Taika Waititi is ready to Write & Direct Marvel’s “Thor 4”

Good news for Marvel movies fans, Taika Waititi, is all set to direct and write a fourth “Thor” movie after a successful collaboration with stars “Tessa Thompson” and “Chris Hemsworth” on “Thor: Ragnarok” set. You should watch all the marvel movies in chronological order to understand marvel thoroughly.

Waititi had been criticized for directing “Akira” film for Warner Bros. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Akira” has been already postponed due to typical development problems.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” due to issues with the movie script, it delayed the “Akira “production once again.

Seemingly, “Taika Waititi” would not have enough time to finish “Akira” before needing to jump into “Thor 4” production.

Waititi had been testing actors in advance of a May 21, 2021 release date.

THR reports that Warner Bros. may shelve “Akira” until Waititi wraps “Thor 4” so that he can return to the property, as the studio was ultimately pleased with his vision.

The previous Thor movie “Ragnarok” grossed $853 million globally and got the best ratings among all three Thor films, sitting at 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film was so well-liked that the chemistry between stars Hemsworth and Thompson inspired Sony to cast the actors opposite each other in Men in Black: International, though their chemistry proved hard to repeat.

Here is a fan made trailer of upcoming Thor 4 LOVE AND THUNDER (2020) Trailer

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