DirecTV Not Working With VPN: Use These Simple Fixes!

Does DirecTV work with VPN? Find the answer to this query in this guide. We have provided detailed information regarding the solution to DirecTV not working with VPN issues.

DirecTV is an American multichannel platform offering over 55000 on-demand movies and tv shows on the go. DirecTV stream price starting from $74.99/mo gives you access to  75+ live channels so you can always catch all of your favorite episodes.

If you don’t want to continue with the service, you can easily cancel the DirecTV stream anytime. Some best DirecTV movies and best DirecTV tv shows include The Children Act, Thesis on a Homicide, You Only Live Once, House of the Dragon, and The White Lotus, etc.

However, DirecTV outside the USA is geo-blocked for the people and can only be accessed with the use of a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, which will assign you a US IP address where DirecTV is accessible. But, if your DirecTV is not working, then there are some fixes that you need to know.

Why Is DirecTV not working with VPN? [Easy Fixes]

If your DirecTV is not working with a VPN, there may be some issues behind it which can be fixed through simple and easy solutions. Some of these fixes for DirecTV not working with VPN are given below:

  • Delete the cookies

After accessing a website or app online, you may find yourself being asked to accept cookies that make your experience better. Even if you don’t accept cookies, some websites may download them automatically, and thus, they would be stored on your browser.


Clear your cookies and cache.

The issue with these small files is that sometimes, they contain such information which discloses your location.

Now, DirecTV can access the location stored in the cookie and if a discrepancy between that location and the one you set with the VPN is found, it will immediately block your access. Then, even watching DirecTV with a VPN wouldn’t work.

Hence, a good place to start when trying to fix the issue of DirecTV not working with VPN is deleting all your cookies.

  • Switch to a different server

Try changing to a different server. It is very likely that if you suddenly run into the issue of DirecTV not working with VPN, the IP address you provided through your VPN may be blocked.


Switch to a new USA server like Washington or Chicago!

y changing the server, the VPN will provide you with a new IP address. If this IP address is not geo-blocked by DirecTV, then you will be able to stream DirecTV with the VPN again.

  • Lastly, try to upgrade to a better VPN

If you are still here, then chances are DirecTV has managed to block all the IP addresses that your VPN can provide! For one, you can wait and let your VPN install a new IP address that is not blocked by DirecTV and continue watching. But it may take a long time as IPs are expensive.

But clearly, your VPN is not effective enough to stay ahead of the blocks of DirecTV. We recommend that you use a highly reliable and trustable VPN, like ExpressVPN. This VPN has a great setup for unblocking even major platforms like DirecTV.

Why is my VPN restricted by DirecTV?

Due to copyright and licensing issues, DirecTV is a streaming platform that streams only in certain regions, including the US, Chile, Argentina, Barbados, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Curaçao, Trinidad, Tobago, and Uruguay.

If DirecTV allows access to streaming its services to people outside the mentioned countries, it could face some serious financial repercussions. However, since VPN is an effective way of streaming DirecTV outside these legitimate countries, it could lead to DirecTV being fined.

Therefore, DirecTV has a good system through which DirecTV blocks VPN you were using. DirecTV blocks VPNs, especially when the VPNs aren’t too good to mask your actual location.

How does DirecTV prevent VPN access?

DirecTV uses three main techniques through which it prevents VPN access:

  • The most common way is to do it through your IP address that the VPN can provide. Generally, VPN providers have a more significant number of customers than the IP addresses that they can provide. It means that more than one consumer can use the same IP address.
  • Usually, the case is that only some devices in the same household use the same IP address. But when DirecTV notices the hundreds and even thousands of connections, all coming from the same IP address, it figures out that it’s a VPN and blocks it.
  • DirecTV monitors DNS, IP, and WebRTC leaks that can tip off the services that you are using as a VPN.
  • Thirdly, in an effort to recognize the usage of VPN, DirecTV joins hands with GeoIP databases like Maxmind, which helps DirecTV to identify IP addresses. If your IP address is in one of these databases, it will block you.

FAQs – DirecTV not working with VPN

Yes, VPNs still function with DirecTV. If your DirecTV is not working with a VPN, you can carry out simple fixes mentioned above. These may help you stream DirecTV from anywhere around the globe with your VPN.

DirecTV may not be working due to poor internet connection or weak WiFi signals. You can make sure that you have the suggested internet speed to ensure a good streaming experience. You can improve the wifi speed by moving the router or WiFi gateway to a central location in your house.

Yes, NordVPN does work with the DirecTV Stream. You can simply sign up for it and subscribe to its plan to be able to access the services and stream DirecTV content.

Yes, ExpressVPN works with the DirecTV Stream. In fact, ExpressVPN is the best VPN you can use to stream DirecTV without facing the DirecTV not working with VPN issue. Subscribe to it and begin the enjoyment without any issues popping up to disturb you.

Wrap Up!

Well, that was all about DirecTV not working with VPN. DirecTV is, no doubt, an outstanding platform. It even offers its users the DirecTV free trial for all the packages it offers.

Since it is US-based, it is geo-blocked in many other regions due to copyright issues. So, if you reside in such an area, then a reliable VPN can help you out of the situation.

However, DirecTV systems can determine whether you use a VPN to access its services. If that’s what is happening to you. That’s why we have mentioned fixes above that can help you continue streaming DirecTV with a VPN.

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