151 Best Movies on Netflix Canada Right Now [July 2022]


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Wondering what are some of the best movies on Netflix Canada to watch right now? We know how problematic it can be if you have a whole versatile Netflix catalogue in front of you, but your indecisive nature prevents you from watching that right title.

Too many movie titles can also be a nuisance if you can’t decide on what to stream. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to dig out some of the old classics, trending titles, and blockbuster movies, for example, Harry Potter on Netflix, which swept streaming addicts off their feet. Moreover, most of the movies went to the academy award nominations as well and some of them won the academy awards.

Netflix gearing up its game this year by releasing new movies on Netflix Canada, but the true heroes are these best movies on Netflix Canada.

So without any further wait, we will let you explore the list of what to watch on Netflix Canada, which consists of versatile Family Movies, and Action Movies on Netflix Canada. There are also twisted storylines, from psychological thrillers like The Platform to satirical comedy like The Two Popes and The Death of Stalin; you will certainly enjoy watching these titles while sitting back and relaxing. So read along and find out what are the Best movies on Netflix Canda 2022.

Best Movies on Netflix Canada (July 2022 Updated)

Here is the list of best movies on Netflix Canada 2022:

1. Hunt For The Wilder People (2016)



Genre: Drama, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Taika Waititi

Stars: Taika Wiatiti, Barry Crump, Te Arepa Kahi

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 1hr 41m

Trailer: Wild for the Wilder People

Bella and Hector become the foster parent of a problematic kid from the city named Ricky. They somehow manage to get along and begin life with a fresh start as a family. However, after Bella’s death, Ricky’s responsibility falls on Hector’s shoulders. Since the two don’t get along well, therefore, Ricky chooses to run away. This ultimately starts a national search for Ricky and Hector. This is the best movie on Netflix Canada. Want to laugh more? Then watch best comedy movies on Netflix in Canada that will make you laugh guaranteed.

2. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2019)


Genre: Drama

Director: Nuel C. Naval (as Nuel Crisostomo Naval)

Stars: Aga Muhlach, Bela Padilla, Xia Vigor

IMDb: 7.6

Runtime: 2h 7m

Trailer: Miracle in Cell No.7

Where does justice lie when a mentally disabled man is wrongfully charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, and murder of a little girl. His punishment? Death! Luckily his inmates soon realize that he is as innocent as he can be and plan to smuggle his young daughter inside the cell to meet him. Seeing his hardships and struggles, she grows up to be a lawyer and vows to fight justice for her innocent father.

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3. Spider-Man: Homecoming


Genre: Action/Adventure

Director: Jon Watts

Stars: Tom Holland, Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover

IMDb: 7.4

Runtime: 2h 13m

Trailer: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Surely the Best on Netflix Canada. Spider-Man: Homecoming is the first standalone Spider-Man film set up in the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was released in 2017, and the film stars Michael Keaton’s Vulture character that takes on our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This movie features Tom Holland’s version of the Wall-Crawler as Tony Stark mentors him as he takes on the Vulture and tries to exploit the alien technology left behind by the Chitauri invasion of New York in 2010. Peter struggles to find equilibrium between his life as a high-school student by day and a superhero at night.

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4. Just Mercy


Genre: Drama/Adventure

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton

Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, Brie Larson, Tim Blake Nelson, Rob Morgan

IMDb: 7.6

Runtime: 2hr 16m

Trailer: Just Mercy

“Just Mercy” is an American movie directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. During the late ’80s, racism was at its peak in the U.S. The higher authority people quickly pass wrong judgments on dark-skinned poor people and put them on death without any evidence. However, Harvard legal graduate Bryan Stevenson decides to give up his lucrative job to save the lives of innocent people, and he is the only one who can bring the truth to light. He knows all too well that going against the current system is a major risk. Despite this, he persists. “Just Mercy” is one of the Best Netflix movies Canada.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


Genre: Biography, Drama

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Stars: Will Smith, Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith

IMDb: 8.0

Runtime: 1h 57m

Trailer: The Pursuit of Happyness

One of the most heartfelt movies available on Netflix Canada. Will Smith’s most refined performance with his son Jaden Smith. Will Smith signifies strength in tough times when he made a life-altering decision regarding his career, leading his wife to leave him with his toddler son all by themselves. A broken marriage, an empty bank account, and nowhere to live, Christopher is all set to turn his life with happiness by his side, his son.

6. Inception (2010)


Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Director: Christopher Nolan

Stars: DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Elliot Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy

IMDb: 8.8

Runtime: 2h 28m

Trailer: Inception

One of Christopher Nolan’s classic stories, Inception, is a masterpiece. A series of complex events involves entering a dream within a dream within a dream to fulfill the mission set for Cobb and his team. But it involves risks as Cobb has his own personal baggage that he must deal with before. One of the highest-rated Netflix movies Canada and one of the best science fiction movies even after 11 years for this genre fans. It is the best picture of dreams. It was the career-best work of Joseph Gordon Levitt. Considered one of the top Netflix movies in Canada. We just want to remind you, oh-so-gently, that chipping away at that must-watch one of the best classic movies on Netflix in Canada doesn’t have to be painful.

7. Shutter Island (2010)


Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams

IMDb: 8.2

Runtime: 2h 18m

Trailer: Shutter Island

Suspense no one saw coming, not even a single bit. A highly re-watchable movie, Shutter Island is one of the best physiological thrillers and one of the best DiCaprio movies of all time with the same name. Set in 1954, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), two US Marshalls, are investigating a potential murder in an asylum on a remote island only to find shocking revelations about the asylum itself. It is one of the best suspense movies on Netflix.

8. To All the Boys I’ve loved before (2018-2021)


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Michael Fimognari, Susan Johnson

Stars: Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart, Madeleine Arthur

IMDb: 6.5

Runtime: 1h 39m

Trailer: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

One of the best movies on Netflix Canada, the trilogy is a coming of age teenage romance novel; based on the New York best seller by Jenny Han. The trilogy starts from Lare-Jean Song Covey and the 5 un-posted love letters that she wrote in grade 5 for her crushes. Until they mysteriously find themselves in the hand of their recipients, leaving Lara-Jean’s dirty laundry out in the open. But there’s a plot twist, one of the recipients is her sister’s boyfriend. The walls are closing in on Lara-Jean. Will she be able to get herself out of this situation and find the love of her life?

9. Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems (2019)

Genre: Comedy-Drama

Director: Josh and Benny Safdie

Cast: Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian

IMDb: 7.4

Runtime: 2h 15m

Trailer: Uncut Gems

If you are looking for the best performance of Adam Sandler in his entire career, then Uncut Gems is the movie you need to watch. He plays a gambler and also a jeweller in the movie. There are many scenes in the movie showing why he’s so popular in the acting industry. Uncut gems movie is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada.

10. Windriver (2017)


Genre: Mystery, Crime, Drama

Director: Taylor Sheridan

Stars: Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Graham Greene

IMDb: 7.7

Runtime: 1h 47m

Trailer: Windriver

Cory Lambert discovers the body of a young girl Natalie. Since it is a federal crime, F.B.I. dispatches a new and inexperienced agent, Jane Banner, who is bent on finding the culprit. Cory and Jane team up to carry out the mission, and both want to see justice done. But will they be able to resolve the mystery and find the person responsible for the murder?

11. 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible



Genre: Documentary film

Director: Torquil Jones

Stars: Nirmal Purja, Mingma Gyabu, Galjen Sherpa, Lakpa Dendi

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 1h 41m

Trailer: 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible

The historic achievement of a man who worked tirelessly to make it a reality, even in the face of adversity and difficulties. The greatest Nepalese climber, Nims has a fascinating and nearly difficult narrative to believe. This movie will bring a smile to your face as well as a sigh of relief and tears to your eyes, in a rush of emotions that unraveled the difficult journey Nims and his crew went through to achieve what everyone believed was unachievable. In just six months, they managed to scale 14 8000-meter peaks, including Nanga Parbat, known as Killer Mountain, smashing all prior records in the process. Nims and his team members have proved that everything is possible with faith, passion, and tenacity. This movie is one of the good movies on Netflix Canada that recognizes and raises the great worth of the Nepalese and Sherpa communities in the climbing world.

12. Fear Street Part Three: 1666 (2021)


Genre: Horror, Mystery

Director: Leigh Janiak

Stars: Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zukerman, Gillian Jacobs

IMDb: 6.6

Runtime: 1h 52m

Trailer: Fear Street

The third part of the Fear Street Trilogy, and one of the scariest, historical epic Netflix Canada movies right now. The third sequel of this franchise continues with their horror-filled stories dating back to 1666 when a town unintentionally became a part of a witch hunt which lead to dire consequences and a curse that remained with the town for centuries. For some more spine-chilling horror movies, check out our blog on best horror movies on Netflix Canada.

13. I Care a Lot

I Care A Lot

Director / Writer: J Blakeson

Cast: Eiza González, Rosamund Pike, Chris Messina, Peter Dinklage

IMDb: 6.3

Runtime: 1hr 58m

Trailer: I Care a Lot

Marla is a con artist who robs the elderly’s wealth and assets by being their fake guardian. She earns well until she meets Jennifer – a wealthy older woman who is not easy to fool. Turns out she is a gangster, and it results in a cat and mouse fight between the two.

14. The Irishman (2019)

The Irishman (2019)

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama

Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 3h 29m

Trailer: The Irishman

Looking for best movies on Netflix Canada in the Crime category? Then this one is for you. Based on the 2004 Non-fiction book, “I Heard You Paint Houses,” the story revolves around Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), a truck driver who began working as a hitman for Russel Bufalino and made acquaintances with the influential American Union Labour leader, Jimmy Hoffa played by the legendary Al Pacino. It is the Netflix original heist movie.

15. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical

Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Stars: Tim Blake Nelson, Willie Watson, Clancy Brown

IMDb: 7.3

Runtime: 2h 12m

Trailer: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

A compilation of six short stories set in the old west during the 19th century. An amusing set of stories with a ton of humor and character building. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is an accurate depiction of the mercy less Old West. It was buddy comedies throughout all the movie.

16. Roma (2018)

Roma (2018)

Genre: Drama

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Stars: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey

IMDb: 7.7

Runtime: 2h 15m

Trailer: Roma

Roma is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada by sony pictures. A tale of togetherness, love, and family, Roma is an accurate depiction of Mexico in the 70s and the struggling lives of Sofia and her abandoned children. But she has Cleo, a domestic house-help who is there for her during her tough times when Sofia’s own husband leaves her.

17. Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box (2018)

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi

Director: Susanne Bier

Stars: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

IMDb: 6.6

Runtime: 2h 4m

Trailer: Bird Box

A post-apocalyptic psychological thriller with a foreign force engulfing the planet, and the only way to counter it is not seeing it. If you do, your worst fears may come alive. They must cover their eyes to fight the foreign force, which may seem impossible, but the only possible solution.

18. Sorry To Bother You (2018)

Sorry to Bother you

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Director: Boots Riley

Stars: LaKeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler

IMDb: 6.9

Runtime: 1h 52m

Trailer: Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother You is one of the best cult classic comedy movies available on Netflix Canada. The movie follows a black telemarketer with self-esteem issues (Lakeith Stanfield) who discovers a magical key to professional success, propelling him into a macabre universe. His colleagues are eccentric oddballs. However, with this newfound power comes dark consequences as the entire world unravels in front of him.

19. Hell or High Water (2016)


Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Director: David Mackenzie

Stars: Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges

IMDb: 7.6

Runtime: 1h 42m

Trailer: Hell or High Water

It is a story-telling masterpiece that creatively curates a dysfunctional society with excellent title character development and exceptional portrayal of what it’s like to build yourself after immense trauma and pain. It was one of the best crime dramas on Netflix Canada. The movie takes place when a divorced father who lives with his two sons is on a mission to save their family ranch in old Texas. He is accompanied by his older two brothers, who is recently released from prison.

20. Harriet


Director: Kasi Lemmons

Writer: Gregory Allen Howard

Cast: Cynthia Erivo, Joe Alwyn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jennifer Nettles

Runtime: 2hr 5m

IMDb: 6.6

Trailer: Harriet

This movie is based on a true story. Harriet narrates the incredible story of Harriet Tubman. One of the greatest heroines of American history, who escaped from slavery and became one of the greatest freedom fighters. Under her wisdom, hundreds of other enslaved people got liberated and spent a good life ahead. Harriet is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada.

21. Nightcrawler (2014)


Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Director: Dan Gilroy

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 1h 57m

Trailer: Nightcrawler

Once a petty thief, Louis Bloom submerges himself in the crime reporting world of LA, defying all ethics of journalism and going knee-deep in the dark and dingy world of criminal activities until he forgets his own identity and ethics of crime reporting altogether. A movie that will run shivers down your spine, and be amongst the best movies on Netflix Canada 2022 in the thriller category. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was worth admiring in the movie.

22. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Ocean's Eleven

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts

IMDb: 7.7

Runtime: 1h 56m

Trailer: Ocean’s Eleven

One of the best and the most entertaining heist movies on this streaming service like Netflix Canada, altogether, with a massively talented cast. And this cast is all set to rob 3 Las Vegas Casinos at the same time owned by Terry Benedict, his rival.

23. Okja (2017)

Okja (2017)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Director: Bong Joon Ho

Stars: Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, Seo-hyun Ahn

IMDb: 7.3

Runtime: 2hr

Trailer: Okja

A personal film that highlights animal brutality and capitalism, crashing on people’s emotions as they spend 10 years raising and feeding a breed of “Super Pig” only to be taken away by insensitive corporate companies for slaughter. But Mija, the sole caretaker of Okja, the super pig, will not back down so easily. And so she sets out to rescue her only best friend and companion for 10 years from the hands of the vicious Mirando corporations. This movie is directed by Bong Joon Ho who is an aspiring filmmaker in Hollywood.

24. Enola Holmes (2020)

Enola Holmes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

Director: Harry Bradbeer

Stars: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter, Louis Partridge

IMDb: 6.6

Runtime: 2h 3m

Trailer: Enola Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has a little sister, who is as sharp and as witty as her older brother, and she uses these wits against him when she is in search of her missing mother and trying to help a runaway lord escape murder. A fast-paced and exciting watch with a refreshing message regarding individuality and young woman empowerment.

25. The-Forty-Year-Old-Version (2020)

40 year old version

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Radha Blank

Stars: Radha Blank, Peter Kim, Oswin Benjamin

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 2h 9m

Trailer: The Forty-Year-Old Version

Radha is struggling with her career as a NY playwright. However, since she is desperate for a breakthrough before 40, she decides to switch her career and reinvent herself as a rapper. Consequently, she faces a dilemma of what to choose between Hip hop and theatre. Amidst all this, will she be able to remerge as an actor, writer, or musician?

26. Monsieur Lazhar



Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Philippe Falardeau

Stars: Danielle Proulx, Émilien Néron, Sophie Nélisse

IMDb: 7.5

Runtime: 1h 34m

Trailer: Monsieur Lahzar

When a teacher hangs herself in her classroom at Montreal public school, a refugee from Algiers is called to take over her position as a teacher. The new teacher helped his students overcome their grief while trying not to disclose his recent loss.

27. The Dig (2021)

The Dig

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Director: Simon Stone

Stars: Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lily James

IMDb: 7.1

Runtime: 1h 52m

Trailer: The Dig

The Dig represents a time of uncertainty and fear just before WW-II England. It is about discovering a ship from the dark ages and quarrels over who owns it. Although it’s not an enigmatic thriller or a light-hearted comedy movie, it is worth watching. The director and Actors have nailed their roles flawlessly.

28. I’m No Longer Here (2019)

I am no longer here

Genre: Drama

Director: Fernando Frias

Stars: Juan Daniel Garcia Trevino, Xueming Angelina Chen, Sophia Metcalf

IMDb: 7.3

Runtime: 1h 52m

Trailer: I’m No Longer Here

The movie follows a small Mexican street gang, “Los Terkos,” who loves listening to slowed-down cumbia music and attending dance parties. However, when their leader Ulises Samperio protects one of his gang members and gets involved in a cartel misunderstanding, he is forced to move to New York City. He tries to adjust to the new surroundings, but soon he learns about the threat to his gang and the whole Kolombia pop culture; he is bent on returning home.

29. The Invitation (2015)

the invitation

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Karyn Kusama

Stars: Logan Marshall-Green, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Michiel Huisman

IMDb: 6.6

Runtime: 1h 40m

Trailer: The Invitation

An invitation with a sinister motive? That’s what Will thinks as he gets invited to his ex-wife’s house for a get-together. The air is filled with skepticism; is something nasty going to happen, or is it just his paranoia and grief of his broken family making him think this way. There is a lot to digest in this American thriller, so buckle up as you press that play button.

30. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world


Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Director: Edgar Wright

Stars: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin

IMDb: 7.5

Runtime: 1h 52m

Trailer: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Battle of the bands or war of the exes? Not sure what, but Scott Pilgrim has a lot to fight for to woo his lady love, Ramona Flowers. In a battle of sexes, Scott must defeat all seven evil exes of Ramona, but there is a lot at stake with his music career and his teammates all depending on him.

31. High Flying Bird (2019)

high flying bird

Genre: Drama, Sports

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: Andre Holland, Melvin Gregg,  Eddie Tavares

IMDb: 6.2

Runtime: 1h 31m

Trailer: High Flying Bird

Ray Burke, the sports agent, finds himself in an awkward position during a pro basketball lockout. Suddenly, the players and the league has come face to face. Ray must find a plan to pull off within 72 hours to save everything he has. He finally manages to find a loophole that will change the game forever.

32. Django Unchained (2012)

Django unchained

Genre: Drama, Western

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Stars: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio

IMDb: 8.4

Runtime: 2h 45m

Trailer: Django Unchained

Django is the best picture in a Tarantino movie classic, where Django, a free slave, is helped by a German bounty hunter in tracking down his wife, who was captured and sent to a brutal plantation owner’s farm for slavery. Django Unchained is a pretty violent movie, so a strict disclaimer before watching it is a must. He played a role in Django that showed his sprawling epic Quentin Tarantino cast acting. The western film genre often portrays the conquest of the wilderness and the subordination of nature, in the name of civilization. Therfore we recommend you watch the best western movies on Netflix in Canada to thrive in the silent era.

33. The Departed (2006)

The Departed


Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson

IMDb: 8.5

Runtime: 2h 31m

Trailer: The Departed

A saga of the cop and criminal rat race, but this one’s much more interesting, as an undercover cop is trying to find the rat in the police department while working as a useful resource to track every move of the Irish gang in South Boston.

34. The Social Network (2010)

the social network

Genre: Biography, Drama

Director: David Fincher

Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

IMDb: 7.7

Runtime: 2h

Trailer: The Social Network

The birth-story of Facebook. The Social Network is a biographical drama about the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg and all that he had to face while launching one of the most successful social media sites in the world, including a said lawsuit broken old best friend.

35. Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage story

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Noah Baumbach

Stars: Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Julia Greer

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 2h 16m

Trailer: Marriage Story

Starring Adam Driver and others on Marriage Story. The movie Marriage Story revolves around a cruel family. A detailed retrospect of what goes into a brutal divorce and how most families struggle to keep their family intact while uncoupling themselves from years of togetherness, shared moments, and countless mixed memories. Marriage Story is one of the emotional movies on Netflix movies Canada when it comes to the separation of the family. The role of Adam Diver has been admired in mainstream media.

36. About Time (2013)

About Time

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Director: Richard Curtis

Stars: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

IMDb: 7.8

Runtime: 2h 3m

Trailer: About Time

What would you do if you find out that you can travel back in time? For Tim, it’s getting the girl of his dreams and create a beautiful and happy bond with his family. A beautiful movie with a beautiful message of togetherness, About Time will undoubtedly make you teary-eyed at the end and one of the tops in our recommendation list.

37. Set it up (2018)

Set it up

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Claire Scanlon

Stars: Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu

IMDb: 6.5

Runtime: 1h 45m

Trailer: Set it up

Never thought anyone could unite over two workaholic bosses, as their assistants try to set them up to clear their hectic schedule to live a life of their own. But fate has other plans for the over-worked assistants, and things are going to get interesting soon.

38. Mudbound (2017)



Genre: Drama, War

Director: Dee Rees

Stars: Jason Mitchell, Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke

IMDb: 7.4

Runtime: 2h 14m

Trailer: Mudbound

It’s a hearty and raw tale of what it’s like to live a life as a world war ii survivor and deal with racism while battling demons of their own in a nearly dead farm in rural Mississippi. All the cast has done exceptional performances in the movie.

39. Uncorked (2020)


Genre: Drama

Director: Prentice Penny

Stars: Courtney B. Vance, Lashun Pollard, Michael Mobley

IMDb: 6.2

Runtime: 1h 44m

Trailer: Uncorked

Elijah had a tough choice to make when he pursued his love for wine and went on to become a master sommelier against the wishes of his family, who has plans to bring him to the family BBQ business. A relatable tale for all the children who have struggled to balance their own dreams against their parents’ wishes, creating a minor rift between the family, which later on resolves, giving essential life lessons. Uncorked is a family movie, and if you are looking for an emotional rollercoaster, it is one of the tops in our best movies on the Netflix Canada recommendation list.

40. A Ghost Story (2017)

a ghost story

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Director: David Lowery

Stars: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, McColm Cephas Jr.

IMDb: 6.9

Runtime: 1h 32m

Trailer: A Ghost Story

An American supernatural drama starring Cassey Affleck as the dead husband/ghost who returns home that he shared with his wife. Watching her grieve and see her slowly slipping away as she moves on with her life, and eventually the house as he tries to make her feel his presence in the house. It is one of the top movies on Netflix Canada. It is one of the best ghost story movies.

41. Icarus (2017)

Genre: Documentary, Sport

Director: Bryan Fogel

Stars: Bryan Fogel, Dave Zabriskie, Don Catlin

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 2h

Trailer: Icarus

In an attempt to expose the biggest scandal in the history of sports, filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out to reveal the truth behind doping and athletes on steroids. From dirty urine to untimely and unexplained deaths. There is a lot to uncover as Bryan gets in conversation with a Russian Scientist who turns the story into a psychological thriller.

42. Private Life (2018)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Tamara Jenkins

Stars: Kathryn Hahn, Paul Giamatti, Gabrielle Reid

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 2h 7m

Trailer: Private Life

Having a child-less marriage may be a requirement for some but torturous for others struggling to have one. As much as it is a blessing, at times, it can take a toll on the person going through it, and in most cases, the whole marriage itself. Threatened by the lack of children in their marriage, Rachel and Richard are fighting hard to keep their marriage afloat while trying different methods.

43. US (2019)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Jordan Peele

Stars: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss

IMDb: 6.8

Runtime: 2h 1m

Trailer: US

The US is an ultimate mystery thriller that you must not miss. The Wilson family decides to take a beach vacation in Santa Cruz, California, accompanied by the Tyler Family, their two friends. During the day, Jason Wilson, their young son, loses his way and almost goes missing. However, the family finds him, leaving the mother Adelaide in trauma. The same night, four intruders break into their house. The family is shocked to see that all 4 of them are their doppelgangers.

44. Snowpiercer (2013)

Snow piercer

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Director: Bong Joon Ho

Stars: Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton

IMDb: 7.1

Runtime: 2h 6m

Trailer: Snowpiercer

Something similar to a post-apocalyptic era where the only ones surviving are the ones onboard the Snowpiercer, a train with a class system. First-class is luxurious, and as the class goes down, so does the living standards, to the point where the inhabitants began to revolt.

45. Selma (2014)


Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Director: Paul Webb

Stars: David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, Oprah Winfrey

IMDb: 7.5

Runtime: 2h 8m

Trailer: Selma

The movie is based on a true event that happened back in 1965 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a campaign to get equal voting rights against the violent opposition. He arranged a march from Selma to Montgomery ended in President Johnson signing the Vote Rights Act of 1965. Getting this act signed is one of the biggest victories of the civil rights movement.

46. Arrival (2016)


Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Stars: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

IMDb: 7.9

Runtime: 1h 56m

Trailer: Arrival

Linguistics professor Louise Banks carries out her mission leading an elite team of investigators when huge spaceships landed on different locations of the Earth. The professor must find a way to communicate with Aliens to unravel the mystery behind this arrival. The future of the human race is at stake. She must save it while ensuring the safety of Amy Adams. Arrival is one of the top movies on Netflix Canada.

47. Gravity (2013)


Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Stars: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris

IMDb: 8.7

Runtime: 1h 31m

Trailer: Gravity

This Sci-Fi masterpiece has won 7 Oscar awards for the brilliantly displayed idea of a scientist duo who was left stranded in space after the destruction of their outer space shuttle due to an accident. Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer, and Matt Kowalski, a veteran astronaut, struggle for their safety while spiraling out into the blackness.

48. Argo (2012)


Genre: Biography, Thriller, Drama

Director: Ben Affleck

Stars: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman

IMDb: 7.7

Runtime: 2hr

Trailer: Argo

The story is about the rescue of six Americans in Tehran.  Tony Mendez devises a plan to evacuate the hostages by playing under the cover of a Hollywood producer, searching for a suitable location for his shoot.

49. Leave No Trace (2018)

Leave no trace

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Director: Debra Granik

Stars: Thomasin McKenzie, Ben Foster, Jeffery Rifflard

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 1hr 59m

Trailer: Leave No Trace

The movie is about a father and daughter’s perfect lives, who reside in a secluded urban park in Portland, Oregon. However, they made a small mistake, and everything is destroyed.

50. Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver

Genre; Action, Crime, Drama

Director: Edgar Wright

Stars: Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm

IMDb: 7.6

Runtime: 1hr 55m

Trailer: Baby Driver

Baby is a young, partially deaf getaway driver who helps Doc, the crime boss, in his planned robberies. However, just when baby thought he could enjoy his life with his girlfriend Deborah, Doc persuades him for another heist. Unfortunately, things are not the same this time, and Baby finds himself in the way of danger.

51. The Gift (2015)

The gift

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Joel Edgerton

Stars: Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton

IMDb: 7.0

Runtime: 1hr 48m

Trailer: The Gift

We all love gifts, but it gets a bit too much when your old acquaintance shows up unannounced at your door with mysterious gifts every time. If you are into a psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge long after it ends, this is the one for you.

52. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director: David Fincher

Stars: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer

IMDb: 7.8

Runtime: 2h 38m

Trailer: The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Based on the book with the same name, a story of a journalist who takes help from a smart computer hacker to find a young woman missing for the past forty years. But they get more information than they ask for, and there is no turning back from it now.

53. The King (2019)

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Director: David Michôd

Stars: Tom Glynn-Carney, Gábor Czap, Tom Fisher

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 2h 20m

Trailer: The King

Young Henry V is left to deal with a crippling war-oriented England in the 15th Century. And there is alot for him to do in order to restore peace within his region and himself.

54. The Two Popes (2019)

The two popes

Genre: Biography, Comedy Drama

Director: Fernando Meirelles

Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Juan Minujín

IMDb: 7.6

Runtime: 2h 5m

Trailer: The Two Popes

What will the Church do to maintain a neutral ground between the old conservative Pope Benedict XVI and the future liberal Pope? Leave them together to figure it out for themselves—a humorous and brilliant take on serious matters to bring out relatability.

55. Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Dolemite is my name

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama

Director: Craig Brewer

Stars: Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps

IMDb: 7.3

Runtime: 1hr 57m

Trailer: Dolemite is My Name

A biopic of the infamous Rudy Ray Moore, who proved everyone wrong about his abilities to star in a kung-fu anti-establishment film.

56. The Death of Stalin (2017)


Genre: Comedy, Drama, History

Director: Armando Iannucci

Stars: Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Jeffrey Tambor

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 1h 46m

Trailer: The Death of Stalin

An absurd comedy and satire which didn’t fail to disappoint as it portrays the death of Joseph Stalin and how his subordinates struggle to fight for power to become the force of power in Soviet Russia.

57.  The Trial of  The Chicago 7 (2020)


Genre: Drama, Thriller, History

Director: Aaron Sorkin

Stars: Sacha Boren Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Alex Sharp, Michael Keaton

IMDb: 7.8/10

Runtime: 2hr 9m

Trailer: The Trial of Chicago

This movie is based on true events. The movie is about the seven defendants charged with conspiracy and trying to initiate the riots in Chicago at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. It is one of the must-watch good movies on Netflix Canada.

58. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)

ma rainey's black bottom

Director: George C. Wolfe

Writers: Ruben Santiago-Hudson, August Wilson

Stars: Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Glynn Turman

IMDb: 6.9

Runtime: 1hr 34m

Trailer: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Ma Rainey is a well-known blues singer with a strong personality. The story begins on July 2, 1927, when Ma’s manager schedules a recording session. Toledo, Cutler, and Slow Drag arrive on time without Ma, which irritates her producer.

59.  Honey Boy (2019)


Genre: Drama

Director: Alma Harel

Writer: Shia LeBeouf

Cast: Graham Clark, Byron Bowers, Clifton Collins Jr., FKA Twigs, Dorian Brown Pham

Runtime: 1hr 33m

Trailer: Honey Boy

Honey Boy is an American drama film directed by Alma Harel. This movie is about a 12 years old boy who started pursuing his career as a television star. His alcoholic dad treated him so badly that he eventually developed PTSD due to his rage, but he did not give up and started seeing it fascinatingly.

60. Magnolia (1997)

Magnolia (1997)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Writer: Paul Thomas Anderson

Stars: Tom Cruise, Jason Robards, Julianne Moore, William H Macy

IMDb: 8.0

Runtime: 3hr 8m

Trailer: Magnolia

William H Macy played a huge role in this movie. One story, on one random day in the San Fernando Valley. A dying father, a young wife, a male caretaker, a renowned lost son, a police officer in love, a boy genius, an ex-boy genius, a game show host, and an estranged daughter. This movie was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson’s hand. Most movie lovers said Paul Thomas Anderson’s direction is worth admiring in this picture. Viewers like the performance of William H Macy and Tom Cruise.

61. Taxi Driver (1976)

Taxi driver

Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd

IMDB: 8.2

Runtime: 1hr 54m

Trailer: Taxi Driver

An ex-marine and a mentally unstable man is working as a night-time taxi driver in New York City. But he is still a patriot and a good man, and despite his discharged status, he has taken it upon himself to fight against corruption that comes his way as he drives around the sinister roads of York City at night. It is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada that belong to the street.

62. Apollo 11 (2019)

Genre: History and Documentary

Director: Todd Douglas Miller

Stars: Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Deke Slayton, Todd Douglas Miller, Walter Cronkite

IMDb: 8.2

Runtime: 1h 33m

Trailer: Apollo 11

lApollo 11 is a 2019 American Documentary movie based on real events. This movie is about the 1969 Apollo 11 mission when the American astronaut walked on the moon for the first time.

63. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things (2020)

I'm thinking of ending things

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Director: Charlie Kaufman

Stars: Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley, Toni Collette

IMDB: 6.6

Runtime: 2h 14m

Trailer: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

It’s surely a masterpiece not made for missing and based on a true story. I’m thinking of ending things is the story of a young girl who takes around a bad trip with her new boyfriend to his family farm despite thinking of ending things with him. But, unfortunately, she and her boyfriend get trapped at the farm due to the snowstorm. This is where tension rises when she starts questioning everything around; her boyfriend, herself, and her vision of the real world. Many viewers consider ending things soon after they’ve begun. The interior of a farmhouse, an apartment, or the interior of an interior is depicted in a cascade of primitive views. A woman we haven’t seen yet is in the middle of a story, telling us something we don’t understand. However, she plays a woman who suddenly appears in a 3-D snow globe. As puffy snowflakes fall, she stands on the street, looking up at a window. This isn’t how a heist movie should be made, says film critic Roger Ebert. Lucy, Lucia, or Amy Ryan, played by Jessie Buckley, is considering quitting her relationship with Jesse’s Jake. The argument seems to be that things aren’t going to go well. The film’s self-consciousness could have been excruciating if it weren’t for the fact that awareness and our fragmentary experience of it are the goals. It would be a platitude to argue that the film accepts both the beauty and evil of life, which the film itself rejects. I’m thinking of ending things is one of the best movies to watch on Netflix Canada.

64. Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone (1990)

Director: Chris Columbus

Writer: John Hughes

Stars: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Runtime: 1hr 43m

Trailer: Home Alone

Chris Columbus, Raja Gosnell, Rod Daniel, Peter Hewitt, and Dan Mazer directed Home Alone. The film is part of a series of American Christmas family comedy films. Cast has done the best performance in this movie.

65. The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer

Stars: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart

IMDb Rating: 9.0

Runtime: 2hr 32m

Trailer: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is one of the anticipated movies in Hollywood. Batman (Christian Bale) has been able to keep crime in Gotham City under control with the help of allies Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). When a heinous young criminal known only as the Joker (Heath Ledger) drives the town into disorder, the caped Crusader finds himself toeing the line between heroism and vigilantism. The soundtrack has been beautifully composed in the Dark Knight movie.

66.  Booksmart


Genre: Teen/Comedy

Director: Olivia Wilde

Cast: Kaitlyn Dever, Diana Silvers, Jason Sudeikis, Molly Gordon

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 1hr 42m

Trailer: Booksmart

Booksmart is an American movie released in 2019. On the eve of the Graduation ceremony, Amy and Molly realized they hadn’t enjoyed the unforgettable moments in their teenage. They decided to break all the rules to party on the last day of their classes.

67. The Grand Seduction



Director: Don McKellar

Writer: Ken Scott

Cast: Brendan Gleeson, Taylor Kitsch, Liane Balaban, Gordon Pinset

IMDb: 7.0

Runtime: 2hrs

Trailer: The Grand Seduction

This Canadian movie is a whole package of laughter that will have you crying with laughter out loud. An adorable and heartwarming tale about a little fishing village’s hopes for a revival! A doctor is required to attract an oil business to the little fishing community, which has lost its fishing industry. This movie is one of the most beautiful movies on Netflix Canada, which you can watch with your family.

68. The Willoughbys 

The Willoughbys 

Director: Kris Pearn

Writer: Lois Lowry, Kris Pearn

Cast: Alessia Cara, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews

IMDb: 6.4

Runtime: 1hr 32m

Trailer: The Willoughbys

Willoughby is an excellent animation style mixed with a fun title character. The movie has a very dark sense of humor. The story starts in the Willoughby mansion; a home tucked away between two skyscrapers, hidden from the modern world.

This story is a battle between the children’s emotions and their parents. When their parents kick them out, the Willoughby children decide to raise themselves on their own. Want to see more real animation? Then watch best Anime movies on Netflix in Canada for fun.

69. The Princess Bride



Director: Rob Reiner

Writer: William Goldman

Cast: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin

IMDb: 8.1

Runtime: 1hr 38m

Trailer: The Princess Bride

This movie is one of the best non-animated family movies on Netflix Canada. This story is all about the fairy tale, in which the characters must suffer to find their true love story. They have to fight against all the odds to get united and prosper.

70. Babe: Pig in the City

Babe- Pig in the city

Director: Chris Noonan

Writer: Roscoe Lee Browner

Cast: James Cromwell, Magda Szubanski, Christine Cavanaugh

IMDb: 5.8

Runtime: 1hr 37m

Trailer: Babe: Pig in the city

This movie is also one of the best non-animated movies on Netflix Canada. This movie is based on babe, an orphaned pig who won a local contest and a handsome prize. However, the owners of the Pig are too proud to accept the money and turn down the offer. This story focuses on how Babe goes about having fun in everything life has to offer.

71. We Can Be Heroes

We can be heroes

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Yaya Gosselin, Pedro Pascal

Runtime: 1hr 37m

Trailer: We Can Be Heroes

This is also one of the top best new family movies on Netflix Canada. This movie is based on slightly older kids who possess real superpowers and perform the duty of spy kids as well. From super-intelligent Wheels to A-Capella, who can move things around him by singing, this gang is brimming with super enthusiastic youngsters. Watch them take on risky tasks as they go about doing what they are best at. This movie is somewhat similar to a karate kid movie.

72. Finding ‘Ohana

Finding ‘Ohana

Director: Jude Weng

Writer: Christina Strain

Cast: Kea Perahu, Kelly Hu, Alex Aiono

IMDb: 6.1

Runtime: 2hr 3m

Trailer: Finding ‘Ohana

This movie stands tall amongst the list of best new family movies on Netflix. Two siblings set out to spend a chilled summer in their heritage home in Oahu, Havana. Things soon get interesting as they find a mysterious journal with a map that leads to a massive treasure.

73. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 

Director: David E Talbert

Writer: David E Talbert

Cast: Madalen Mills, Anika Noni Rose,  Forest Whitaker

IMDb: 6.5

Runtime: 2hr 2m

Trailer: Jingle Jangle: A Chritsmas Journey

Betrayal is rough, but a betrayal from a long-time friend is a hard pill to swallow. A toymaker loses all interest in his profession after one such heartbreaking betrayal. But a young brimming grandaughter’s appearance suddenly has him filled with hope and life. This is the first movie for families that is not animated.

74. Fearless


Director: Cory Edwards

Writer: Rafael Yglesias

Cast: Yara Shahidi, Miles Robbins

IMDb: 7.6

Runtime: 1hr 29m

Trailer: Fearless

Teens are not usually the most responsible people in a room, but when push comes to shove, everybody must step up. The story revolves around a teenager taking care of three younger kids. His life is thrown into turmoil as creatures from his beloved video game come alive to harm the three kids.

75. Wish Dragon

Wish Dragon

Director: Chris Appelhans

Writer:Chris Appelhans

Cast: Jimmy Wong, John Cho

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 1hr 38m

Trailer: Wish Dragon

A quirky twist on the age-old story of Alladin and the genie in the bottle, this story revolves around a young man Din and a dragon that is revealed from a Chinese Tea Pot.

76. Benji


Director: Brandon Camp

Writer: Joe Camp

Cast: Gabriel Bateman, Darby Camp

IMDb: 6.3

Runtime: 1hr 27m

Trailer: Benji

Dogs are the best healers. With their big beautiful eyes and always happy mode on, they can cheer up any lost spirit. Benji comes to a house and mends their internal relations. But he is there for a lot more than what meets the eyes. Find out more in this movie. It is one of the first family films that belong to pets and animals.

77. Klaus


Director: Sergio Pablos

Writer: Sergio Pablos

Cast: Sergio Pablos, Jason Schwartzman

IMDb: 8.2

Runtime: 1hr 37m

Trailer: Klaus

Need a fresh dose of inspiration? This movie might be perfect for you. Jesper, a below-average student, is tired of his mediocre life, and due to his constant failures, he is sentenced to barren lands about the arctic circle. Contrary to everybody’s beliefs, he cultivates two every meaningful friendship and learns that life is not always about success on paper.

78. A Cinderella story: Christmas Wish

A Cinderella story: Christmas Wish

Director: Michelle Johnston

Writer: Michelle Johnston

Cast: Gregg Sulkin, Laura Mariano

Runtime: 1hr 35m

Trailer: A Cinderella story: Christmas Wish

This movie puts a modern spin on the kid’s story of the same name and the same this it is Christmas classic. A young woman who aspires to be a singer is tormented by her long-lost mother and daunting stepsisters. The girl’s life changes for the better as she falls in love with a dashing young man who belongs to a wealthy family. It is a great film that shows the love and the family-friendly Christmas journey of the couple.

79. Dog Gone Trouble


Director: Kevin Johnson

Writer: Kate Christensen

Cast: Big Sean, Lucy hale

Runtime: 1hr 37m

Trailer: Dog Gone Trouble

It is one of the best-animated series of all time. This movie is about a pampered dog who is responsible for his own survival. The greedy spy kids of his former owner have bad intentions for him, and he must look out for himself in this real, cruel world.

80. Wonder Park

Wonder Park

Director: Dylan Brown

Writer: Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, Robert Gordon

Cast: John Oliver, Ken Jeong

Runtime: 1hr 26m

Trailer: Wonder Park

June, an enthusiastic and creative young girl, accidentally stumbled upon an amusement park in ruins. She decides to let her imagination run wild as she gives this torn-down place a happy makeover.

81. Next-Gen


Director: Joe Ksander, Kevin R Adams

Writer: Joe Ksander, Kevin R Adams,

Cast: Charlyne Yi, John Ksander

IMDb: 6.5

Runtime: 1hr 47m

Trailer: Next-Gen

Technology is dominating the world right now. Like it or hate it, you just can’t ignore it. Most of our lives are dictated by gadgets around us. When a madman sets on a mission to rule the world through technological means, a stubborn young girl and a combat robot on the run join forces to stop him. Moreover, kids love this animated film more than anything else. This kid knows how to fight that is why viewers call this character a karate kid.

82. Minions


Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle balsa

Writer: Ken Daurio, Cinco Paul, Brian Lynch

Cast: Bob the Minion, Kevin the minion

IMDb: 6.4

Runtime: 1hr 31m

Trailer: Minions

Three adorable minions Kevin, Bob, and Stuart, embark on a journey to find a new master. They travel across the world and finally meet a lady named Scarlett. She recruits these three minions and reveals her plans of conquering the world.

83. Home


Director: Tim Johnson

Writer: Matt Ember, Tom J Astlle

Cast: Rihanna, Jim Parsons

IMDb: 9.0

Runtime: 1hr 34m

Trailer: Home

It is an animated film. The story revolves around a misfit alien named. Oh, who is on the run from his own people? He seeks shelter on planet earth, where he befriends a young, brave girl, Tip. Tip also has her history of mischiefs, but currently, she is on the mission to find her missing mother.

84. Rango


Director: Gore Verbinski

Writer: Gore Verbinski, James Ward Byrenkit, John logan

Cast: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher

IMDb: 7.2

Runtime: 1hr 47m

Trailer: Rango

An ambitious chameleon with dreams of becoming a hero, the plot doesn’t get better than this. He does everything that could earn him the slightest of fame. When he stumbled upon a drought-stricken tiny town, he sees it as an opportunity to be the hero and the saviour of this land.

85. Goosebumps


Director: Rob Letterman

Writer: R. L Stine

Cast: R. L Stine, Jack Black, Odeya Rush

IMDb: 6.3

Runtime: 1hr 43m

Trailer: Goosebumps

Reading books is great, but what happens when the creatures we read about come to life? Characters from a horror book come alive and wreak havoc among those living. The leads try to battle this unusual occurrence attempting to send those creatures back where they belong, in a storybook. It is one of the best movies on Netflix Canada.

86. The Little Prince

The Little Prince

Director: Mark Osborne

Writer: Antoine De Saint- Exupéry

Cast: Rachel McAdams, Jeff Bridges, Mackenzie For

IMDb: 7.7

Runtime: 1hr 50m

Trailer: The Little Princess

Movies based on this world are common, but this movie takes a turn and talks about a completely different dimension. An aviator and a little girl lead this movie as the aviator introduces her to a world that allows her to relive her childhood and take away valuable lessons from it.

87. Mirror Mirror 2012

Mirror Mirror 2012

Director: Tarsem Singh

Writer: Brothers Grimm, Melissa Wallack

Cast: Lily Collins, Armie Hammer

Runtime: 1h 46m

Trailer: Mirror Mirror

This movie is about snow white and her evil stepmother, who strategically but wrongfully snatched the kingdom from her stepdaughter and banished her to a life in the woods. Snow white is in ruins, but her spirits are high. She, along with her seven dwarf friends, embark on a journey to take back what belongs to her in the first place.

88. How to Train Your Dragon 2

how to train your dragon 2

Director: Dean Deblois

Writer: Dean Deblois

Cast: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrara

IMDb: 7.8

Runtime: 1hr 42m

Trailer: How to Train Your Dragon

A dragon trapper is on the loose, and now it’s up to toothless and hiccups to stop him. The dragon trapper has endangered many dragon lives on Berk, and these two boys are determined to end this circle right here.

89. The Little Mermaid (2018)

The Little mermaid

Directors: Blake Harris, Chris Bouchard

Writer: Blake Harris

Cast: Poppy Drayton, William Moseley, Loreto Peralta

Runtime: 1hr 23m

Trailer: The Little Mermaid

The movie starts with a reporter who wishes to see the Mermaid everybody is talking about. He doesn’t believe mermaids can exist and wants to see one if they do exist.

90. Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone

Director: Peter Lepeniotis

Writer: Michael Schwartz, Zina Zaflow.

Cast: Becky G, Josh Peck

Runtime: 1hr 25m

Trailer: Gnome Alone

Chloe moves into a new place and discovers mischievous garden gnomes. She soon learns about their little secret but is torn whether or not she should join them in their battle. Backy played a young boy genius character with his first film in this movie.

91. Secret Magic Control Agency

Secret Magic Control Agency

Director: Aleksey Tsitsilin

Writer: Aleksey Tsitsilin

Cast: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Sylvana Joyce

IMDb: 6.2

Runtime: 1hr 43m

Trailer: Secret Magic Control Agency

Hansel and Gretel are blessed with powers like no one else’s. But with so much power comes immense responsibility. They team up and set out to find the king of the kingdom and restore balance.

92. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Director: Rob Letterman

Writer: Rob Letterman, Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, Dereck Connolly.

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith

IMDb: 6.6

Runtime: 1hr 44m

Trailer:Pokémon Detective Pikachu

It is the best family film. Anybody who hasn’t heard of Pikachu must have been living under a rock. This movie is about Tim, who recently lost his detective father. The grieving son runs to his father’s detective buddy Pikachu. They join hands to investigate his father’s unfinished cases.

93. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

Director: Will Gluck

Writer: Beatrix potter

Cast: Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson

IMDb: 6.2

Runtime: 1hr 35m

Trailer: Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is one of the best family movies. A group of four rabbits is living their life to the fullest, tormenting a garden owner and destroying his vegetables. It was all fun and games until the owner dies, and the monster house is inherited by Mr. McGregor, who hates animals. He makes all attempts to keep the mischievous bunnies out until he falls in love with someone who changes his perception about all animals.

94. Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Writer: Robert Smigel, Todd Durham, Peter Baynham

Cast: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg

Runtime: 1hr 31m

Trailer: Hotel Transylvania

Infamous for hosting Dracula and all things supernatural, Hotel Transylvania is owned by Count Dracula and his daughter Mavis. When the hotel is filled with supernatural creatures in celebration of Mavis’s birthday, an ordinary man manages to sneak in. Things go wrong when he falls for the birthday girl.

95. The Rugrats Movie (1998)

The Rugrats Movie (1998)

Directors: Igor Kovalyov, Norton Virgin

Writers: David N. Weiss J. David Stem, Arlene Klasky

Stars: Elizabeth Daily, Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie

Runtime: 1hr 23m

Trailer: The Rugrats Movie

It is a family-friendly movie. Tommy Pickles (E.G. Daily) tries to return his newborn brother to the hospital after his mean-spirited pal Angelica (Cheryl Chase) warns him that his parents won’t care about him. The kids begin to believe that perhaps things at home weren’t so horrible after all.

96. Pee-wee’s Big Holiday (2016)

Pee-wee's Big Holiday (2016)

Director: John Lee

Writers: Paul Reubens, Paul Rust

Stars: Paul Reubens, Jordan Black, Doug Cox

IMDb: 6.1

Runtime: 1hr 29m

Trailer: Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

Pee-Wee Herman leaves his hometown and travels across the country to celebrate Joe Manganiello’s birthday celebration, before getting himself involved in zany escapades and mischief. It’s a bunk film school movie.

97. Extinction (2018)

Extinction (2018)

Director: Ben Young

Writer: Brad Kane, Spenser Cohen

Cast: Emma Booth, Erica Tremblay, Israel Broussard, Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan, Mike Colter.

Runtime: 1hr 35m

Trailer: Extinction

People wish for dreams to come true, but for this father, things go south as his nightmares start to come true. His fear of losing his family is coming alive as some mysterious forces attack his family. Will he let go that easy? Of course not. He fights them with all the zeal in him.

98. Fractured (2019)

Fractured (2019)

Director: Brad Anderson

Writer: Alan B. McElroy

Cast: Adjoa Andoh, Lucy Capri, Stephen Tobolowsky, Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe.

IMDb: 6.4

Runtime: 1hr 40m

Trailer: Fractured

When his dear daughter Peri is injured, Ray and his wife Joanne rush to the hospital, but after completing the hospital procedures, Ray finds his family is missing. He notices something strange in the way this secluded hospital works and decides to pursue it. This is one of the best psychological thrillers available on Netflix.

99. The Call (2020)

The Call (2020)

Director/ Writer: Lee Chung-Hyun

Cast: Jeon Jong-Seo, Park Shin – Hye

IMDb: 7.1

Runtime: 1hr 52m

Trailer: The Call

The South Korean psychological Thriller has a class of its own, i.e., a very real and out-of-the-box story. This movie is a kind of sci-fi but chilling one.

Seo-Yeon talks to Oh Young-sook on the phone. The difference is one of them lives in the past and one in the present. Their lives take a dramatic turn because of this one call.

100. Run (2020)

Run (2020)

Director: Aneesh Chaganty

Writer: Sev Ohanian, Aneesh Chaganty

Cast: Kiera Allen, Sarah Paulson

IMDb: 6.7

Runtime: 1hr 30m

Trailer: Run

This nail-biting thriller involves only two personalities, i.e., a mother and her daughter. When Chloe notices something unusual with her mother, she gets alarmed and somehow finds her teen self searching the internet for answers only to find out there aren’t any. This is one of the best Netflix thrillers.

101. Mirage (2018)

Mirage (2018)

Director: Oriol Paulo

Writer: Lara Sendim, Oriol Paulo

Cast: Nora Navas, Álvaro Morte, Adriana Ugarte, Chino Darín, Javier Gutiérrez Álvarez.

IMDb: 7.4

Runtime: 2hr 19m

Trailer: Mirage

This critically acclaimed Spanish masterpiece is named “Durante la Tormenta. ” This movie spanning 2hr 9 min takes the viewers to a space-time doorway that opens when Vera saves a life in the past. As a result, she alters the dynamics of the universe and faces the repercussions of it. She has nowhere to go after she learns she has lost not just her husband and daughter, but her entire life is in turmoil.

102. 6 Underground

6 Underground

Director: Michael Bay

Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Cast: Kim Kold, Lior Raz, Payman Maadi, Dave Franco, Corey Hawkins, Adria Arjona, Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent

Runtime: 2hr 50m

Trailer: 6 Underground

This action movie is about six individuals who are the very best at what they do are the chosen ones. They are the chosen ones because they have the most skills and a wish to erase their past and, in a way, alter their future. 

103. Seven (1995)

Seven (1995)

Director: David Fincher

Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker

Cast: John C. McGinley, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Runtime: 2hr 7m

Trailer: Seven

To solve a deadly murder case, a rookie and a veteran had to team up against their will. The rookie is fit and clever, and the veteran is vigilant and seasoned. They work together using the remains of the victim to complete the puzzle. The killer selects his victim based on seven deadly sins. This movie is heartbreaking, dark, and disturbing. This is a good thriller.

104. The Social Dilemma (2020)

Director: Jeff Orlowski

Writer: Orlowski, David Coombe, Vickie Curtis

Cast: Vincent Kartheiser, Skyler Gisondo, Kara Hayward, Tristan Harris,

Runtime: 1hr 34m

Trailer: The Social Dilemma

This new docudrama is directed by Jeff Orlowski. The Social Dilemma is about how Social Media has influenced our lives and how it spreads false news and conspiracy theories to increase profits. It also focuses on mental health issues people are suffering from due to excessive use of social media.

105. Forgotten


Director /writer: Jang Hang-jun

Cast: Moon Sung-Keun, Na Young-hee, Kang Ha-neul

Kim Mu-Yeol

Runtime: 1hr 49m

Trailer: Forgotten

This is another South Korean psychological thriller masterpiece peppered with Mystery and Horror elements that keep the audience glued till the end.  The story is of two brothers. When one brother gets kidnapped, and upon his release, he has no memory of his abduction. Now it is up to the other brother to find out the reason behind these abnormalities.

106. #Alive


Director: Cho Il-hyung

Writer: Matt Naylor, Cho

Cast: Yoo Ah-In, Park Shin-Hye

Runtime: 1hr 39m

Trailer: #Alive

This body horror movie is based on the book by Matt Naylor. It is shot from the survivor’s point of view and tells the tale of brave survival when the whole city was stuck in an unimaginable disease. It is one of the best thriller horror movies on Netflix Canada.

107. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

IMDB: 6.9

Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Stars: Anna Faris, Bill Hader, Bruce Campbell

Runtime: 1h 30m

Trailer: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

An adaptation of a 1978’s children book by Judi and Ron Barrett of the same. It comes under the list of best movies on Netflix Canada in the animated category. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball, is about an ambitious scientist, Flint Lockwood, trapped in a small, financially struggling town that does not take him or his inventions seriously. Until one day, he hits a jackpot which makes him famous, but fate is not on his side again.

108. Happy Year Old (2019)

Genre: Romance/Drama

IMDB: 7.2/10

Director: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

Stars: Chutimon Chhuengcharo, Sunny Suwanmethanont, Sarika Sathsilpsupa, Thirawat Ngosawang

Runtime: 1hr 54m

Trailer: Happy Year Old

Happy Year Old is a Thai movie which is directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit. The movie revolved around a woman who returned to Bangkok after spending three years in Sweeden and removing all unused things from her house. However, she starts facing challenges when she comes across those things which had memories associated with her Ex-Boyfriend. This movie is one of the must-watch movies on Candian Netflix.

109. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)



Genre: Drama

Director: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Cast: Maxwell Simba, Lily Banda, Philbert Falakeza, Samson Kambalu

Runtime: 1hr 53m

IMDb: 7.6

Trailer: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

“The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” is based on a true story set in a beautiful African country. The story revolves around a thirteen-year-old Malawi boy ‘William Kamkwamba’ who saved his village from the threat of drought by making a windmill. It’s a remarkable story of victory over hunger.

110. Bon Cop Bad Cop




Genre: Action/Comedy

Director: Érik Canuel

Cast: Patrick Huard, Colm Feore, Lucie Laurier, Erick Knudsen

IMDb: 6.8

Runtime: 1hr 57m

Trailer: Bon Cop Bad Cop

When the murder victim is found on the border of Quebec and Ontario, everyone is encouraged to respond together. As the inquiry goes, the two Canadian officers work together to solve the murder case. The two guys couldn’t be more different. The only thing they seem to have in common is that they are both police officers, although cops with entirely different methods. Bon Cop, Bad Cop is one of the must-watch movies on Netflix Canada.

111. The Platform

The Platform

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Writer: Pedro Rivero, David Desola

Cast: Zorion Eguileor, Emilio Buale, Antonia San Juan, Alexandra Masangkay, Iván Massagué

Runtime: 1hr 34m

Trailer: The Platform

This is a Spanish dystopian thriller movie named ” El Hoyo,” meaning the Hole. It is a sci-fi movie that is based on a future dystopian universe where there is a huge difference between the rich and the poor. This vertical prison depicts the vertical hierarchy of wealth that exists in our society. Prisoners are stacked in prison cells one after another like items sold in a store. Two prisoners become friends and try to break free of this vicious system.

112. Close


Director: Vicky Writers

Writers: Rupert Whitaker, Vicky Jewson

Cast: Eoin Macken, Sophie Nélisse, Noomi Rapace, Indira Varma

Runtime: 1hr 34m

Trailer: Close

A female bodyguard is given the job to protect a pampered heiress from all danger. Very soon, she finds herself in grave danger which is life-threatening for her and her client. She has to find a way to fight it.

113. Anna


Director/Writer: Luc Besson

Cast: Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, Sasha Luss, Cillian Murphy

Runtime: 1hr 59m

Trailer: Anna

Anna is just like Angel’s Trumpet, i.e., she is beautiful, but she is deadly. She looks harmless, but she hides a big secret. She is one of the most skilled and deadly assassins the Russian spy agency has ever seen.

114. Misha and the Wolves (2021)


Genre: Documentary, Drama

Director: Sam Hobkinson

Stars: Misha Defonseca

IMDb: 6.9

Runtime: 1h 30m

Trailer: Misha and the Wolves

Misha, a holocaust survivor has penned down her story and all the horrific events that lead to one of the most traumatic events of history. But there’s more to it than we know about, and that came to light when Misha has a falling out with her director, which made him dive deep into the events to signify and testify her account but came out with another set of truth that no one thought of.

115. The Devil All The Time (2020)

The Devil All The Time (2020)

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Antonio Campos

Cast: Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, Sebastian Stan, Haley Bennett, Eliza Scanlen, Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson

IMDb: 7.1

Runtime: 2hr 19m

Trailer: The Devil All the Time

It is an American psychological thriller film based on the novel “The Devil All The Time.” Written by Donald Ray Pollock. The novelist has also served as the narrator of the film. The movie depicts how the impacts of violence traveled to numerous generations of American people. The movie has shown several shades of dark reality. If you are in the mood to watch a serious and thrilling storyline, then this movie is the best movie to watch on Netflix Canada. Robert Pattinson has done exceptionally well when it comes to acting in this movie.

116. The Woman in The Window

The Women in The Window

Director: Joe Wright

Writer: A. J. Finn, Tracy Letts

Cast: Amy Adams, Brian Tyree Henry, Gary Oldman, Fred Hechinger

Runtime: 1hr 40m

Trailer: The Woman in the Window

Anna suffers from agoraphobia and extreme anxiety. To distract herself, she observes her neighbors and takes a keen interest in their lives. When she intervenes in the newly moved-in neighbor, The Russell’s, lives, she is quickly discouraged by the head of the family. What could the Russells be hiding from the world?

117. Polar (2019)


Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Writer: Víctor Santos, Jayson Rothwell

Cast: Matt Lucas, Vanessa Hudgens, Mads Mikkelsen, Katheryn Winnick

Runtime: 1hr 58m

Trailer: Polar

The famous hitman The Black Kaiser, i.e., Duncan, plans to retire, and as per his company policy, he has to get a retirement fund. But his employer is racking his mind to kill him to avoid payment. This movie is the answer as to who is the winner in the end.

118. Ma (2019)

Ma (2019)

Director: Tate Taylor

Writer: Scotty Landes

Runtime: 1hr 40m

Cast: Diana Silvers, Corey Fogelmanis, Luke Evans, Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis

Trailer: Ma

If you are looking for the best Netflix thrillers, Ma is undoubtedly one of them. Sue Ann is suffering from loneliness. She makes friends with the teenagers living in her basement. She is so nice to them that she invites them to her house. But that is when things go wrong for the clueless youth.

119. Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier

Director: J. C. Chandor

Writer: J. C. Chandor, Mark Boal

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal

Runtime: 2hr 5m

Trailer: Triple Frontier

A group of five friends who belong to the special forces unites for a personal agenda. That is to defeat a South American drug mafia. But things don’t go as planned. Unexpected events test their plans, loyalty, and survival skills. It is one of the best action-thrillers on Netflix.

120. The Invisible Guest

The invisible Guest

Director: Dhar Mann, Oriol Paulo Writer: Oriol Paulo

Cast: José Coronado, Mario Casas, Bárbara Lennie, Ana Wagener

Runtime: 1hr 46m

Trailer: The Invisible Guest

A famous businessman is blamed for a murder, and he has to prepare his argument with the help of his lawyer. But how do you put an invisible murderer on trial?

121. Project Power

Project Power

Director: Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost

Writer: Mattson Tomlin

Cast: Allen Maldonado, Amy Landecker, Rodrigo Santoro, Colson Baker, Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, Courtney B. Vance

Runtime: 1hr 53m

Trailer: Project Power

This Sci-fi thriller is about a drug pill that makes its users superheroes for five minutes becomes very popular and is traded illegally. To fight it, a police officer shakes hands with a capable teenager and a soldier. It is undoubtedly one of the best movies on Netflix right now. 

122. Mommy (2014)


Director: Xavier Dolan

Genre: Drama/Dark Comedy

Cast: Antoine Olivier Pilon, Anne Dorval, Suzane Clement, Patrick Huard

IMDB: 8.1

Runtime: 2hr 19m

Trailer: Mommy

Mommy is a 2014 movie directed by Xavier Dolan. The story revolves around the mother-son relationship. Diane, a 46-year-old widowed mother, finds it difficult to deal with the violent behaviour of her teenage son. When a strange new neighbour moves into next her house, she sees a ray of hope.

123. The Old Guard (2020)

the Old guard

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Stars: Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts

IMDb: 6.6

Runtime: 2h 5m

Trailer: The Old Guard

All hell breaks loose when a group of century-old, self-healing immortal mercenaries find their secret out in the open, along with an unexpected addition to their now exposed coven. All must be done to save the integrity and the freedom of their kind, even if it means taking a drastic decision.

124. Extraction


Director: Sam Hargrave

Writer: Anthony Russo, Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Fernando, Eric Skillman, León González

Cast: David Harbour, Randeep Hooda, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi

Runtime: 1hr 56m

Trailer: Extraction

Tyler is a black market mercenary who is given the toughest job of freeing the kidnapped son of a crime mafia. In his impossible journey, he faces drug dealers and weapon dealers. The movie entails many crime scenes for action lovers.

125. Death Note

Death Note

Director: Adam Wingard

Writer: Charles Parlapanides, Jeremy Slater, Vlas Parlapanides

Cast: Paul Nakauchi, Jason Liles, Nat Wolff, Margaret Qualley, Shea Whigham, Lakeith Stanfield, Willem Dafoe

Runtime: 2h 20m

Trailer: Death Note

This horror movie is adapted from Dark Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Light Turner discovers his new superpower in the form of a suspicious notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written on it. He uses it to remove the criminals. Soon he is hunted by a famous detective.

126. Da 5 Bloods (2020)

Da 5 Bloods (2020)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, War

IMDB: 6.5

Director: Spike Lee

Stars: Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clarke Peters

Runtime: 2h 34m

Trailer: Da 5 Bloods

The last movie on our list of best movies on Netflix Canada is An American War Drama which is all about 4 African-American vets who come back looking for the gold they buried but with no roadmap to follow, as all the recognizable landmarks are destroyed after an airstrike. Da 5 Bloods of Spike Lee is Chadwick Bosman’s final feature film chronicles that were released before his death in August 2020. Two actors in this movie have done remarkable acting performances throughout the movie.

127. Atlantis (2019)

Atlantis (2019)

Director: Mati Diop

Writer: Mati Diop, Olivier Demangel

Cast: Mama Sane,Amadou Mbow,Ibrahima Traore

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

“Atlantis” by Mati Diop is a thrilling film with a compelling story. It is unquestionably worth watching and is one of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada. “Atlantics” is a surprising film in and of itself, with a potent mix of feelings, meanings, stunning visuals, and hypnotic sounds.

Diop’s timely yet timeless story is so beautifully told through Mathon’s lens and accompanied by Al Qadiri’s score that it’s easy to soak in the story’s emotions, the film’s impressive cinematography, the organic performances from the actors, and the emotional sounds of the city and its music makes it interesting to watch.

128. Amazing Grace (2018)

Amazing Grace (2018)

Director: Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack

Writer: Alan Elliott

Cast: Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland,

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Aretha Franklin performed two concerts at a Baptist church in Los Angeles on consecutive days in January 1972. The 29-year-old Soul and R&B singer was already well-known worldwide and held the unofficial title of Queen of Soul Music.

In these two concerts, she returned to her musical roots, the gospel music she grew up listening to and playing in the Detroit church where her father preached. The performances were taped and filmed.

129. Bad Trip (2021)

Bad Trip (2021)

Director: Kitao Sakurai

Writer: Eric André (story by), Kitao Sakurai (story by) Andrew Barchilon (story by)

Cast: Eric André, Michaela Conlin, Lil Rel Howery

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Kitao Sakurai directs Bad Trip, a 2021 American hidden camera comedy film. The plot follows two best friends as they drive from Florida to New York City in order for one of them to declare his feelings for a high school crush, all while being pursued by the other’s criminal sister, whose car they had stolen for the trip.

Netflix and United Artists Releasing released it on March 26, 2021, and it has become one of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada.

130. Passing (2021)

Passing (2021)

Director: Rebecca Hall

Writer: Rebecca Hall, Nella Larsen(based on the novel by)

Cast: Ruth Negga, Tessa Thompson, André Holland

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Rebecca Hall’s feature directorial debut, Passing, is a 2021 black-and-white drama film written, produced, and directed by her. The film is based on Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel of the same name, and its title refers to African-Americans who had skin colour light enough to be perceived as white, known as “passing.”

In 1920s New York City, a Black woman’s life is turned upside down when she becomes involved with a former childhood friend passing as white. In the stately tearoom of New York City’s Drayton Hotel, Irene Redfield, a cultured upper-class woman in the 1920s, seeks relief from a sweltering summer day.

131. The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography (2016)

The B-Side Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography (2016)

Director: Errol Morris

Writer: Errol Morris

Cast: Elsa Dorfman

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

The documentary film The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Shooting, directed by Errol Morris, was released in 2016. The film delves into the life and career of Elsa Dorfman. It delves into the life of a gifted analogue photographer confronted with a digital presence.

Dorfman shows her longtime friend around her backyard garage-turned-archive with whimsical charm and wit. The documentary is a quiet look at Dorfman and the art and life she created. It’s a film as straightforward and unpretentious as its subject.

133. The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

The Dead Don't Die (2019)

Director: Jim Jarmusch

Writer: Jim Jarmusch

Cast: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tom Waits

IMDB Rating: 5.4/10

Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die is released in 2019. It is a comedy horror film written and directed by him. It’s a real-life zombie film set in the imaginary Pennsylvania town of Centerville, where the population is 738 but swings wildly. Something is awry in Centerville, a tranquil rural town.

The moon is enormous and low in the sky, the daytime hours are uncertain, and animals behave strangely. The news is frightening, and scientists are concerned. Still, no one foresees the strangest and most dangerous repercussions that will soon begin plaguing Centerville: the dead rise from their graves and feast on the living, and the citizens must fight for survival.

134. His House (2020)

His House (2020)

Director: Remi Weekes

Writer: Toby Venables

Cast: Malaika Wakoli-Abigaba, Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Bol attempts to fit in by singing football songs, asking Rial to a teat in utensils instead of her hands, and even changing his appearance. Bol tries to show the authorities that both of them are British citizens. On the other hand, Rial is a firm believer in their heritage.

She keeps their daughter’s jewelry, dresses in bright colours, and eats on the floor rather than at a table. Rial and Bol quickly begin to notice weird and unpleasant things happening in the new house. His House is a 2020 horror thriller film directed and written by Remi Weekes, based on a story by Felicity Evans and Toby Venables.

135. Hotel Artemis (2018)

Hotel Artemis (2018)

Director: Drew Pearce

Writer: Drew Pearce

Cast: Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Drew Pearce’s feature film directorial debut is Hotel Artemis, a 2018 American film written and directed by him. The story revolves around Jean Thomas, a nurse who runs a private hospital for criminals in dystopian Los Angeles. Hotel Artemis is a private hospital for criminals in Los Angeles in 2021.

On a typical Wednesday, there are riots, tanks, helicopters, and rockets in the streets. The Nurse of Hotel Artemis is dealing with bullet-riddled bank robbers, an assassin, and the Russian mob boss who has been targeted for death.

136. Yes, God, Yes (2019)

Yes, God, Yes (2019)

Director: Karen Maine

Writer: Karen Maine

Cast: Natalia Dyer, Timothy Simons, Wolfgang Novogratz

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

 “Yes, God, Yes” occurs in the early aughts, when AOL chat rooms provided teens with sketchy flirtation opportunities. You had to manually rewind a video if you had sexy urges while watching it. Alice is a teen who attends a strict Catholic school, and her life has not prepared her for the whirlwind that is puberty. A priest teaches her sex-ed class.

The hallways are lined with posters promoting abstinence. Not only is sex before marriage is forbidden, but so is masturbation. Alice takes all of this seriously and is understandably concerned when the scene from “Titanic” (in which Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio steam up the car) gets her engine revving.

137. The Disciple (2020)

The Disciple

Director: Chaitanya Tamhane

Writer: Chaitanya Tamhane

Cast: Aditya Modak, Arun Dravid, Sumitra Bhave

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

“The Disciple” depicts a full lifetime of being Sharad by jumping between his memories as a child, a 24-year-old competing in competitions, and later a man in his thirties. It’s a straightforward approach: when Sharad’s career improves slightly, there’s no glorious improvement montage showing his skills but rather an indication of how his persistence may have finally pushed him to the next level. Another insightful scene in the film involves Sharad encountering a critic who questions the legacy of all the music he admires; it’s all the more wrenching because it’s used as a flashback as if it were a life-altering conversation’s tried to deny for decades.  

138. Cuties (2020)

Cuties (2020)

Director: Maïmouna Doucouré

Writer: Maïmouna Doucouré

Cast: Fathia Youssouf, Médina El Aidi-Azouni, Esther Gohourou

IMDB Rating: 3.3/10

Cuties depict Amy navigating the exhilaration and cluelessness that can emerge between true childhood and early puberty, particularly in an era when young people spend so much time on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where sexualized content abounds. Doucouré spent a year and a half researching the film by interviewing over 100 Parisian girls about their social media experiences to better understand the forces that shape young women today.

Cuties have a lot of contemporary relevance, but it also has a timeless quality: The film depicts what it’s like to desperately need your mother while also despising the life she’s given you. It depicts the passionate, erratic love that can underpin young friendships.

139. The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short (2015)

Director: Adam McKay

Writer: Michael Lewis

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rudy Eisenzopf, Casey Groves

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Michael Burry, a Wall Street expert, predicted that several subprime mortgages will default in 2008. Burry bets against the housing market by investing more than $1 billion in credit default swaps on behalf of his clients. Banker Jared Vennett, hedge-fund specialist Mark Baum, and other greedy opportunists took notice of him. These individuals earn a fortune by capitalizing on the United States’ impending economic downfall. a group of youngsters that are pals.

140. Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Director: Doug Liman

Writer: Christopher McQuarrie

Cast: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleeson

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Edge of Tomorrow is a 2014 American science fiction action film starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, and Brendan Gleeson. The story is adapted from Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill, directed by Doug Liman and written by Christopher McQuarrie and the writing team of Jez and John-Henry Butterworth.

The film is set in a future where an alien race has taken over most of Europe. When invincible aliens attack the Earth, no military unit can defeat them. Maj. William Cage, an officer with no combat experience, is assigned to a suicide mission.

141. An Easy Girl (2019)

Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Director: Rebecca Zlotowski

Writer: Teddy Lussi-Modeste, Rebecca Zlotowski

Cast: Mina Farid, Zahia Dehar, Benoît Magimel

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10

An Easy Girl, directed by Rebecca Zlotowski and starring Zahia Dehar, Mina Farid, Benoît Magimel, and Nuno Lopes, is a 2019 French comedy film. The young woman spends the summer as a wing woman to her sexually aggressive cousin, portrayed by Zahia Dehar, the French-Algerian model most known for her role as an underage prostitute in a 2009 controversy involving the French national soccer team.

An Easy Girl’s most remarkable feature is soft compassion — the capacity to challenge these individuals’ decisions sensitively without pointing a finger or doling out penalties.

142. On Body And Soul (2017)

On Body And Soul (2017)

Director: Ildikó Enyedi

Writer: Ildikó Enyedi

Cast: Géza Morcsányi, Alexandra Borbély, Zoltán Schneider

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Ildikó Enyedi, the director, won the Golden Bear in Berlin for this film, perhaps her most notable success since winning the Camera d’Or at Cannes in 1989 for My Twentieth Century, about identical twin sisters who board the Orient Express for a rendezvous with destiny and modernity.

The plot is that a man and a woman meet at work and get to know each other; they discover they have the same nighttime dreams and decide to make them come true. Body and Soul is a pastoral setting in the city. It’s a love story in both a secret inner dreamscape and an ostensibly normal outer world – which is far more comically irrational.

143. The Sparks Brothers (2021)

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast: Ron Mael, Russell Mael, Edgar Wright

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

 The Sparks Brothers is a documentary film directed by Edgar Wright released in 2021. It is a musical journey through five strange and wonderful decades with Ron and Russell Mael honoring Sparks’ inspiring legacy. Ron and Russell, brothers from Los Angeles, grew up on a continuous diet of popcorn, midnight movies, and pop music until the spotlight of school brilliance shone on his musical path, which resulted in 25 studio albums.

Through animations and interviews, Edgar Wright’s imagination brings five decades of the invention to life, digging deep into the band’s extensive, career-spanning archives.

144. No Country For Old Men (2007)

No Country For Old Men

 Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Writer: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Llewelyn Moss discovers the gruesome aftermath of a drug deal while out hunting. Despite knowing better, he cannot resist the cash left behind and takes it with him. When a ruthless killer named Chigurh picks up his trail, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Sheriff Bell is also hunting for Moss, an aging lawman who reflects on a changing world and his dark secret while attempting to find and protect Moss. The movie is thrilling and interesting from beginning to end and is a must-watch.

145. Saint Maud (2019)

Saint Maud (2019)

Director: Rose Glass

Writer: Rose Glass

Cast: Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Fraser

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Rose Glass’s feature directorial debut, Saint Maud, is a 2019 British psychological horror film written and directed by her. The plot revolves around hospice nurse Maud, a recent Roman Catholic convert who becomes obsessed with a former dancer in her care, believing she must save her Soul by any means necessary.

Maud, a devout pious live-in nurse with a shady history, accepts a little English seaside village position to care for Amanda Köhl, a once-famous, now terminally sick former dancer and choreographer. 

146. Kubo And The Two Strings (2016)

Kubo And The Two Strings (2016)

Director: Travis Knight

Writer: Marc Haimes, Chris Butler

Cast: Charlize Theron, Art Parkinson, Ralph Fiennes

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Kubo’s calm existence is shattered when he unwittingly unleashes a fierce spirit from the past. On the run, Kubo teams up with Monkey and Beetle to discover a hidden legacy.

Equipped with a magical device, Kubo fights with the Moon King and other gods and monsters to rescue his family and solve the mystery of his fallen father, the world’s greatest samurai warrior. Besides this movie, watch best Pixar movies on Netflix if you are an animated lover.

147. Paddington (2014)

Paddington (2014)

Director: Paul King

Writer: Paul King, Hamish McColl

Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Paul King wrote and directed Paddington, a 2014 live-action animated comedy film. The plot is that-  After his home in the Peruvian rainforest is destroyed by a deadly earthquake, a young bear travels to England in search of a new home. The bear, dubbed “Paddington” after the London train station, seeks refuge with Henry and Mary Brown’s family.

Although Paddington’s fascination with city life quickly endears him to the Browns, someone else has her eye on him: taxidermist Millicent Clyde wants the rare bear and his hide. Besides this movie, you can also watch best-animated movies on Netflix in Canada with your kids.

148. Shirkers (2018)

Shirkers (2018)

Director: Sandi Tan

Writer: Sandi Tan

Cast: Sandi Tan, Jessica Levin, Maya Rudolph

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

Together with her pals Jasmine and Sophie, Sandi Tan made Singapore’s first independent film, “Shirkers,” in 1992 with their mysterious American guru Georges Cardona. Sandi created the script and starred as S, a serial murderer. When it ended, Georges bolted with the entire film!

Sandi, now a novelist in Los Angeles, sets out on a new personal journey 20 years later that takes her across two continents and via various genres, including digital, Super8, 16mm, Hi8, slides, handwritten letters, and animation. A punk rock ghost story with a kaleidoscope of colours!

149. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Writer: Quentin Tarantino (stories by), Roger Avary (stories by)

Cast: Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Laura Lovelace

IMDB Rating: 8.9/10

The unpredictable stories of a well-dressed pair of low-level assassins, a double-crossing prizefighter, and a gangster’s statuesque moll become inextricably intertwined. This happens after Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, two small-time crooks, summon the courage to hold up their favourite L.A. diner as they face life’s cruel irony.

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are charged with collecting a glow-emitting leather briefcase belonging to their employer, the powerful criminal godfather, Marsellus, but wind up in a gory disaster. Things will soon come full circle for Jules and Vincent, as they will once again find themselves in the ideal dead-end situation, just where it all began: a friendly café. Is it true that reality differs from fiction?

150. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas, Philip Kaufman

Cast: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

 Raiders of the Lost Ark is a 1981 American action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on a story by George Lucas and Philip Kaufman. Dr. Indiana Jones, a renowned archaeologist and occult expert, is hired by the United States government to locate the ark of the covenant, which is thought to still contain the Ten Commandments.

Unfortunately, Hitler’s agents are also on the lookout for the ark. In a quest that takes them from Nepal to Cairo, Indy and his ex-flame Marion escape from various close calls.

151. Thanks for Everything (2019)

Thanks for Everything (2019)

Director: Louise Archambault

Writer: Isabelle Langlois

Cast: Aliocha Schneider, Gilbert Sicotte, Julie Perreaul

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Louise Archambault directed the comedy-drama film Thanks for Everything, released in 2019. Robin Aubert, Guy Nadon, Patrick Hivon, Jean-François Pichette, and Aliocha Schneider round out the cast.

Marianne and Christin travel to the Magdalen Islands to scatter their father’s ashes and flee their problems, unaware that they are carrying them with them literally and metaphorically. The film is a very interesting film to watch that goes through the relationship and life of the sisters.

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