How to Watch The Vow Season 2 in Canada


The Vow season 2 will be released on HBO Max on October 17, 2022. The true crime docuseries is based on the Cult NXIVM leader Keith Raniere. Although the NXIVM documentary will premiere on HBO Max, it is a US-Only platform. So we will tell you how to watch The Vow Season 2 in Canada. 

HBO Max has a strict geographical restriction policy that stops it from accessing in Canada. So if you don’t live in the US and want to stream HBO Max content, we suggest you buy a VPN. A VPN can quickly help you bypass location constraints. First, you must change your IP address on the web; boom, you are on US premises. 

You can unblock HBO Max and watch The Vow and other shows. The Vow season 2 is about the cult leader Keith Raniere. The series’ first season was released in 2020 and was about the Cult NXIVM and the inner circle of its members. 

Watch The Vow Season 2 in Canada – [Easy Steps]

Follow these four easy steps to unblock HBO Max and watch The Vow Season 2 in Canada.

  • Install and subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Connect it to a US server.
  • Go to the HBO Max website and sign in.
  • Search for The Vow season 2 and unleash the truth.

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Where can I watch The Vow Season 2?

You can watch the Vow season 2 on HBO Max on October 17, 2022. The series is HBO Max original, and both seasons are exclusively released on the platform. We suggest you get a VPN to watch The Vow season 2 in your region if you don’t live in the US.

When is The Vow Season 2 date on HBO Max?

The Vow season 2 release date on HBO Max is October 17, 2022. The first season of the series was released on August 23, 2020. Each episode is 56-58 mins long. In the first season of The Vow, there were nine episodes.

What is The Vow Season 2 about?

The Vow season 2 will be released on HBO Max on October 17, 2022. Season 2 will highlight the legal and psychological adventures of the cult’s founders, sympathizers, and defectors and will reportedly reveal “fresh evidence and surprising disclosures,” according to HBO.

It will occur after Raniere’s court hearing and concentrate on Salzman and other members of NXIVM’s innermost circle as they examine the effects of the cult’s breakdown. Watch the series to know more.

Who are the cast of The Vow Season 2?

The Vow season 2 cast includes:

Keith Raniere
Nancy Raniere
Bonnie Piesse
Jehane Noujam
Karim Amer
Mark Vicente
Catherine Oxenberg
Barbara Bouchey
Kristine Kefee
Susan Dones
Sarah Edmondson
Anthony Ames
Frank Partalo

Is there a 2nd season of The Vow?

Yes, season 2 of The Vow is releasing on HBO Max on October 17, 2022. The first season was released two years ago, in August 2020. The Vow is HBO Max Original series. If you are into true crime cult docuseries, then we are sure you will like this one. The series will highlight NXIVM’s criminal activities and the charges against its founder.

How many episodes of the HBO The Vow are there?

There will be six episodes in The Vow season 2. Each episode will be around 56-58 mins long. The first episode, Tests of Loyalty, will release on October 17, 2022, and the rest will release weekly. The Vow season 1 had nine episodes. 

What happened at the end of The Vow documentary?

The Vow documentary ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers looking for answers and anticipating. The series ended with Keith in prison and ready to talk. However, many of his cult members were questioned and arrested for heinous criminal charges, and all were found guilty. Watch the show to get all your answers this season.

Is there a trailer for The Vow Season 2?

Yes, there is The Vow season 2. HBO Max released the trailer on Youtube on August 29, 2022. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of this season. The docuseries is quite interesting to watch. The series releases in a few days; you still have time to watch the first season. If you haven’t watched it already, we will suggest you watch it.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Vow Season 2 in Canada

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Vow Season 2 in Canada, as it has many servers in 160 locations. Its servers work best with HBO Max. So if you want to watch The Vow season 2, we suggest you get this VPN for the best streaming experience. It protects your data virtually. Read more details below:

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The Vow Season 2


Yes, The Vow is a real documentary. We suggest you buy a VPN to watch The Vow season 2 in Canada.

Yes, The Vow will release on HBO Max on October 17, 2022.

No, you cannot watch The Vow on Netflix as it is HBO Max original series and no other OTT platform has its streaming rights.

Wrap Up

Get ready to uncover the answers, and The Vow season 2 is releasing on HBO Max on October 17, 2022. Unfourtanely, if you live in Canada, you won’t be able to watch it as HBO Max is US only streaming platform. So the other solution is that you get a VPN subscription to bypass geo-restriction and watch The Vow season 2 in Canada.

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