How to Watch CBS Outside US | Stream CBS All Access Live

How to Watch CBS Outside US | Stream CBS All Access Live

Yes, you can watch CBS outside USA by masking your IP address. The easiest way to do that is by using a VPN service.

Whether you want to catch up on CBS classics or Binge-Watch shows like Star Trek Discovery, we have put together a list of best VPNs for streaming shows on CBS from abroad.

  1. SurfsharK VPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN

What is CBS?

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network that operates under CBS Corporation.

The network also runs CBS All Access, which is the online streaming platform that binge-watching enthusiasts love.

The problem is, this streaming service can only be accessed if you live in the US.  If you want to watch CBS All Access Outside US, from anywhere else in the world, you’ll need a VPN service that offers US IP.

watch CBS all access

Note: CBS is not a free service. Therefore, in order to access CBS outside US with a VPN, you’d still need  a subscription. 

Why VPN is Needed to Watch CBS Outside USA?

The majority of the American networks and streaming services are Geo-restricted.

If you try to connect to CBS from another country, you will receive the following error message:

cbs error fix

Good news: you can bypass CBS all access outside US using a VPN.

You just need to follow a couple of steps to set up a VPN on your device.

How to Watch CBS Outside USA With a VPN?

There are a few steps that you need to follow to unblock CBS outside the US with a VPN:

  • Select a VPN service that provides streaming-optimized US servers (Surfshark is best for this!).
  • Go to the official VPN website that you have selected to unblock CBS.
  • Hit the ‘Get Surfshark‘ button.
  • Choose the most suitable payment plans for you
  • Enter the necessary information required for you to sign up, including your email address and mode of payment.
  • Download the Surfshark VPN app, install , and then launch it.
  • Find the list of the servers and select recommended US servers and connect.
  • Enjoy your favorite TV shows on CBS without a problem.

Here you can watch the tutorial to follow the steps:

Best VPNs to Unblock CBS All Access Anywhere:

There are various VPN service providers that offer hassle-free unblocking of the geo-restricted content. However, only a few CBS VPNs work best for streaming outside the US. Some of these exceptional quality VPNs include:

All you need to do is to install one of these VPNs on your device and get access to your desired web-content CBS. Some of the great features of these VPNs are discussed below:


Following are the major features why Surfshark is one of the top-rated VPNs to unblock CBS All Access:

  • Surfshark DNS leak protection keeps your identity hidden while you surf CBS.
  • Go into Surfshark camouflage mode to stay anonymous
  • Surfshark keeps you away from the reach of your ISP by encrypting your network with industry-leading grade AES-256-GCM encryption.


The exceptional features of NordVPN enable you to unblock CBS All Access outside US include:

  • Nord VPN enables you to access 5700+ servers to easily watch region-blocked content from a variety of entertainment services from all across the world.
  • You can connect to over 60 countries using NordVPN.
  • You can easily hide your IP address, location, and identity by connecting to one of the United State servers offered by NordVPN.
  • It offers DNS Leak Protection  to stay anonymous while surfing CBS.


Below mentioned are the features of ExpressVPN to unblock CBS outside the US:

  • ExpressVPN has smart DNS to conceal the users’ information from the internet service provider.
  • With ExpressVPN you can easily overcome American censorship imposed on CBS. This VPN uses specially designed stealth servers for this purpose.
  • You get the freedom to stream with more than 3000+ servers available.
  • Connect to over 95 locations with ExpressVPN.
  • You can unblock CBS over a variety of devices.
  • ExpressVPN has a user-friendly application which makes it compatible with a variety of devices.

Which Devices CBS Works On?

You can watch CBS All Access outside us on a wide variety of platforms and devices including:

  • iPad
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • iPhone
  • Xbox One
  • Android
  • PS4
  • Chromecast
  • Windows 10
  • Roku

Other streaming services that can be unblocked with VPN

It’s not just CBS that can be unblocked with a VPN. There is a variety of popular geo-blocked streaming services that you can unblock using VPN. These services are Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Sky Go, Crackle, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, NFL Game pass, CNN Go, ABC and many more.

All of these services impose geo-restrictions which is why direct access isn’t currently possible on these platforms.

On CBS, some of the most popular TV shows that you can watch are: The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Criminal Minds, FBI, Young Sheldon, CSI, Star Trek Discovery and many more.


Can I stream CBS in Canada?

You can stream CBS in Canada using a VPN. Due to the geographical restrictions imposed by American authorities; you cannot gain direct access in Canada.

Can you watch CBS in the UK?

Viewers in UK cannot access CBS for the same reason that Canadians cannot watch it in CBS: geographical restrictions. Nonetheless, you can still watch your desired CBS shows with the help of a VPN.

Is CBS All Access available in Australia?

No, the American streaming services are not officially available in Australia. However, you can still access CBS content by setting up a VPN on your device before connecting to CBS All Access.

Can I watch CBS all access outside the US?

Yes, you can watch CBS outside the US. All you need is a VPN. This will change your IP address and make you appear to be accessing the CBS platform from within the US, thus receiving access.

Does CBS All Access work internationally?

Yes, you can watch CBS All Access overseas but you need to set up VPN on your preferred device to do so. However, you need CBS subscription to access it.     

Does CBS All Access work with VPN?

Yes, CBS All Access works everywhere with a VPN.

Is CBS All Access free?

CBS is not a free service. However, in 2019, it’s offering its users 3 months of free trial access on subscription.