firestick, Apple TV, Roku, and others. The inexpensive streaming gadget Roku comes with a number of streaming apps pre-installed. Unfortunately, Roku or Roku app does not support the TSN app.

However, you may watch TSN on a Roku device by screen-mirroring your device. Hopefully, this article clears your all queries regarding the question of how can you get TSN Roku, or how can I download TSN on Roku so start your movies and happy binge!

For any other questions regarding TSN Roku, comment below.

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