How to Watch Canal+ Outside France Live Online [2020]

How to Watch Canal+ Outside France Live Online [2020]

Want to catch the latest Le Grand Journal, Ligue 1, or Cannes Festival? Canal+ is the place to go! The channel is mostly free to watch but you can also subscribe and watch additional channels.

Canal+ consists of three more channels, namely C8, Infosport+, and CNews. However, the problem is that Canal+ is only available in France. But don’t worry I will teach you how to watch Canal+ outside France anywhere in the world.

So if you’re outside France for a business or leisure trip, this workaround will help you watch your favorite shows or live sports.

To live stream Canal+ outside France you need a VPN service, and that’s pretty much it. Whether you’re in UK, USA, Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, or anywhere else a VPN is the most simple and solid solution to live stream Canal+.

If you try to access the channel outside France or without using a VPN, you will receive the following error message:

“Erreur. Impossible d’accéder au contenu, veuillez vérifier votre connexion Internet.”

Canal+ Outside France Error

How to Watch Canal+ Outside France with VPN?

Accessing a region-blocked channel, streaming platform or website is pretty simple. You don’t have to get involved in complex settings or anything like that.

 Follow these steps to live stream Canal+ from outside France:

  1. Sign in to your VPN service (We recommend PureVPN).
  2. From the list of countries, select France and connect.
  3. Now Sing-in to myCanal a/c and start watching Canal Plus Outside France.

canal+ working with VPN

Here you can see how easily we have unblocked Canal+ from abroad and seamlessly watching a show as well.

Unblock Canal+ with PureVPN Now...!Our Top Recommendation for France

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Canal+

Companies geo-restrict their content since they have permitting agreements with broadcasters all over the world. This is done to secure the copyright owner’s property.

A service like PureVPN is the solution to unblock blocked websites and streaming sites. It basically replaces your IP Address with the country’s IP address that you need to connect to.

In our case, we require Canal+ to recognize us as if we’re in France. A VPN does this for us and therefore, you’ll be able to access restricted sites from anywhere. You can watch HBO MAX, Fox, ABC, Stan, AdultSwim, and French channels as well like TF1 , Eurosport and 6Play.

The best part about a VPN is that it gives total secrecy to your online activities, protecting you from potential dangers and also your ISP from abating down your internet.

Best VPNs to Stream Canal+ France

Here we have listed our recommended servers after testing almost a dozen services.

PureVPN: #1 Best Canal+ VPN with Highest Server Count

Offers 40+ French servers and overall 2000+ servers in 140+ countries to access popular geo-streaming services. PureVPN has a dedicated streaming dashboard which makes it a perfect choice for streamers. PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based provider with state of the art technologies.

Surfshark: Best low-cost VPN to live stream Canal+ Tv

This relatively new service offers 4 dedicated French servers for streaming to unblock Canal+ and other French channels. It is strong enough to give you a smooth streaming experience and cheap enough to not put a hole in your pocket. It has optimized streaming servers that guarantee seamless streaming. Moreover, it offers 1700+ servers in 63 countries.

ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN to unblock Canal+ outside France

ExpressVPN offers 3 fastest French servers to watch Canal+ and over 3000 servers in 90+ locations to unblock almost every geo-restricted streaming service. ExpressVPN is extremely famous, in fact, synonymous with speed, the service has been in the industry for a very long time. It is a bit expensive but well worth the price.

Can I Use Free VPN to Watch Canal+ outside France?

Free VPN services don’t have any incentive to provide you quality service, after all, they need to make money as well. Research has shown that many free VPN services do not encrypt your data in the first place.

Another problem with free VPN services is that they often fail in unblocking websites and the most dangerous thing that can happen is that they may log your data and sell it to advertisers or even use malware and put you in a position where you might have to pay ransom to unblock your device.

Top Shows, Sports and Series on Canal+

From the latest in entertainment to the sporting events, Canal+ offers vast variety of content to its viewers.

Canal+ Programming

Wrapping Up!

Canal+ offers amazing shows, live sports, movies, and a lot of other entertainment content for free, and if that’s not enough you can subscribe to the platform and get even more channels.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a VPN and unblock foreign channels and watch them from the ease of your couch.

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