How To Watch Hulu on Xbox in Canada? [2023 Guide]


Wondering is Hulu on Xbox One? Yes, you can now watch the streaming platform Hulu on Xbox One, a popular gaming console. Installing Hulu onto your Xbox is an easy process. In this guide, we will tell you how you can easily stream Hulu on Xbox One by following simple steps.

Hulu has established a reputation as a well-known video-on-demand service with a vast library that can be seen on many different platforms, including Xbox One game consoles.

However, Hulu is only available in USA and Japan. Want to know how can I get Hulu on Xbox One in Canada? You can get around Hulu geo-restrictions with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which alters your IP address and tricks Hulu into believing that you’re in the USA.

So, this blog will help you to watch Hulu on Xbox One in Canada as well.

How to Watch Hulu on Xbox in Canada? [Quick Steps]

To stream Hulu on Xbox One, you need to follow these quick steps:

  1. Head to the Xbox One Store online section.
  2. Click on Search Bar and Type Hulu for searching its app.
  3. Download the Hulu app.
  4. Complete the app installation process as per the instructions.

After downloading Hulu on Xbox, you can sign up to your Hulu account

  1. Open Hulu website or app and click ‘Start Your Free Trial.’
  2. Select your desired Hulu plan and create your account
  3. Finish the Sign up process by entering your billing information.

Enjoy Hulu free trial in Canada and once it is over, you will be charged as per your plan. Though you can cancel your Hulu subscription anytime.

How to Watch Hulu on Xbox in Canada? [Quick Steps]

Can you get Hulu on Xbox in Canada? Hulu offers a built-in app for Xbox One, but it’s only accessible in the US. With the use of a SmartDNS, Xbox users in geo-restricted regions may access Hulu. To stream Hulu on Xbox One, you need to follow these quick steps:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN and sign in.
  • Go to “My Account”.
  • Find the Smart DNS box and Activate it by selecting MediaStreamer.
  • Check your email for the confirmation mail.
  • After activation, add the Smart DNS address on your Xbox console.
  • Navigate to the Xbox One Store page.
  • Type Hulu into the search bar.
  • From the search engine results, pick the Hulu Xbox app.
  • As directed by the installation procedure, follow the instructions.

How to Setup Smart DNS to Stream Hulu on Xbox using ExpressVPN in Canada?

Follow these comprehensive steps to configure Smart DNS on your Xbox to watch Hulu.

  1. Fire up your Xbox and go to Settings and then click Network.
  2. From the Network Settings, go to Advanced Network Settings.
  3. Click on DNS Settings. Choose Manual during setup.
  4. Click on Primary DNS and enter the Smart DNS address listed on your ExpressVPN account.
  5. Now add the secondary DNS address.
  6. The address should be visible on the DNS Settings screen.
  7. Now go to Settings > System, and then Language & Location.
  8. Select the USA in this option.
  9. Restart your device now.
  10. Congratulations, you just set up a VPN on your Xbox.
  11. Navigate to the Xbox One Store page and install the Hulu app.
  12. Log in with your credentials and enjoy an endless binge-watching session of your favorite Hulu original shows on your Xbox One.

How to Get Hulu Live TV on Xbox in Canada?

To get Hulu Live on Xbox One or Xbox 360, you have to subscribe to the Hulu Live TV plans, which cost CAD 73.61 ($54.99)/month. It offers a variety of live TV channels along with all the content from Hulu. The method is similar, as mentioned above, switch the plan, and you’re good to go. Enjoy an endless binge-watching session of your favorite Hulu original shows, family movies, true crime shows on your console.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Hulu on Xbox in Canada?

Can you watch Hulu on Xbox in Canada? Hulu is not available in Canada, so if you want to access Hulu for Xbox in Canada, first of all, you have a subscription to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, then you would be able to access Hulu in Canada on Xbox One.

Because Hulu lacks the necessary licensing to offer its streaming services elsewhere, it is exclusively accessible in the US. Hulu examines your IP address to determine where you are.

You will get the following error message on your screen if you try to visit Hulu from a location other than the US.

“Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”


Hulu is geo-restricted in Canada.

In this case, a VPN is required in order to access Hulu on Xbox in Canada. A VPN provides you with a new IP address that is saved on one of its servers in the nation of your choice.

However, you can trick Hulu’s location and bypass the barriers to getting Hulu on Xbox in geo-restricted countries by using a premium VPN.

By doing this, Hulu will assume that you are in its broadcasting region and grant you unfettered access to Xbox when it verifies your location information.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Hulu since it can unblock Hulu and get around geo-restrictions, and its blazing-fast connections make streaming shows like Port Protection Alaska Season 6 on Hulu in Canada a snap.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Hulu on Xbox in Canada?

Our team at ScreenBinge has been testing VPNs for as long as one can remember, and after extensive research, our findings conclude the following 3 VPNs to be the best VPN for Hulu.

And with these 3 VPNs, we can stream Hulu on Xbox with a lot of ease and comfort. The best 3 VPNs are as follows:

1. ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for watching Hulu on Xbox

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services to watch Hulu on Xbox, thanks to its greatest speed value providing a download speed of 89.42 Mbps on a connection of 100 Mbps.

It has a large server count of over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, 23+ in the US, all ready to serve binge-watchers anywhere.

We recommend the New York server as your speed dials for streaming Hulu on Xbox anywhere via ExpressVPN.


Connect to ExpressVPN’s New York server and unblock Hulu instantly!

Recommended servers: New York, Chicago, Dallas.

On our 100 Mbps internet connection, the fastest server being New York, USA, got us 89.42 Mbps download & 84.64 Mbps upload speed.


ExpressVPN Speed Test Result!

We do not recommend the Atlanta server of ExpressVPN due to its poor connection speeds.

With the help of ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, you can stream Hulu anywhere on a big screen, such as Apple TV and Roku. You can also stream Hulu on PS4.

It also works with all of the following devices, namely: Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Smart TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. ExpressVPN allows up to 5 simultaneous connections. Use ExpressVPN to fix Hulu error codes. You can also watch the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 clash on Hulu using ExpressVPN in Canada on all the devices mentioned above easily.

Due to the usage of 256-bit encryption, it is protected against IP attacks. The package features a kill switch, Smart DNS, split tunneling, and zero-logging policies. It also offers a 24/7 customer support facility.

As of now, you can get CA$8.96/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) & start streaming Hulu on 5 devices at a time, hassle-free! If you are not satisfied with ExpressVPN, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • “No-Logs” policy verified
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • MediaStreamer DNS

  • Expensive than other providers

Watch Hulu on Xbox with ExpressVPN30 Days Money-back Guarantee

2. Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN for Unblocking Hulu on Xbox

Surfshark is the pocket-friendly VPN that will help you to watch Hulu on Xbox on a limited budget as its price is only .

It offers an extensive network of 3200+ servers in 65+ countries, including more than 600 server options in the US.


Connect to Surfshark’s New York server and unblock Xbox One Hulu within minutes!

Recommended servers: New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.

On our 100 Mbps stable connection, we got a steady 88.14 Mbps download & 83.72 Mbps upload speed, which was good enough to stream Hulu Xbox One on 1080p.


Surfshark Speed Test Result!

Surfshark tests revealed that the Buffalo server was the slowest of all US-based servers offered by the service. Through Surfshark, you can also stream Hulu on Apple TV.

Apart from Hulu, Surfshark is capable of unlocking numerous other streaming platforms as well. You can also stream Hulu in Greece through Surfshark. You can get it today & stream Hulu on an infinite number of devices simultaneously.

With the help of Surfshark, you can stream Hulu in Italy on any of the following operating systems, namely: Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. This helps smooth streaming on devices such as iPhones, Android Smartphone and tablets, iPad, computers and laptops.

Its top-notch security results from several factors, such as a kill switch, firewalls to prevent DNS and IPv6 leaks, and encryption using 256-bit AES. If you are unsatisfied with your Surfshark subscription, you can apply for a refund within 30-days of your purchase.

  • Unlimited connections and access to all popular websites
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • live chat assistance is available 24/7

  • browser extensions issues

Watch Hulu on Xbox with Surfshark30 Days Money-back Guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network for Hulu on Xbox

NordVPN is the largest VPN service in the world. With over 5310+ servers in 59+ countries, including 1970+ servers in the US, you can watch all you want on Hulu on Xbox One.

We had the best time watching Hulu Xbox One from NordVPN’s Chicago server. We highly recommend it for all your streaming needs.


Connect to the NordVPN Chicago server and unblock Xbox Hulu!

Recommended servers: Atlanta, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago.

On our 100 Mbps stable connection, we got a steady 86.49 Mbps download & 79.42 Mbps upload speed, which was good enough to stream Hulu in 1080p. Get NordVPN if Hulu not working on Roku.


The results of speedy USA servers of NordVPN!

The New York server has stuttering issues, thus it is not recommended for Hulu streaming. Thanks to NordVPN’s Smart DNS feature, we were able to stream Hulu on Roku.

With NordVPN, you can stream your favorite shows on any of the 6 devices simultaneously. It works with operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac OS. Apple TV, Smart TV, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, all work smoothly on it.

NordVPN allows you to watch Hulu in the Netherlands on any of your devices. It will help you watch Asia Cup 2023 Live Streaming in Canada on Hulu.

NordVPN has your back and protects you from prying eyes with features like a Kill Switch, Double VPN, Obfuscation Technology, 256-bit Encryption, DNS/IP Leak Protection, Multi-Hop, and Camouflage Mode.

Sign-up for CA$4.42/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan) and get 24/7 live chat support and 30 days money back guarantee.

  • 6 active connections
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Biggest server network
  • 7-day free trial on iOS and Android
  • Largest server network, a
  • 30 money-back guarantee

  • Technical Issues

Watch Hulu on Xbox with NordVPN30 Days Money-back Guarantee

How to Fix if Hulu not Working on Xbox in Canada?

Suddenly Hulu stops working on your Xbox? Hulu not functioning on Xbox One might be caused by using outdated software or having a slow internet connection. Then, to get Hulu to function on your Xbox, try the following fixes:

  • Restart your Xbox One. Hold down the Xbox power button for 5 to 10 seconds. After that, restart it.
  • Reinstall the Hulu App. Delete the Hulu app and reinstall it from App Store.
  • Restart the Router. Unplug your router, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect it.
  • Make sure your Xbox is connected to a strong internet connection.
  • Update the Hulu app and Xbox One console.
  • Reset your Xbox One console if the other fixes not working.

You can also try these fixes if Hulu not working on Smart TV.

What are the Compatible Devices for Hulu other than Xbox in Canada?

Hulu is compatible with almost all main streaming devices. Here are some of the devices other than Xbox One on which you can watch Hulu:

  • PS4
  • PC
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TV
  • Roku

How much does Hulu Cost on Xbox in Canada?

The Hulu Xbox app may be downloaded and set up without cost. This doesn’t mean that Hulu programming isn’t available for free on Xbox. You must subscribe to one of the Hulu price plans in order to view your favourite Hulu movies and TV series on Xbox.

Hulu memberships, meanwhile, begin at just CAD 8.02 ($5.99) per month. However, a monthly subscription option is also available for CAD 16.06 ($11.99)/month.

You can also subscribe to Hulu for CAD 10.70 ($7.99) per month, CAD 107.12 ($79.99) per year, or you can do so by subscribing for CAD 18.73 ($13.99) per month for a Hulu bundle with Disney Plus and ESPN+.

What to Watch on Hulu on Xbox in Canada in 2023?

Here’s a list of the popular shows and movies on Hulu you can binge-watch right now while outside the US in 2023:

The Age of Influence Season 1 The Clearing Series
Searching for Soul Food Season 1 Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Flamin’ Hot
The Secrets of Hillsong Queenmaker The Making of an It Girl
Naked and Afraid Beat Shazam season 6
MasterChef Season 13 The Kardashians Season 3
White Men Can’t Jump Jelly Roll – Save Me
Reservation Dogs Season 3

FAQs – Hulu on Xbox

Yes! Hulu is available on Xbox One and Hulu Xbox 360. As Hulu is only available in the US and Japan, you need a VPN to stream Hulu on Xbox in Canada.

It can be due to cache issues on your device. Clear it out or reinstall the app.

If you live abroad, subscribe to a VPN, and with the help of a VPN router or Smart DNS method, connect your Xbox to your VPN. Now download and install Hulu on Xbox 360 or Xbox one and start streaming.

To cancel Hulu subscription on Xbox, just go to Settings > Accounts > Subscriptions and manage your Hulu plans as you like.

Wrap Up!!

This guide elaborated on how you can get Hulu on your Xbox. To unblock Hulu on Xbox One in Canada, you will need a VPN. A good VPN service knows its way around geo-restrictions. It is the speed dial for binge-watchers who are trying to stream Hulu on Xbox.

We recommend ExpressVPN, which will assure you access to the region-locked streaming service on your preferred devices, but you will still have to pay for the streaming subscription to watch all your favorite content like Name That Tune.

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