The Amazing Jason Bourne Movies In Order


The Jason Bourne franchise that perfectly describes the modern cinema loaded with diverse genres that range from political to action, watching it is fantastic.

If you love a mixture of genres, then the Jason Bourne movies in order can truly transform movie-watching into one fun-filled experience.

The story of the incredible spy with amnesia who is on the run to be safe from forces trying to kill him, here are all the Jason Bourne movies in order in 2022 for you to enjoy.

1.   The Bourne Identity (2002)

Director: Doug Liman

Writer: Tony Gilroy, W. Blake Herron, Robert Ludlum

Cast: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Chris Cooper

An anonymous man with no memory of being picked up by a fishing vessel in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Wounded by two gunshots in his back and with no recollection of the past, Jason had no idea this was just the start of chaos for him. Indeed, the best Jason Bourne movies in sequence reveal his true identity as part of a secret program training assassins for the CIA. With just one clue of a projector underneath his skin that leads him to Zurich, it is time to escape the assassins and try to regain the memory.

2.   The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

Director: Paul Greengrass

Writer: Tony Gilroy, Robert Ludlum

Cast: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Joan Allen

The next one in the Jason Bourne movies in order has a great plot unraveling conspiracy and is full of action. Living a peaceful life for two years in Goa, away from the dark past, the CIA is now back in Jason’s life to threaten him. Running for life and trying to stay away from the dark, the story takes a turn when his girlfriend Marie is shot dead instead of him. What comes next is the story of revenge to take down the unlawful and prove his innocence while returning to his former life to survive.

3.   The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Director: Paul Greengrass

Writer: Tony Gilroy, Scott Z. Burns, George Nolfi

Cast: Matt Damon, Joan Allen, Edgar Ramirez

This is the next on the list of Jason Bourne movies in sequence that is ready to share the secret program. Jason learns that a journalist is trying to uncover the truth behind the secret CIA assassin training program known as Treadstone. Ready to search for his origin as the trained killer, Jason races against the CIA to know the truth as the agency starts killing all the program participants to hide the truth.

4.   The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Director: Tony Gilroy

Writer: Tony Gilroy, Dan Gilroy, Robert Ludlum

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz

It is indeed the only movie in the list of Jason Bourne movies in order that does not star Matt Damon as Jason. Quite a captivating story; this starts with the shutting down of the program Treadstone. Centered around the Aaron Cross, the legacy displays the same training gained by him but through another program named Operation Outcome. As the link between the two programs is revealed, Cross is on the run to save his and Dr. Marta Shearing’s life while all other participants are murdered.

5.  Jason Bourne (2016)

Director: Paul Greengrass

Writer: Paul Greengrass, Christopher Rouse, Robert Ludlum

Cast: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander

Matt Damon is back with these Jason Bourne movies in sequence, and now he is completely cured of amnesia. With the CIA still hunting him down, he has to live in secrecy until CIA director Robert Dewey with hacker Heather Lee tries to lure him out of the shadows. As the hunt for Jason begins, he is back in action. But the truths about his past exposed here are more explosive than ever.


These Jason Bourne movies in sequence are perfect, with a great plot and storyline that keeps you entertained. Captivating, incredible, and fantastic picturization makes it the best choice for all action movie lovers. So, if you are looking for a binge-watch, then Jason Bourne movies in order 2022 are perfect to binge-watch this weekend!

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