How to Watch Australian National Water Polo League 2022 in USA

Australian National Water Polo League is the premier domestic water polo league. 9Now streams all the competitions live and on demand. This year the competitions are held between 15 July and will continue until 10 December 2022. 9Now is geo-blocked, so fans are wondering how to watch Australian National Water Polo League 2022 in USA.

The League has been holding several competitions under the title Australian Water Polo League (AWL) every year since 1990. The 2022 competitions are held after two years of a break due to COVID-19.

9Now is the internet home of Channel 9’s entertainment, news, and sports content, as well as exclusive dramas and reality shows. It is free to stream in Australia, but due to licensing agreements and copyright issues, it is geo-blocked in USA. So, get a premium VPN to mask your IP address to circumvent the geo-blocks of 9Now.

Watch Australian National Water Polo League 2022 in USA – [Easy Steps]

Follow the given easy steps to watch Australian National Water Polo League 2022 in USA using a premium VPN service:

  • Sign up for a premium VPN (ExpressVPN is recommended).
  • Install the VPN app and log in with your credentials.
  • Connect to a server in Australia by selecting from the list of servers.
  • Visit 9Now to watch your favourite water polo match.

Where to watch Australian National Water Polo League 2022 in USA?

National Water Polo League 2022 matches are available exclusively on 9Now for Australian viewers. 9Now is the official online platform for all the content from 9 Network in Australia. Apart from that, 9Now has exclusive content of its own as well. To watch 9Now in USA, you need to get hold of an exclusive VPN service like ExpressVPN, which is fast, reliable and secure simultaneously.

What is the Schedule of the Australian National Water Polo League 2022?

There are several competitions scheduled in Australian National Water Polo League 2022. One of those events is the 17 & under boys’ competition. It is scheduled to be conducted from 29th September to 2nd October 2022. Following is its schedule:

Date Time White Cap Blue Cap
Round 1
29 September 8:00 AM NSW Blues Victoria Silver
29 September 9:10 AM WA Gold QLD Gold
29 September 10:20 AM NSW Waratahs WA Black
29 September 11:30 AM QLD Maroon ACT/TAS
Round 2
29 September 12:40 PM QLD Gold NSW Blues
29 September 1:50 PM Barbarians Blue Victoria Silver
29 September 3:00 PM ACT/TAS NSW Waratahs
29 September 4:10 PM South Australia WA Black
Round 3
30 September 8:00 AM South Australia ACT/TAS
30 September 9:10 AM NSW Waratahs QLD Maroon
30 September 10:20 AM Barbarians Blue QLD Gold
30 September 11:30 AM NSW Blues WA Gold
Round 4
30 September 12:40 PM WA Black QLD Maroon
30 September 1:50 PM South Australia NSW Waratahs
30 September 3:00 PM Victoria Silver WA Gold
30 September 4:10 PM Barbarians Blue NSW Blues
Round 5
1 October 10:00 AM QLD Maroon South Australia
1 October 10:00 AM WA Gold Barbarians Blue
1 October 11:10 AM ACT/TAS WA Black
1 October 11:10 AM QLD Gold Victoria Silver
No Schedule has been announced for Rounds 6 & 7 Yet.

When Australian National Water Polo League 2022 is happening?

Several competitions are being held under the umbrella of the National Water Polo League. The competitions started on 15 July 2022 and will continue until 10 December 2022. The events are organized by Australian Water Polo (AWP), a national governing body responsible for water polo in Australia.

What is the history of the Australian Water Polo League?

In 1885, forty years after the game’s inception, Mr William Henry of the Royal Life Saving Society of England standardized the Water Polo sport. The English Amateur Swimming Association established rules and recognized the game, which came under their authority immediately. In 1890, England and Scotland played their first international match in Kensington, England. Until the Olympic Federation included water polo, only a few countries competed.

Water Polo, which both men and women play, is the oldest team sport in the Olympic Games, debuting in Paris in 1900. In Australia, the sport is governed by Australian Water polo. For men, the sport was established in 1990, and for women, it was established in 2004 in Australia.

Which teams are taking part in Australian National Water Polo League?

Following is the list of teams that are taking part in the National Water Polo League 2022:

Adelaide Jets
UTS Balmain Tigers
Cronulla Sharks
Drummoyne Devils
Fremantle Mariners (Men only)
Fremantle Marlins (Women only)
Hunter Hurricanes
Sydney University Lions
UNSW Wests Killer Whales (Women only)
UNSW Wests Magpies (Men only)
UWA Torpedoes
Queensland Thunder

Who is the best Australian water polo player?

Bronwyn Smith (nee Mayer) is Australia’s best female water polo player. In 1992 she made her international debut and won a bronze medal for Australia the same year. Her most outstanding achievement was considered when the Australian national team debuted in the Sydney Olympics.

Gavin Woods is considered the best male Australian water polo player. He is one of the few players who has competed in four Olympic games. He has played 345 international games and was a captain in eight.

How can we get a Membership in the Australian National Water Polo League?

Water polo provides more than just a location to play sports. It enables players, coaches, officials, and volunteers to be active community members both in and out of the pool. Find a Club near you to join and participate in this fantastic sport by registering.

What are the Rules and Resolution for the Australian National Water Polo League 2022?

Australian National Water Polo follows the rules of the international water polo governing body, FINA.

Following are the basic rules of Water Polo:

The game begins with 6 field players and one goalkeeper. Teams of up to 15 players are permitted.
Field players can only use one hand to pass, catch, and shoot. Goalkeepers may utilize both hands.
When guarded, taking the ball underwater is a turnover.
The field must be at least 25 yards long, 20 yards broad, and 7 feet deep.
Players are not permitted to touch the ground or hang from the wall.
Games are divided into four quarters and last 45 minutes to an hour.
Each possession has a 30-second shot clock.
Minor fouls are common and result in a free pass. Minor fouls have no bounds.
A player may not return to the game after three major fouls (ejections).

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Australian National Water Polo League
  • Date : 2022-07-15@08:00:00 till 2022-09-10@11:00:00
  • Location : Australia, Sydney Markets NSW 2129 Australia, AU
  • Event Name : Water Polo Australia


Australia is the best country in the Australian Water Polo League.

The Australian Water Polo League is played in Brisbane, Queensland.

There are 12 teams in the Australian Water polo League..


Australian Water Polo League is the official premium water polo league in Australia. Water Polo is a popular sport that is part of the Olympics and is played and watched in over 100 countries worldwide. 9Now streams all the matches of the Australian Water Polo League.

It is geo-blocked and inaccessible to viewers outside Australia. To overcome this problem, get ExpressVPN, the best VPN to watch Australian National Water Polo League 2022 in USA.

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