DStv Subscription Price & Plans in USA [2022 Guide]


DStv started as a direct broadcast satellite service but later launched as an online streaming service, meaning you can watch DStv in USA with a VPN. This is the ultimate guide on DStv subscription price and plans.

DStv launched on October 6, 1995, and is currently only available in 54 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sadly, the streaming service is unavailable in any other region, including the USA, because of geo-restrictions. You need a VPN like ExpressVPN to access the streaming service in the United States.

A VPN server in a country like South Africa can help you watch DStv and even you can stream DStv movies and DStv TV shows in USA, which include House of the Dragon, Johnny vs. Amber, and Raised by Wolves.  DStv movies include The Hustle, Second Act, Die Another Day, Deadpool, etc.

DStv is popular because its sports coverage option features the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, and other sports events worldwide. You can also cancel DStv subscription at any time, but there’s no DStv free trial to test the service.

Read on to find out how much DStv costs in the US and the packages on offer.

What is the DStv Subscription Price [Plans and Packages]


Choose your package wisely as per your requirement.

Looking for the DStv subscription price? Here’s a table showing the DStv subscription price and plans for those living in the US:

DStv Package Price
Premium US$71
Compact Plus US$43
Compact US$24
Family US$13
Access US$9
EasyView US$2

The Premium package gives you the best of DStv with 170 channels with 40+ channels available in HD. The Compact Plus package is the best for entertainment and sports coverage with 155 channels with 30+ channels in HD.

Compact has 140+ channels with 25+ channels in HD and even offers complete coverage of the Premier League. The Family package has 110+ channels with 10+ channels in HD. Finally, DStv access offers 90+ channels with 10+ channels in HD.

What is Included in the DStv Premium Package?


Enjoy premium DStv features.

The DStv Premium package is the most expensive but provides access to most channels in standard and high definition.

Here’s what you get when you pay the full DStv subscription price:

  • Access to more than 170 channels with 40+ channels in HD.
  • All 6 SuperSport channels covering all sports events worldwide.
  • New blockbuster movies.
  • Additional movie pop-up channels.
  • Award-winning shows.
  • Showmax at no additional monthly cost.

There are a few channels you cannot find on any other DStv package. They are:

  • FliekNET – channel 149
  • SuperSport Rugby – channel 211
  • SuperSport Cricket – channel 212
  • M-Net Movies 1 – channel 104
  • Bloomberg – channel 411
  • SuperSport Maximo – channel 214
  • M-Net – channel 101
  • Golf – channel 213

What Channels are on DStv Compact Plus?


DStv Compact Plus is designed for entertainment at its best!

The Compact Plus DStv package offers 155+ channels with 30+ channels in HD. The channel is labeled as the best for entertainment for every mood, and the best thing about it is its incredible value.

This bundle has a lot of family-friendly content from TV networks, including a great selection to meet the needs of sports buffs.

Here’s a breakdown of what the DStv Compact Plus offers:

  • Football’s (soccer) best leagues with coverage of the UEFA Champions League, The English Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga.
  • The best in American sports with all NFL and NBA games.
  • All UFC Action on SuperSport Action.
  • Award-winning documentaries.
  • Great collection of shows and movies, including local content.

Here are some channels you can only find on DStv Compact Plus:

  • ESPN 2 – channel 219
  • SuperSport Variety – channel 206
  • Nick Jr – channel 307
  • Sky News – channel 402
  • Timeless Dizi – channel 123
  • The History – channel 186
  • SuperSport Action – 210
  • KykNet – channel 144
  • Comedy Central – channel 122

What to Watch on DStv Compact Package?


Get DStv compact package and let your kids watch their favorite cartoon characters!

The DStv Compact package offers non-stop entertainment at a pocket-friendly monthly rate. The package has 140 plus channels with 25+ channels available in HD format.

You can watch your favorite nature shows on Animal Planet and Nat-Geo if you’re an environment enthusiast. Here is what you get once you pay the DStv subscription price to the Compact package:

  • English Premier League football.
  • A channel dedicated to the WWE.
  • Great African content on local channels like Maisha Magic Plus.
  • Reality TV shows.
  • Kids’ education channels.
  • Local and international news coverage.

Here are the channels exclusive to the DStv Compact package:

  • HGTV – channel 177
  • BBC Brit – channel 120
  • Honey – channel 173
  • TV Record – channel 515
  • Disney – channel 303
  • Discovery ID – channel 171
  • SuperSport Variety 3 – channel 208
  • ITH – channel 114
  • Food Network – channel 175
  • MTV – channel 130
  • Telemundo – channel 504.

What Do You Get with DStv Access Package?


Get the DStv Access package and enjoy local shows designed for the whole family.

You will get access to 90+ channels and 10+ in HD on the DStv Access package. This package features select soccer matches, international and local movies, and kids’ shows. This package is the cheapest DStv plan and the one with the least content.

Here’s what you get on the DStv Access package:

  • Select Serie A, La Liga, and EPL soccer matches.
  • Sports Magazine shows.
  • Local content on Maisha Magic East.
  • Popular international and local films.
  • Local and international news coverage.
  • Exciting Kids’ shows.

The channel has a unique lineup of channels which include:

  • Telemundo – Channel 118
  • SuperSport Variety – channel 209
  • Spice TV – channel 190
  • Russia Today – channel 407
  • Africanews – channel 417
  • Sound City – channel 327
  • DStv – channel 100
  • Dumisa – channel 340

What Do You Get with DStv EasyView Package


Get an EasyView plan & start your entertainment journey with DStv

The Easy DStv package is another cheap option to subscribe to in the United States. It has 55+ channels, including radio stations.

Here’s what you get with an EasyView Package:

  • TNT Africa – channel 137
  • eTV Africa – channel 195
  • Real Time – channel 155
  • Blitz – channel 200
  • Jim Jam – channel 310
  • Mindset – channel 319
  • eToonz – channel 311
  • Faith – channel 341
  • CNBC Africa – channel 410

What Channels are in DStv Family Package?


DStv offers numerous family channels.

Want to watch the best family shows, movies, and documentaries on DStv? Subscribe to the DStv Family Package and get great content that suits your family’s entertainment needs.

Here’s what this DStv package offers:

  • The Europa League and all Serie-A and La Liga games.
  • Kids entertainment channels.
  • Lifestyle and music documentaries.
  • Original and popular TNT Africa films.

Here’s a breakdown of the channels on the DStv Family package:

  • M-Net Movies 4 – channel 100
  • Universal TV – channel 117
  • Discovery Family – channel 136
  • Africa Magic Epic – channel 152
  • CBS Reality – channel 132
  • Me – channel 115
  • Star Life – channel 167
  • Novela Magic – channel 165

What’s the Cheapest DStv Package in USA?

DStv EasyView package is the cheapest in the USA and is available for US$2 monthly or US$20 annually. It has the least number of available channels with only 55.

Along with these discounts, you can also get DStv on Firestick too.

How Can I Get DStv Discount in US?

You can get a DStv discount in the United States if you opt for a one-time 12 months payment. Here’s how to get the DStv discount in the US:

  1. Go to the South African version of DStv using a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Choose the DStv package you want to pay for.
  3. Select the View More option to save.
  4. Pick your preferred option and enjoy DStv online.

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DStv is worth paying for, especially if you’re a sports fan in the United States. The Premium and Compact Plus packages offer a wide variety of sports events and access to international blockbuster movies and hit shows.

DStv introduced a price hike in February 2022, which affected all packages. Premium is available for US$71, Compact Plus US$43, Compact US$24, Family US$13, and Access US$9. You can get DStv for US$2 per month if you choose the EasyView package.

The DStv Compact Package is available for US$24 a month. It has English Premier League football, a channel dedicated to WWE, reality TV shows, and a great lineup of kids’ channels.

The new DStv Lite service for R99 has 25 video channels, 10 music, and 32 radio channels.


DStv is one of the best direct satellite broadcast services and also has a streaming service making it accessible in the US with a VPN. The DStv subscription price in the US depends on the package you go for.

For example, you can get DStv Premium for US$71 per month or pay as little as US$2 on the EasyView package. Choose your preferred DStv package, pay the DStv price, and connect to a South African server on ExpressVPN to watch DStv in the US.

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