FOX Sports GO Not Working With VPN? [Easy Hacks for 2022]


Are you wondering “why Fox Sports GO not working with VPN”? It seems that the IP addresses for your VPN has been blocked. Switch your VPN with the premium VPN service provider and enjoy live streaming of Fox Sports GO outside US.

Fox Sports is currently the talk of the sports world. It features exceptional quality sports shows it provides, like football, soccer, baseball, running, auto racing, and others.

Enjoy the most recent sporting events, such as the World Baseball Classic 2023, Big East Basketball Tournament 2023, FIFA World Cup 2022, Daytona 500, Pennzoil 400, T20 World Cup 2022, Super Bowl LVII 2023, UFC fight night, and the Swedish Women’s Hockey League.

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Why FOX Sports GO doesn’t work with my VPN?

Fox Sports GO is a geo-restricted platform, to stream it outside the US a VPN is required. If you are using a blacklisted VPN, the IP detector will detect and block your streaming.

Popular VODs like Fox Sports GO, Netflix, Hulu, etc. have geo-barriers which can be bypassed by an efficient VPN. Many VPNs are still incompatible with these platforms. But ExpressVPN serves to be the best VPN for unblocking Fox Sports GO, so subscribe to it and enjoy streaming.

Why is FOX Sports GO not working with VPN? [Troubleshooting Tips]

Wondering why is Fox Sports GO not working 2022? If you are using a weak or a free VPN for Fox Sports GO your browsing will be cluttered with issues. Here we present to you the simple troubleshooting tips that will resolve your problem.

1-Delete cookies

Websites frequently prompt visitors to accept or reject cookies. Cookies assist the website in remembering information about your visit, and the browser might save your location to give you seamless online browsing.

Clearing your cookies is the first step in fixing this problem. Even if you are using a VPN app, Fox Sports GO can identify your location and restrict your access if it determines that you are outside the US. That could be one of the causes of Fox Sports GO not functioning properly on your device.


Clear your cookies and cache.

2-Switch to a new USA server

If deleting your cookies didn’t resolve the problem, Fox Sports GO might have restricted your VPN IP address. Obtain a new IP address by switching to the new US server.

Numerous IP addresses are available with VPNs, and ExpessVPN offers 24 efficient servers in the US. If one doesn’t function properly with Fox Sports GO, you can switch to servers like Los Angeles – 1,2,3,4,5, or New Jersey – 1.


Connect your device to another US server.

3-Uninstall and reinstall your VPN app

Investing in a high-quality and compatible VPN service will be a smart move. Don’t count a random or free VPN for a Fox Sports GO, as it may not surpass the geo-barrier. The best option is to access the web browser by subscribing to a premium, highly encrypted, and efficient VPN.

We recommend ExpressVPN as it gets through any VPN blockers and detectors put in place by websites like Netflix, Fox Sports GO, Hulu, etc.

ExpressVPN serves us with next-generation technology at just US$6.67/mo. Uninstall your old VPN and reinstall ExpressVPN to enjoy the FIFA cup with bufferless streaming.

How does FOX Sports GO detects my VPN?

The geo-restricted channels like Fox Sports GO, with the help of a detector, scan if a user’s IP address appears to be from a supported region; if not, they usually prohibit access.

You may, however, disguise your IP address by connecting to a premium VPN (ExpressVPN is the top choice). As the VPN tricks the sever and sets your location in the US thus letting you bypass the barriers.

FOX Sports GO not working with VPN – FAQs

If Fox Sports GO not working with a VPN, consider switching your existing VPN with a robust and efficient VPN. You can troubleshoot this problem, by switching to a different VPN server or deleting your browser’s cache.

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Fox Sports GO is an American streaming service only available to US residents. If you want to access Fox Sports GO outside the US, you can unblock its geo-barrier with the help of Smart DNS or Unlocator VPN.

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A good VPN is what you initially need to deceive Fox Sports GO’s location. ExpressVPN Fox Sports GO is a fantastic option because of its strong global network and a large number of servers inside and outside the US.

Follow the steps to change your location:

  • Subscribe and sign in to ExressVPN.
  • Select VPN location from the menu, then click All locations.
  • Select a US server location by consulting the support team, as ExpressVPN offers an obfuscation mode for US servers.
  • After completing the aforementioned steps, you can begin watching your favorite shows on Fox Sports GO.


A sports lover must not be left behind if you want to enjoy Fox Sports GO live streaming. Don’t let the VPN hold you back. With this guide, you are well equipped to resolve your Fox Sports GO not working with a VPN issue.

A free VPN for Fox Sports GO is not a trusted option, to enjoy safe surfing, subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which provides high encryption and prevents ISP throttling. Subscribe to the best VPN for Fox Sports Go and enjoy the world of sports 24/7.

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