FOX TV Price & Plans 2023 Outside USA: Everything You Need To Know!


Are you looking for the Fox TV price and plans outside USA? If so, you’ve found the right article. We will discuss everything you need to know about the Fox TV price and plans outside USA. But first, let’s highlight what Fox TV is and some of its content.

Fox TV is an American over-the-top streaming television platform owned by the Fox Corporation. The service lets users stream live and on-demand content free from various Fox channels in America. These include Fox News, Fox Sports, and FX.

Founded in 1996, Fox TV is available on multiple platforms, including web browsers, iOS, Android, Roku, and more. Some of the best Fox TV shows are The Masked Singer Season 9, 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4Next Level Chef Season 2, Snowfall Season 6,  Duncanville, and Housebroken. You can also watch Accused and The Big Leap.

However, Fox TV is a geo-restricted service that only works within the United States. To watch Fox TV outside USA, you’ll need a VPN. A premium VPN service like ExpressVPN spoofs your location and makes it appear like you’re accessing the service from within the states.

How Much is the FOX TV Price Outside USA?


Current subscription plans offered by FOX TV.

You can watch Fox TV for free on its basic plan, and then decide to pay the Fox channel price for a better experience. However, the Fox streaming service has other paid plans, which you must subscribe to enjoy more content and features.

How much is FOX TV price per month outside USA? The paid plan, Fox Nation, offers three membership options. These include:

Fox Nation monthly plan at US$5.99
Fox Nation Annual plan at US$64.99
Fox Nation’s two-year plan at US$99

The Fox Nation cost per month for the first month for new clients is $0.99, which enables them to enjoy content without ads, offline downloads, and a 7-day free trial to watch content.

The one-year plan also offers the same content, but you will get a 1-month off the regular pricing, plus a 7-day Fox TV Free Trial. The Silver Patriotic plan, which goes for two years, offers no ads and has offline downloads.

You can also watch Fox TV outside USA with other streaming platforms, including Sling TV, Hulu+Live TV, Tubi, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video, where you don’t pay the FOX TV Price. All these platforms offer varying free trials and prices.

The table below shows the monthly subscription prices for all these platforms:

Service Free Trial Period Subscription Cost
Sling TV Blue 20 Days US$35/month
Hulu + Live TV 30 Days US$6.99/month, US$69.99/year
Tubi Free Free
YouTube TV 7 Days US$64.99/month
Amazon Video 30 Days US$12.99/month

What is Included in Fox Nation Subscription?


FOX TV has a massive library of content for different genre lovers.

The content you can watch on Fox Nation depends on the platform you have subscribed to Fox TV with. The reason is that the service uses other platforms to offer its content.

So, if you subscribed to Fox TV with Sling TV, you might access different content than when you subscribed to Hulu. Below are what to watch on Fox TV via different platforms.

What to Watch FOX TV with Hulu+ Live TV Subscription?

Hulu TV is among the most popular live TV streaming services in America. It’s an excellent option for those who want to watch Fox TV without cable. Hulu +Live TV costs US$6.99/month or US$69.99/year. This subscription allows you to access live TV channels and 10,000 titles on demand.

Some of the best titles you can watch on Fox TV via Hulu+ Live include the X-Files, Empire, Firefly, Wayward Pines, Arrested Development, 24, and The House. Ensure that your subscription is active to catch up with all these great titles.

What to Watch FOX TV with Sling TV Subscription?

You can watch Fox TV with a Sling TV blue subscription in various US markets. The platform has only one monthly plan, which costs US$35/month. However, the coverage is limited compared to other platforms such as Hulu and YouTube TV.

You can still watch top Fox titles, including The Simpsons, MasterChef, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Other channels you can enjoy with a Sling TV subscription are CNN, AMC, Fox Sports 1, NBCSN, HGTV, and NFL Network.

The only challenge is that the platform doesn’t have a coverage map. You will need to find out if Sling TV is in your area before subscribing to the platform.

What to Watch FOX TV With YouTube TV Subscription?

Youtube is also one of the platforms you can use to watch Fox TV without cable. The platform has only one monthly plan that costs US$64.99/month. It’s an excellent option for those who want to enjoy an extensive channel lineup and top-notch cloud DVR.

With YouTube TV, you will enjoy unlimited hours of live TV, including top channels such as AMC, BBC America, Bravo, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, Nickelodeon, and MSNBC.

You will also access top Fox TV titles, including Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 and Alert: Missing Persons Unit. Ensure your YouTube TV subscription is active to catch up with all these great titles.

What to Watch FOX TV with Amazon Prime Video Subscription?

Amazon Prime Video is another excellent option you can use to watch Fox TV movies and shows. The platform has a vast collection of titles, including top TV shows such as Modern Family, Bob’s Burgers, and Hell’s Kitchen.

To watch Fox TV on Amazon Prime Video, you will need to have an active Prime Video subscription. The monthly subscription costs US$12.99, enabling you to watch all Prime Video titles and live TV channels like Fox TV.

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you can watch Fox TV at no additional cost. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for all new Prime Video subscribers.

The above methods prove that you can easily get Fox Now without TV providers etc.

Watch What Else is Worth Watching on Fox TV in 2023?

Here are some of the best and most popular content to view on Fox TV in May 2023


Fox Nation has three subscription plans to choose from. The monthly plan goes for US$5.99; the Annual Plan costs US$64.99, and the two-year plan costs US$99. You must sign up for a Fox subscription and choose a plan depending on your budget and preferences.

With each plan, you get a 7-day free trial. Sign up for the one-year plan, and you’ll receive an additional month free.

There is no Fox TV app price because it’s free of charge, and you don’t need to pay anything to download or use it.

However, some content on the app, such as certain TV shows and movies, may be behind a paywall. To watch this content, you’ll need to subscribe to a Fox-affiliated service, such as Fox Nation or Hulu.


The above guide has explained the FOX TV Price and its subscription plans in detail. As you can see, the Fox Now subscription is free of charge, and you only need to pay for a subscription if you want to watch certain content on the app. You can also watch other popular content such as Beat Shazam Season 6, Animal Control, and many more with the help of ExpressVPN.

The monthly subscription for Fox Nation is US$5.99, while the annual subscription costs US$64.99. You can also choose the two-year plan, which costs US$99. However, you’ll need a premium VPN subscription like ExpressVPN to watch FOX TV content outside USA!

You can also watch Fox TV shows and movies on Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video. However, you’ll need to have an active subscription for these services. Ensure to follow this FOX TV Price guide carefully to get started!

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