How To Watch TVB Online Outside Hong Kong in 2020 [Updated]

How To Watch TVB Online Outside Hong Kong in 2020 [Updated]

Are you having trouble to access TVB online streaming as you are residing outside Hong Kong? Well this happens because of content Geo-restrictions. But with the use of a VPN, you can still access your favorite shows and movies including Wonder Woman outside Hong Kong from anywhere in the world.

In this blog, I will tell you easy steps to stream TVB online from anywhere in the world. So without any further delay let’s get started:

What is TVB Online?

Best Answer: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is an online Hong Kong-based streaming service. It offers five free TV channels to watch in Hong Kong, with TVB Jade as its main Cantonese language service, and TVB Pearl as its main English service.

You can watch your favorite shows and movies like Wonder Women, Own Sweet Home, Think Big X BigBig KIDS, Come Home Love: Lo and Behold and more via TVB online website or IOS and Android app.

What’s the catch? You can only access TVB online if you are in Hong Kong. Therefore when you try to access the content outside Hong Kong, The following Geo-restriction error will appear on your screen:

“此服務不適用於你目前所在地區。註: myTV SUPER 只供香港境內使用。(This service is not available in your current region. Note: myTV SUPER is for Hong Kong use only.)”

However, you can still stream TVB online outside Hong Kong with the use of a right VPN service. How? follow the mentioned below steps and start watching your favorite show or movie on TVB in your country:

How to Watch TVB Live Online Outside Hong Kong

Follow these steps to watch TVB online streaming anywhere outside Hong Kong:

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN that offers servers in Hong Kong (We highly recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Open VPN app and log-in with your username and password.
  3. Now connect to a Hong Kong server from the list.
  4. Now stream TVB online overseas and enjoy watching your favorite content.

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watch TVB online

Why TVB Online Bans Users Who Access the Service Outside Hong Kong?

To increase profitability and content distribution agreements, streaming services like TVB imposes content geo-restrictions on international users.

In this way, TVB charges extra amount by offering them “Pay TV” online services and apps to stream their content in other countries outside Hong Kong.

Even TVB streaming service forced Australian Internet Service Providers to ban the access of Aussies to free TVB sites and only allows them to access their content through the Pay TV websites and apps.

But this doesn’t make any sense if you already have a TVB subscription and pay an additional amount just because you are residing outside Hong Kong.

However, a VPN service can solve this issue, just like using WhatsApp, accessing TVB online outside Hong Kong from anywhere without paying an extra amount is quite easy.

Why Will You Need a VPN to Access TVB Online From Anywhere?

TVB uses an IP tracking system to block the access of international users who try to access their content, which is only available in Hong Kong.

And since your internet connection contains your local IP address so when you try to access TVB online outside Hong Kong, the service tracks your local IP and immediately blocks you if you are residing outside Hong Kong.

This is where a right VPN service can change your local IP with Hong Kong IP address. This will trick the TVB service that you are residing in Hong Kong and allows you to access the service from anywhere in the world.

Note: Not all VPNs have the capability to by-pass content geo-restrictions. Some of them are good for unblocking and some good for online privacy. However, there are some who have both unblocking capabilities and maintain your online privacy at the same time that I already mentioned below as the best TVB VPNs to watch outside Hong Kong.

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Can I Watch TVB Online Outside Hong Kong With a Free VPN

No. Free VPN services might be attractive but I won’t recommend it to you because of the following reasons:

First, most of these free VPN providers offer limited numbers of servers that are already blocked by TVB service. This means they can’t bypass geo-restriction to unblock TVB in your country.

Second, surprisingly if any one of these free VPN providers allow you to access the content, there is a high probability of facing issues like buffering and poor quality video because of the limited number of servers and a large number of users.

Third, according to recent studies,  almost 40% of free VPN services contained malware, 84% were vulnerable to IPv6 leaks, and 18% used no encryption whatsoever.

This is why I always recommend using premium and trusted VPN services like ExpressVPN to watch Geo-blocked streaming services like TVB online.

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Channels to Unblock on TVB outside Hong Kong

Here is the list of channels you can enjoy on TVB live streaming online outside Hong Kong with the help of a VPN:

  • TVB Classic Movies
  • Mainland New Channel
  • TVB Live Shows
  • TVB News
  • Pheonix Hong Kong Channel
  • TVB Radio
  • TVB Xing He
  • Pheonix InfoNews Channel
  • TVB Jade International
  • TVB Pearl

For full list click on this link.

What TV Series can I watch on TVB? Unblock TVB HK Drama

Best TVB Dramas

Here is the list best TV series to watch on TVB Anywhere:

  • Wonder Women (多功能老婆)
  • The Greed of Man (大时代)
  • Square Pegs (戆夫成龙)
  • A Step into the Past (寻秦记)
  • A Pillow Case of Mystery (施公奇案)
  • Witness to a Prosecution (洗冤录)
  • Forensic Heroes (法證先鋒)
  • Revelation of the Last Hero (风之刀)
  • The Four (少年四大名捕)
  • Love Is Beautiful (无头东宫)


You can watch TVB in the US online by changing your US IP with Hong Kong IP address via using trusted VPN service like ExpressVPN.

You can watch TVB drama free on TVB online official website in Hong Kong. However, if you are residing outside Hong Kong, you will require ExpressVPN software to access it because of content geo-restrictions.

You can watch on TVB dramas online on TVB official website, iOS and Android app and also on Sling TV.

You can watch TVB online by visiting its official website or app (Available on iOS/Android). However, you need to create an account before start streaming your favorite content on TVB.

You can watch all your favorite Hong Kong drama series on TVB online website.

You can watch your favorite Hong Kong drama online on multiple apps including: aDrama, iQIYI, and encoreTVB.

You can watch TVB overseas with the help of a VPN that offers servers in Hong Kong. To do so: first, download and subscribe to a VPN (As of now, ExpressVPN is the best working VPN to watch TVB abroad). Now open the TVB app and log-in with your account credentials. Then connect to Hong Kong server from the list. Now head to TVB website or app > log-in to your account and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this blog, you get all answers regarding how to watch TVB online outside Hong Kong from anywhere. Or you might already start watching your favorite TVB drama by subscribing to one of the recommended VPNs and steps mentioned above.

Although, if you still have any questions to ask, you can ask me by posting on our Reddit community or by mentioning your comment below. Happy binging!

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