Is 7Plus Not Working With VPN in USA? How to Fix it Easily! [2022 Guide]


Wondering why is your 7Plus not working with VPN in USA? It’s probably due to the blockage of your VPN app’s IP addresses by the streaming service. Now you must be asking yourself how do I get my 7Plus to work in USA? Settle in, and stop fretting over it as we have got you covered with some easy fixes to solve this issue.

Due to increasing copyright infringements, streaming services like 7Plus, are bound to abide by stringent licensing agreements. Consequently, users have to face geo-restrictions on online content. Premium VPNs have made it easier to circumvent these geo-restrictions with their trailblazing features. And when we talk about premium VPN services, ExpressVPN is a clear winner due to its incredible ability to bypass geo-blocks of streaming platforms.

7Plus is an online streaming platform based in Australia. It offers on-demand content, including popular TV shows like 9-1-1, Longmire, and The Mentalist and super hit movies like John Wick and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Moreover, it also provides access to live TV channels of the Seven Network, ranging from sports, news, current affairs, and kids’ content.

As stated earlier, to watch 7 Plus in USA, you need a premium VPN app. But what if you already have a VPN but still facing 7Plus streaming issues? We understand it’s frustrating but we are here to anchor your sinking ship.

So, next time before you ask why does 7Plus keep stopping, or why is 7Plus not working with VPN in USA, try our easy fixes!

How to Fix if 7plus Not Working with VPN? [Easy Fixes]

Does 7Plus work with a VPN? Absolutely yes! But you have to be careful with the choice of your VPN app. With ordinary VPNs, you will likely face 7Plus not working error. Here are easy fixes if you are encountering 7Plus streaming issues:

  1. Clear Cookie


Websites often ask users to accept or decline Cookies. Although these tiny browser files are designed to give you a smooth-running online experience, they save user data, including information about your current location.

If you have agreed to accept cookies on 7Plus, the streaming service can detect your location even if you are using a VPN app. And if your location is detected to be outside Australia, your access will be blocked. That might be one of the reasons behind 7Plus connect not working on your device. To solve this issue, start with clearing your Cookies.

  1. Switch to a new Australian server


If clearing your cookies hasn’t fixed the issue, there’s a possibility that your VPN IP address has been blocked by 7Plus. In that case, you should switch the Australian server to get a new IP address. VPNs offer thousands of IP addresses, and if one isn’t working with 7Plus there’s a possibility that another will work just fine.

  1. Upgrade your VPN app


If changing the servers also hasn’t worked out for you, that means all of your VPN’s IP addresses have been blacklisted by 7Plus. This normally happens if you are using a free and ordinary VPN app. Streaming services, including 7Plus, deploy extensive anti-VPN and location detection mechanisms to prevent users from getting access to their content through VPN apps.

The best and most trusted way to address 7Plus not working with VPN issues is to upgrade your VPN to a premium service like ExpressVPN. This top-rated VPN app has all the latest features to evade the geo-restrictions and anti-VPN technology of streaming services. For US$6.67 per month, not only you can unblock 7Plus but also other streaming services like Netflix Australia, Kayo, and 9NOW.

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Why has 7plus blocked my VPN?

The reason why 7Plus blocks VPN access is that it has to comply with licensing agreements and international distribution rights. 7Plus offers its content exclusively within Australia and to protect its lucrative streaming rights agreements, 7Plus blocks users outside its licensed territory (Australia).

Given the fact that VPNs are popular tools to bypass geo-restrictions, 7Plus has installed advanced anti-VPN systems to ward off VPN connections.

How does 7Plus block VPNs?

7Plus normally blocks VPNs with the help of these prevalent methods:

  • By detecting your location while scrutinizing your IP address.
  • By monitoring any possible WebRT, DNS, and IP leaks that can reveal that you are using a VPN app.
  • By collaborating with GeoIP Databases like IP Geolocation and Maxmind to distinguish IP addresses.

These effective and comprehensive techniques help 7Plus to block your VPN connections.

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Does 7plus Work with a VPN?

Yes! If your 7plus is not working and you are questioning yourself why can I not watch 7plus? Let us tell you that, it still works with a VPN. However, if your 7plus not working with VPN, you must ensure that you are using a premium VPN app like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, or NordVPN. These VPNs are loaded with the latest unblocking and encryption features and make it impossible for the streaming services like 7Plus to detect your location.

Moreover, these service providers keep updating their servers with new IP addresses, and even if 7Plus blocks their servers, you will get a new range of IP addresses and will never run short of options.

For guaranteed and unremitting access to 7Plus, we recommend ExpressVPN!

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7plus Not Working with VPN – FAQs

If your 7Plus app is unable to connect to its server there’s a possibility that it’s down for maintenance or some other reason. The only thing you can do in such a scenario is to wait.

Wrapping it Up!

If you are a content-hungry entertainment junkie with a 7Plus subscription currently living outside Australia, you must be using VPN to access your favorite films and TV shows. However, you might face the 7Plus not working with VPN in USA issue that you solve with our easy fixes.

Also if you have any questions like how do I get 7plus on my TV? We have answers for that as well! Check out our blog to find out more!

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