How to Watch CMA Fest 2022 Outside USA


If you’re a diehard country music buff, CMA Fest 2022 coverage in August will be a special treat for you. ABC will cover the primetime special but will geo-block the access due to licensing issues. You can relax because this article will show you how to watch CMA Fest 2022 outside USA.

A VPN is necessary to bypass geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming platform. To learn how to use it, read this blog till the end:

Easy Steps – Watch CMA Fest 2022 Outside USA

Here’s a list of four steps that’ll enable you to enjoy all the coverage of CMA Fest 2022 from the comfort of wherever you reside:

  1. Get a subscription, download & install a top-drawer VPN. (We recommend ExpressVPN as the highest quality service you can hope for).
  2. Open up the service’s app & input your credentials.
  3. Connect to a local server in the US.
  4. Load the ABC app, find CMA Fest (once it’s available for streaming), and vibe with all the country music goodness from beginning to end!

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Will there be a CMA Fest in 2022?

Yes, CMA Fest will soon be available on ABC in August 2022. Primetime coverage of the show will consist of three hours of non-stop country music awesomeness. Filmed in June, the show will feature some of the best country music talent existing today.

What are the dates for CMA Fest 2022? – Schedule 2022

CMA Fest 2022 is scheduled as a primetime special on ABC on the 3rd of August. Every moment of the show captured in June will be shown on that date for fans to revel in. With around 80,000 folks in the crowd, the show’s coverage is bound to be loud and sensational!

What channel is CMA Fest 2022?

If you’re wondering how to watch CMA Fest 2022 on TV, the ABC cable channel will run the show as a primetime special. Labelled the summer’s best music event, the show will consist of incredible collaborations for three entire hours.

ABC’s app will allow fans to stream the show on August 3, with Hulu subscribers getting access the following day.

At What Time CMA Fest 2022 Start?

CMA Fest 2022 start time will be 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. Central Time). The show will continue for three hours on ABC on the 3rd of August. Country music’s elite superstars will feature in a string of can’t-miss collaborations during the show.

At What Time CMA Fest 2022 End?

Coverage of CMA Fest 2022 on ABC will likely end at 11 p.m. Eastern Time (10 p.m. Central Time). Although this ending time isn’t explicitly stated on the ABC website, the show’s duration is provided (three hours), hence our above estimate for when the show will conclude. All the coverage will be available on ABC.

How much are CMA tickets for 2022?

CMA tickets were sold for prices ranging from $98 to $623 in June 2022. The $98 price point was for single-day, general admission. 4-day general admission passes were sold at $307, while 4-day VIP passes went on sale for $623.

Can You Watch CMA Fest Live on ABC?

In early August, you can watch all of CMA Fest’s coverage recorded live in June 2022 on ABC. ABC subscribers can easily watch the whole duration of the show directly on their TV screens. They’ll also have a chance to stream the show on the ABC app.

What is CMA Fest about?

CMA Fest is a music festival that aims to celebrate the best country music talent. The top country musicians showcase their vocal abilities on stage during the CMA Fest. Some of these performances will likely be featured in future installments of CMA Best of Fest.

Who is hosting CMA 2022?

Elle King and Dierks Bentley will be hosting CMA 2022 when the show’s June 2022 recording will be aired on ABC in August. It will be the debut hosting duty for the pair. The two have previously recorded multiple duets together, starting in 2016.

Who is performing at CMA Fest 2022?

Several top country music names will be performing in the ABC coverage of CMA Fest 2022. Famous artists such as Carrie Underwood and Billy Ray Cyrus will make their mark on the show.

They’ll be joined by numerous other stars like Kane Brown, Parker McCollum, Luke Combs, Luke Bryan, Ashley McBryde, MacKenzie Porter, Lainey Wilson, and Cole Swindell.

What are Artist Performance, Exhibitor & Concessionaire Opportunities in CMA Fest 2022?

Artists, exhibitors, and concessionaires have opportunities to be featured in CMA, including in 2022. Singers can send in their submissions, with their applications evaluated by experts. Exhibitors can sell merchandise to fans during the festival, while concession stands offer fans tasty snacks.

What are Prohibited Items & Activities in CMA Fest 2022?

CMA Fest organizers (including those active in 2022) prohibit several items that endanger attendees.

The list includes stickers, adhesive decals, chairs, large cameras, balls (e.g., footballs), animals, chairs, drugs, skateboards, and many more obtrusive items. In addition, unauthorized food and merchandise distribution are disallowed.

You can go through the complete list here.

Is CMA Fest always in Nashville?

Yes, CMA Fest is always held in Nashville, though the venues within the city keep changing from time to time. The show has been active in Nashville since 1972 (it was called “Fun Fair” back then). Nashville, Tennessee, is home to Country Music Association (CMA)

Will the CMA Fest 2022 be televised?

Yes, CMA Fest 2022 will be televised on ABC in the first week of August. Fans will enjoy 30 unique collaborations and performances during the show.

Streaming via the ABC app and website will also be available to subscribers. However, fans outside the US will need a premium VPN to access the show, and ExpressVPN, with its top-notch security and blazing speeds, is the best choice.

Where is the Country Fest located in 2022?

Country Fest (another country music festival held annually) was held in Ohio in June 2022. The festival’s venue was Clay’s Resort Jellystone Park. The venue spreads over 500 acres and hosted about 25,000 people during the Country Fest.

Where is the CMA Fest 2022 happening?

CMA Fest 2022 happened in Nashville, Tennessee, in June 2022. The show took place over four days (June 9 through 12). Producers recorded the entire proceedings of the show, which will premiere on ABC in the first week of August. The show’s full three hours of coverage will also be available on the ABC app for streaming.

Do visitors have meet and greet opportunities in CMA Fest 2022?

Yes, visitors had a meet and greet opportunity in CMA Fest 2022 when it happened in June.

This opportunity only existed for four-day pass holders. Meet and greet took place on a first-come-first-serve basis. Fans could get pictures with their favorite musicians and take home some memorable autographs as well.

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CMA Fest 2022 started at 10 a.m. on June 9 at Nissan Stadium.

Some select concerts were free at CMA Fest 2022, though the big acts weren’t free.

Yes, CMA Fest 2022 was a family-friendly event.

Wrap Up

CMA 2022 coverage on ABC is a must-watch for country music fanatics everywhere. For non-US folks, ABC access will only be possible via a premium VPN.

And there’s no service better than ExpressVPN to ensure you can watch CMA Fest 2022 outside USA. The service offers the highest speeds and top-grade security and comes at an affordable price, especially with the heavily-discounted annual plan.

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