Netflix Anime – Best Movies and Shows to Watch


Got love for Anime? The Japanese flavor of content has reached all parts of the world. Thanks to Netflix VPN you can now access different libraries in Canada and catch on shows and movies!

Here are some top Netflix anime movies and TV shows that you definitely should not miss, there tons of choices available on the platform. You can even watch all parts of Harry Potter on Netflix, however, you’ll need a VPN as not all parts are available in Canada.

(Disclaimer: the shows are not listed in any particular order)

List of Netflix Anime Movies and TV Shows to Watch

1. Death Note

Death Note

Imagine you had the power to kill anyone just by writing their name on a notebook, well, death note is just about that! A boy and his notebook are culprit behind many deaths and so a series of investigation begins!

A detective tries to find out what it really is that’s causing all these mass murders and the chase begins! The show has a dark theme yet successfully slips in comedy bits to ease things up from time to time.

2. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Currently airing its 3rd season on Netflix, Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix Original series. The show is about a clan of warriors with disturbed pasts trying to make a good impact on the world. Expect a little glitch in the animation but everything is on point enough to make you forget the real world.

3. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

One punch man is my favorite Netflix anime, I usually turn it on while doing my house chores. The show is extremely well written to make you die with fits of laughter! The show is obviously about a boy who can knock out anything or anyone with just a single punch!

4. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

The show is a precursor to shows of the past like Sword Art Online and the likes, the story is based on a hunter who hunts down beasts, searches for treasures and also tracks down people. The show has an excellent story and fantasy action.

5. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Full metal alchemist brotherhood

I was a bit skeptical about the brotherhood sequel, would it be able to live up to the original Alchemist? Yes it did, in fact it surpasses the original in every way! The story is based completely on Manga. The voice cast too is chosen perfectly and matches the characters well!

The story flows very naturally showing plot twists and turns in the characters life

6. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto main mission in life is to be a Ninja, he’s always jumping around and doing ninja moves. He is always in search of recognition so that he can be Hokage, who is recognized and acknowledged as the best Ninja. Naruto is currently available to watch on Japanese Netflix, so you will a need a premium VPN to be able to enjoy Japanese Netflix in Canada

7. Bleach


Imagine you could see ghosts? After an accident High school student Kurosaki Ichigo gains supernatural powers to see the unseen. Kurosaki then peruses his training as a soul reaper.

8. Dragon ball

Dragon ball

Dragon ball series has been running since the 1980’s, the latest series started from 2015 till 2018, the show is packed with anime action and battles with gods and resurrection. Witness the fight between the sixth and the seventh universe.

9. Tokyo Ghoul

 Tokyo Ghoul

The great part about anime is that they’re not simple non sense cartoon, they have proper story lines to engage mature audiences, Tokyo Ghoul revolves around the story of a boy who gets attacked by a ghoul.

The ghoul feeds on human flesh and has superpowers, as the boy is attacked, he too becomes a ghoul.

10. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Giant humanoid Titans attack the Earth bringing the human race on extinction, Eren who loses his mother and his village due to the attacks. Eren then decides to fight off the giant Titans and take his due revenge.

11. Sword Art online

Sword Art online

The story is about thousands of people getting stuck in a (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) MMORPG in 2022, the game sword online is designed to kill anyone who dies in the game. The only way to get out alive is to battle with the boss.

Kirito, the hero finally reaches that stage but discovers he needs companions to gain freedom.

12. Ingress

Ingress - netlix anime

New kid on the block and he’s smashing it already! Ingress is one show that’s totally on point and has no irrelevant fluff to stretch the story line.

It’s about a team of two that tries to unlock the power of XM between worldwide struggles for power! 11 episodes have been released for season one while season 2 is up on its way!

A serious DO NOT MISS series!

13. Gurenn Lagann

Gurenn Lagann

Another action series, produced flawlessly to keep you glued to the screen by studio Gainax. The shows main character is Simon who plans on digging down to the surface of the Earth for years and years.

It does have that element of anime tropes but successfully maintains the story line without drifting from the main theme, it also swiftly shows builds the characters and features a great sound track!

14. Soul Eater

Soul Eater

The show will make you appreciate what anime is really for! Soul Eater is a very popular anime show featuring a group of kids that have the transform themselves into weapons.

Like all kid gang shows and series, this group of friends must do some absurd things with killing people and devouring souls being the least. It’s about a bunch of kids that can turn into weapons and the kids that can wield those weapons. They must kill people, devour souls, and become stronger. The show is strong on its slapstick comedy elements, action sequences. Currently the show has 51 episodes on Netflix.

15. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

Netflix might not be releasing the complete series at once which is not so delightful to know! However, the show is about the adventures Atsuko faces when she enrolls in Nova Magical Academy to become a witch.

She wants to revive the beauty of magic that her town once had, no one is interested in magic anymore and she wants to change that!

16. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden an entirely unique anime on Netflix, undoubtedly the graphics and animation are out of this world.

Violent is on a journey to finding her commander who she has feelings for, she is yet not sure what exactly those feelings are but it’s probably love.

The anime is a little slow paced however, the story line, action and emotions shown will take you in to another world.


17. Durarara!! And Durarara!!x2


A light hearted thriller about an Irish fairy who lost her head and is out on the look for it in Japan! X2 is the second season of the unique thriller beautifully blended with some decent comedy! The show is quite binge worthy and as of now there are 36 episodes available on Netflix

18. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

This one’s for all those who love gore! Beautiful and crisp graphics with vivid visuals! The story revolves around a race of demons trying to take over the world. Akira the main character, a human, gains the powers of a strong demon!

19. Ajin: Demi-Human

Ajin Demi-Human

Not really a horror show, but it has solid gore and jaw clenching scenes, Demi-human is the story of Kei, an Ajin that can regenerate itself when near death. The government tries to harvest these people so that they can gain organs.

20. Black Butler

Black Butler

While the basic story line is sad, the show is a great comedy! A 12 year old kid loses his parents, in the search of his parents murderers he makes a contract with the demon butler.

21. Castlevania

Castlevania - netlix anime

Not a traditional anime, it’s an American show made in the classic anime style. the story line runs along the Dracula’s Curse 1989, if you’ve played the Castlevania games the show is gonna make you jog down the memory lane and make you nostalgic.

22. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass

The show has a cult following! Lelouch is a dramatics student and has huge aspirations, what’s really engaging about the show is the way it consistently twists plots and transitions. The show also has action embedded where needed.

23. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

the devil is a part-timer

Damn! Love how anime can make you imagine anything! The show is extremely hilarious as the devil gets stuck in the real world and now has to work as an ordinary human to make a living. He gets a 9-5 job at McDonald’s.

24. InuYasha

InuYasha - netlix anime

InuYasha is a half demon who is search of jewels, anime fans might remember this one being aired on TV back in the days. The show is filled with action and some well placed comedy to keep the pace smooth.

25. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet


Full of beautiful visualization and a steady pace, the show follows a pilot stranded on a world made entirely of water. You will find action and excellently placed climax to keep you engaged. This is a special one as the characters stick out and you’ll remember them for a long time!

26. The Fate Series

Fate series

The Fate series has several shows you can choose from, such as Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks, Apocrypha and EXTRA Last Encore. The fate series is basically action packed and has elements of fantasy as well. The characters fight for the Holy Grail which is an ancient relic with the ability to grant one wish.

27. Noragami

Noragami - netlix anime

A blend of action and comedy, the show is about a low key deity who is in search of his followers, he does everything to help people and no matter what the task is he charges only a minimal 5 yen.

Along the lines he befriends a young girl, who’s spirit is attached to her body, find out what happens next.

28. Revisions


This is a Netflix original, starting with 300 years in the future where cyborgs have become mankind’s enemy, watch how mankind battles with robots to reclaim their right on planet Earth. The first season has been 12 episodes, all available on Netflix.

29. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

Originally aired in the 1990’s, the show is gonna give you a nostalgic feel. The story line takes place in the 1800’s where Kenshin saves Japan from evil. The visualization and graphics might not be the most appealing and the English dubbing quality is a bit off track but the show is definitely worth a watch!

30. Aggretsuko


Story of an employee at a Tokyo office, who deals with the daily frustrations of work-life such as sexism and other kinds of mistreatment with death metal karaoke.

Wrapping Up!

Anime is Japan’s gift to the world. It’s not just a simple cartoon for 5-year-olds, it’s a universe of its own, drama, love, action, romance, and all sorts of emotions animated in beautiful spell-bounding drama series.

Most of the crème anime content of Netflix is available on the Japanese library of Netflix. if you are not residing in Japan, there is no need to worry because by using a VPN you can change the Netflix region to any country, and can watch your favourite libraries from Canada smoothly and you can also enjoy Best Movies to Stream on Netflix Canada with the help of VPN.

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