How to Watch Eurosport in USA or Anywhere [2020] Easy Steps

How to Watch Eurosport in USA or Anywhere [2020] Easy Steps

A sports enthusiast looking for Eurosports in the USA or anywhere else? Don’t worry I will guide you on how to watch Eurosport in USA or anywhere else. You no longer have to miss out on your favorite sporting events, watch them live on Eurosport no matter where you are!

Watching Eurosports abroad is not a big feat, so don’t worry and follow the steps I tell you. First of all, you will need a VPN service like Surfshark that can unblock and enable you to watch Eurosport in the US.

If you try  to access the channel without a VPN, you will receive the following message:

 “We’re sorry, this video cannot be streamed in your country.”

Eurosport Geo Restriction Error

How to Watch Eurosports in the USA using VPN

Follow these 5 easy steps to unblock and stream Eurosports anywhere in the states with a VPN:

  1. Sign in to your VPN service (We recommend Surfshark).
  2. Download and Install the service on your device.
  3. From the list of countries select UK server.
  4. Login to your Eurosport account or sign up, if you don’t have one.
  5. Enjoy watching Eurosport in USA or anywhere else.
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With a VPN you can see how easily we have unblocked Eurosports in the US:

Eurosport in USA working

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Eurosport in USA

A VPN is also known as a Virtual Private Network replaces your IP with the country’s where you want to connect. This makes systems at the back end of the website recognize you as an authorized visitor. Resulting in not geo-blocking you. This gives you access to various geo-restricted channels and streaming platforms. You can easily watch foreign content which is not available in your country.

You may be wondering why is content geo-restricted, the simple answer to this is that it is to safeguard the copyright owners. They have licensing agreements with various broadcasters across the globe and geo-restriction is implemented to protect those.

Having a VPN is very beneficial as it opens the doors or entertainment for you as well as safeguards your online activities. With a VPN like Surfshark, you can easily watch channels such as BBC iPlayerCBCCNBCHBO MaxStan and so much more! Along with that, you can also access American Netflix globally.

Our Recommended VPN services

1. Surfshark: #1 Best Pocket-Friendly VPN to stream Eurosport

Surfshark is one of those services that offer the most bang for the buck! Offers 6 dedicated UK servers but that doesn’t mean there is any compromise on speed or quality.

The service is relatively new but stands parallel to any well-established player in terms of performance. Currently, Surfshark has over 1700 servers in 63+ countries and this list is increasing every week!

2. PureVPN: Highest server count for watching Eurosport

PureVPN is one of the most powerful and technologically smart VPN service, offering 168+ UK servers. This means you will never have to face disconnection or slow speeds! In total It offers dedicated servers for streaming, which means you can also access other geo-restricted channels from anywhere with its 2000+ servers in 140+ countries.

It even has its dedicated streaming dashboard and excellent customer support. And still, if you’re not satisfied, it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN to watch Eurosport outside the UK.

ExpressVPN doesn’t really need an introduction, it’s one of the industry’s most credible and best performing service. It is incredibly famous for its fast speeds so you can watch Eurosport in USA

It offers 5 servers in the UK, while in total It offers 3000+ servers in 90+ countries which makes it huge! It’s a bit expensive but considering the performance, it’s well worth it!

Top Sports and Live Events on Eurosport

sports on eurosports

  1. Bundesliga
  2. DFB-Pokal
  3. Frauen-Bundesliga
  4. Premier League
  5. FA Cup
  6. FA Community Shield
  7. Coupe de France
  8. Supercopa de España
  9. Primeira Liga
  10. Eliteserien
  11. Allsvenskan
  12. Superettan
  13. UEFA Nations League
  14. UEFA Europa League
  15. UEFA Women’s Champions League
  16. Copa América
  17. Africa Cup of Nations

Along with these sports, Eurosports is home to Motorsport, Football, Basketball, Tennis and many other sports.

Wrapping Up!

With a VPN like Surfshark or the others mentioned above, you can totally watch Eurosports in USA or any part of the world. It is highly advisable to get a VPN so you can enjoy foreign content and other streaming services, get your VPN today!