How to Fix CBC Gem not working with VPN in USA in 2023?


If you are looking for reasons for why CBC Gem does not work with VPN, this article is for you. The streaming service brims with eye-catching latest episodes such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The North Water, Heartland Season 16, and many more. However, accessing the channel can be challenging if you don’t live in Canada.

Because of regional restrictions, you are likely to run into errors such asThe full Gem experience is not available in USA.” Consequently, the errors can dampen your spirit to watch CBC Gem shows.

To unblock CBC Gem in USA, you need a VPN to get a Canadian IP address. Besides bypassing the geo-restrictions, the VPN services encrypt your data, making your browsing harder to monitor. If you encounter CBC Gem not working with VPN issues, try the easy fixes ahead.

How to Fix CBC Gem not working with VPN in USA? [Troubleshooting Tips]

If you are accessing CBC Gem from USA using a virtual private network (VPN), the VPN connection suddenly fails. Chances are, your VPN and its associated IP addresses have been disabled by the CBC. To restore your streaming, use the easy fixes below:

Switch Servers


Your VPN is incompatible with CBC Gem because the streaming service has identified and blocked the IP address your VPN provided. This does not imply that the CBC has blacklisted all IP addresses provided by your VPN.

By switching to a different Canadian server, your IP address will change. And if the CBC hasn’t blacklisted this IP, it will resolve the VPN compatibility issue with CBC Gem; hence you can watch CBC Gem movies effortlessly.

Clear Your Tracking Cookies


Clear your cookies and cache.

Cookies stored on your computer track and record your browsing information to make your time on the website more enjoyable. These files are usually not harmful, however, they may also keep your location info which can be detected by CBC.

CBC Gem employs some clever and cutting-edge methods to determine whether or not a user is accessing their site through a virtual private network (VPN). The screening of the cookies is another one of the methods.

The issue of CBC restricting VPN connections starts as soon as it is discovered that your cookies include addresses that are not in Canada. If you’re wondering, “why isn’t my CBC Gem stream working?” then cookies could be the cause.

Therefore, removing your cookies and clearing your cache is a good way to troubleshoot.

Restart Your Browser

The app’s crash is the most frequent cause of the CBC Gem not loading or operating correctly. The easiest place to start would be to restart both your web browser and your PC.

Sometimes this is all that’s needed to get everything operating perfectly again.

Enable Leak Protection

Although using a virtual private network (VPN) greatly improves your online privacy, there are still various instances in which your VPN can reveal your true online identity. A perfect example of what can cause an IP leak is a dropped or failed connection.

If you want to ensure that your VPN connection remains secure, look for one that has a kill switch. The switch will immediately disable your connection to the internet if it detects any change in either the state of your connection or your IP address.

A kill switch is a security device often included in a virtual private network (VPN) software. Its purpose is to stop any personally identifiable information from being exposed if the VPN connection is lost.

Using a kill switch accomplishes two fundamental goals:

  • Your actual IP address will not be revealed, protecting your privacy.
  • Prevent insecure data, such as data that is not encrypted, from being transferred.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) Kill Switch performs the function of a failsafe, protecting your anonymity even if your VPN connection drops out.

Switch Time Zones

Sites on the internet can read your device’s time and establish whether you are in a different time zone than your IP address indicates. Even if you are connected to the website over a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the website can still read the system time on your computer.

If you connect to a VPN server in Los Angeles while keeping the system clock set to the Thai Time zone, it will report your regional or local time and your system time differently. Both times are shown in the same location.

The gap between the time in your current location and the time in the system might determine whether you are in the right place. This time difference is a red flag to CBC, hence your streaming will be restricted. To overcome this, set your time zone to the VPN server’s time zone if you wish to view the time there.

Switch Devices

Reputable VPNs such as ExpressVPN are capable of supporting multiple connections at the same time. Additionally, they are compatible with various devices such as Windows, Linux, Android, and Firestick TVs. Switching to an alternate device can be helpful if the device connected to the VPN isn’t working.

Since you can not install CBC Gem on Roku in USA, using devices such as Android and iOS can be helpful. You can stream CBC on Roku via Sling and Hulu TV. Do check out our detailed guide on CBC Gem Cost before subscribing.

Get a Dedicated IP Address

One of the most significant benefits of having a dedicated IP address is that it is less likely that your IP address will be blacklisted. If you have a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP), you will be the only person using that IP address, in contrast to shared IP addresses, which have many users.

This directly impacts how websites respond to you as a visitor; using a dedicated IP address will not raise any red flags. Imagine using CBC with VPN that has a shared IP. You may not be alone. CBC will grow suspicious since many users use this common IP to access several CBC accounts.

The company will block access if they can’t locate you. Your CBC-shared IP will be blacklisted. Thus, that IP address will no longer allow content streaming. If you want to access it again, you’ll see a notification telling you to turn off your proxy.

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How Does CBC Gem Detect my VPN in USA?

CBC prevents users from connecting to VPNs by keeping an eye out for an unusually high number of connections flowing from the same IP address. In most cases, only a household of eight to ten devices will use the same IP address.

This presents a problem for virtual private networks (VPNs), which, to be financially successful, require a greater number of users than IP addresses. Free virtual private networks (VPNs) have more users than IP addresses, making it difficult for them to circumvent this issue.

Customers of a VPN are frequently required to share IP addresses as a result of the way the service is monetized.

When the CBC detects an abnormally high number of connections coming from the same IP address, it considers it VPN-generated and blocks the connection.

The result of this is a CBC VPN not working.

FAQs – CBC Gem not working with VPN in USA

Yes, it still works with a VPN, however, the CBC Gem VPN must be compatible with the streaming platform. To keep one step ahead of CBC’s VPN-banning procedures, you need a VPN with a wide range of IP addresses, dependable Canadian servers, and mechanisms in place.

Yes, you may subscribe to CBC channels in the USA by utilizing a Canada-based mode of payment in conjunction with a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

Because CBC is geo-restricted in USA, connecting to a Canadian server is the only option to enroll in its premium package.

Free VPNs seldom deliver. First, they usually have a few servers, perhaps none in Canada. Low monthly bandwidth limitations and sluggish connections make streaming difficult. Even if a VPN meets all of these requirements, it may need help to successfully bypass CBC’s geographic limitations.

CBC Gem not working with VPN is primarily caused by the CBC restricting VPNs to shield itself from copyright and licensing difficulties. This is because CBC is a Canadian streaming service with exclusive rights to broadcast its programming in Canada.

Final Thoughts

While the challenges with your CBC Gem might cause you to cancel CBC Gem subscription, do not rush into doing so. You can now resolve CBC Gem not working with the VPN issues with our fixes detailed above.

The type of VPN service you use is critical to your streaming experience on geo-restricted sites. We recommend ExpressVPN, which offers such secure IP addresses and services that unblock the full library of CBC Gem from anywhere in USA.

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