Hotstar Price in USA: How Much You Need to Pay?


Do you want to know the Hotstar Price in USA? If so, this article has your back. Hotstar is one of the best streaming services that offers Indian content, including movies, TV shows, and sports content. In addition, users can also enjoy live and on-demand content from India and other countries, including the UK and the USA.

Currently, the app has over 50,000 titles, meaning you will not run out of options with your subscription. Some of the content you will enjoy with Hotstar include the Indian Premier League, and ICC Worldcup, among others.

Recently, the Hotstar app merged with Disney Bundle so now you can enjoy more content on Hotstar in the USA. At the same time, Hotstar sports content merged with ESPN+.

The new bundle allows you to enjoy Hotstar movies and TV shows on Disney+ and sports on ESPN+. To enjoy all these, you need to subscribe to the Disney Bundle, which also has Hulu. Let’s get to the details.

How Much Does Hotstar Price in USA? [Quick Guide]


Hotstar offers three different plans, pick one that suits you the best.

Here is an overview of the Hotstar plans and their prices:
The Hotstar Plans Price
Disney+ Hotstar Super US$11.33/year (INR 899/Year)
Disney+ Hotstar Premium (Monthly) US$3.77 (INR 299/mo)
Disney+ Hotstar Premium (Annual) US$18.89/year (INR 1499/year)

Here is an overview of the bundles you can get through Disney+ Hotstar in USA:

Bundle Name Price
ESPN+ Monthly Subscription US$6.99/mo
ESPN+ Annual Subscription US$69.99/year
Disney Bundle with Hulu (With Ads) US$13.99/mo
Disney Bundle with Hulu (No Ads) US$19.99/mo

If you want to enjoy any of the mentioned plans, you can subscribe to it and enjoy the Hotstar free trial before fully subscribing to the service. Of course, this is only applicable if you’re a new subscriber.

How Much Hotstar Price in USA with Disney Bundle?

The Hotstar price in USA with Disney bundle varies with the plan you have subscribed to. The Disney Bundle with Hulu Ad-Supported costs $13.99 monthly, while the Disney Bundle with Hulu Ads-free costs $19.99 monthly. You can also subscribe to Disney Plus annual subscription, which costs $79.99.

How Much is ESPN+ with Disney+ Hotstar in USA?

There are two ways you can pay and enjoy ESPN Plus. You can subscribe to ESPN+ monthly for $6.99 or to its yearly plan for $69.99, where you will enjoy a 15% discount on the total cost. Another way is to choose the Disney plus bundle, where you can enjoy Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for a discounted price of $13.99 per month.

How Much Does Hulu Cost?


You can pick from different Disney+ Hotstar bundles.

You can enjoy Hulu at the cost of US$13.99/mo (With Ads), US$19.99/mo (No-Ads), and the entire Hulu plan for US$72.99/mo which also gives you access to Live TV along with Disney+ Hotstar and ESPN+

Disney Bundle Upgrade Offer for Subscribed Users

If you have an existing Disney Plus or are an ESPN+ subscriber, you can upgrade to the Disney Bundle with Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu without canceling your current subscription. You only need to sign up and upgrade, and the company will adjust the payments on your account. If you want to cancel hotstar subscription here is a guide for it.

This upgrade will not affect your existing promotions. The Disney bundle currently costs $13.99/month, and you will enjoy all the content Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu offer at a discounted cost.

What is the Cost to Watch Indian Hotstar from USA?

Even though Hotstar discontinued in USA; the good news is the cost to watch Disney+ Hotstar from USA is the same as the one Indians pay. The price is broken down in three different plans; Super Disney+ Hotstar for US$11.54/yr (INR 899/yr), Premium Disney+ Hotstar for US$19.25/yr (INR 1499/yr), and Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for US$6.41/yr (INR 499/yr).

You can enjoy all that Indian content on Hotstar, even when residing in the USA by using a VPN service. A VPN service will geo-locate you to India and make you appear in India using the Indian servers.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs because of its stability and features. Its best features include a more robust data connection, seamless performance, and ultra-fast servers worldwide.

If you want to use a VPN to access Indian Hotstar in US, follow these steps.

  • Visit the ExpressVPN website and subscribe to it.
  • Download and launch the app and sign in using your account credentials.
  • Connect to an Indian server from the list of servers provided by ExpressVPN.
  • Visit the Hotstar website or launch the Hotstar app.
  • Sign up or log in.

With a VPN, you can enjoy a lower Hotstar price in USA. You can subscribe to the ExpressVPN 12-month plan and pay $6.67 per month. When you add it to the $19 Hotstar subscription cost, you will pay only $25.67 per month, which is way cheaper than when you use other expensive means to access Hotstar.

There is a guide if you want to have Hotstar free trial

Hotstar Price in USA-FAQs

Yes, the Select Hotstar content is part of the Disney bundle along with ESPN+ and Hulu which means you can enjoy the Hotstar entertainment on Disney Plus while enjoying the sports content on ESPN+. You only need to subscribe to the Disney+ bundle, which costs $13.99/month.

You can use ExpressVPN to geo-locate yourself to India and access the Indian Hotstar at no extra cost. A VPN changes your location virtually and makes it appear as if you are in India. You will need to know how to watch Hotstar in US. This way, you can access the Indian Hotstar for free.

Disney+ Hotstar in USA is definitely worth it because it offers a wide range of great Indian and US content like the latest movies, original shows, popular movies, etc.


Hotstar is an excellent streaming service for Indian content. This article has explained in detail the Hotstar Price in USA, how you can bundle it with Disney+ and how you can use a VPN to get it at a much lower price. A VPN helps you geo-locate to India and access the Indian Hotstar at no extra cost and makes your internet connection safer.

You can follow these details to get the best Hotstar USA prices and enjoy the exciting discounts. Ensure that you have a reliable and fast internet connection for an uninterrupted experience.

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