How to Watch Mediaset Play in USA [Updated 2022]


Are you wondering “how do I watch Mediaset Infinity in USA? You need a Mediaset subscription and a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to resolve your issue. In this article, we have put together a quick tutorial that will assist you to watch Mediaset Play in USA with the help of a safe VPN.

If you are browsing for the best Italian TV shows and movie titles, Mediaset is the go-to. You can tune-in to Mediaset and find out a sizable range of TV dramas, movies, Mediaset sports and other miscellaneous digital content.

You can binge-watch Black Mirror (2011), starring Anthony Mackie on Mediaset. A show depicting the adverse effects of advanced technology that causes destruction against the will of their makers. Mediaset also offers popular British shows such as Peaky Blinders (2013) starring Cilian Murphy that depicts the Birmingham based gangsters and their illicit activities.

Mediaset is geo-restricted to Italy, and to get Mediaset Play in USA you will need a secure and fast VPN. A VPN spoofs your real IP address into an Italian, this way you can easily watch Mediaset in USA.

How to Watch Mediaset Play in USA? [Quick Steps]

Here is the only way to stream and watch Mediaset Play in USA:

  • Pick a secure VPN. ExpressVPN is a superb choice.
  • Download ExpressVPN app.
  • Open ExpressVPN app and log-in using your log-in and password.
  • Go to the VPN locations and connect to Italian server. (We recommended Cosenza server).
  • Visit the Mediaset website or download Mediaset Play Android app.
  • Open the Mediaset app on your device
  • Login Mediaset Play pre existing ID or you can sign-up for a new one.
  • Once done, you are all set to enjoy watching Mediaset Play in USA.

Note: In order for you to watch Mediaset Play in USA you will need to sign-up for an account. Learn how to sign up on Mediaset in this article ahead.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Mediaset Play in USA?

If you play a TV show, say, Corleone on Mediaset Play in USA without a VPN connection in your device, your device will continually buffer without streaming. You’ll see the following error:

“For you live abroad with an Italian heart.”


Mediaset is geo-restricted in USA!

Since there is no Mediaset USA. The American binge watchers that are willing to stream Mediaset Play have to deal with geo-restriction. This is because of digital content creator’s straight-forward content distribution terms and conditions that limit Mediaset Play to stream or broadcast outside of Italy.

A good VPN like ExpressVPN establishes a fast and secured connection through Mediaset Play’s geo-restricted security. That way you are able to easily stream.

You can use a VPN to not only stream geo-blocked streaming services but also keep your internet browsing safe.

This software’s zero-logs policy makes your internet surfing leak proof while its military-grade encryption has made it a favorite among privacy-conscious users. The kill switch will prevent sensitive information from leaking.

Since VPNs protect users from ISP throttling and DoS attacks, they are an excellent choice for accessing foreign streaming sites. They ensure the safety and confidentiality of torrent network users.

How to sign up Mediaset Play in USA?

We have designed these quick steps for you to sign-up and get Mediaset Play in USA:

  • Pick a solid VPN. You can subscribe to ExpressVPN.


    Subscribe to ExpressVPN

  • Download ExpressVPN’s application on the device you want to stream Media Stream Play in.
  • Open ExpressVPN application and log-in using your username and password.


    Sign into ExpressVPN.

  • Go to VPN locations and connect to an Italian server. (We highly recommended server of Cosenza – Italy).


    Connect to an Italian server.

  • Go to Mediaset Play’s official website and sign-up for an account or login Mediaset Play using any social media account.


    Login with any social media option.

  • Now you can watch Mediaset Play in USA!

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Mediaset Play in USA?

To find out the best Mediaset Play VPN to stream Mediaset Play anywhere in USA was a difficult job. We sampled a total of 50 VPNs and short-listed them to our top three picks. Best three Mediaset VPNs are: ExpressVPN, Surfshark and NordVPN, and here is why.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Mediaset Play in USA

ExpressVPN is one of the finest VPNs to get Mediaset Play in USA. During the speed test, ExpressVPN delivered an impressive speed of about 89.78 Mbps download and 82.22 Mbps upload speed.

ExpressVPN is running a total of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, including Italy. These servers allowed us to access Mediaset in USA as seen below:


Recommended servers: Cosenza and Milan (Italy).

It provides amazing speed results of 89.78 Mbps on 100 Mbps line as seen in the screenshot below. This speed resulted in 110 millisecond latency in our streaming experience of Mediaset Italia.


ExpressVPN offers fast speeds for streaming in 4K

While trying to stream Mediaset Italia, please avoid the Potenza (Italy) server because of connectivity issues.

ExpressVPN’s AES-256 bit encryption type encapsulates your data whilst streaming Mediaset Play on ExpressVPN so that your data is impossible to be decoded.

ExpressVPN is offering an immaculate SmartDNS or MediaStreamer feature to its customers that are trying to stream geo-restricted digital channels on SmartTV and video-game consoles. In case ExpressVPN’s connection drops on your device. ExpressVPN enables the network lock on your IP to latch your geo-restricted connectivity, for sure.

The VPN can also watch Globosat Play, nice and easy. You can also sign-up for ExpressVPN to watch Brown Sugar.

One ExpressVPN subscription can protect up to 5 connections simultaneously. Without a doubt, ExpressVPN is your Mediaset Play VPN. ExpressVPN service is available for all of these devices, namely: PC, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, SmartTV, Apple TV, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox.

ExpressVPN is well-optimized for all of the following OS: Windows, Android and iOS. If you have any queries about connectivity or logs policy, you can consult ExpressVPN’s competent customer care to answer your questions, directly.

Get the best offer of ExpressVPN’s 2 year subscription plan for US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan). If you are still having troubles using ExpressVPN for your geo-restricted streaming crusades, you can get a refund within 30 days of subscription.


  • Wider compatibility
  • Solid IP leak protection
  • Remarkably faster than Surfshark
  • Can unlock numerous geo-restricted websites (including BBC iPlayer)
  • Lower latencies



  • Pricier than regular VPNs
  • Linux app requires maintenance
  • UI requires maintenance


2.Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN to Unblock Mediaset Play in USA

Surfshark is pocket-friendly VPN ready to unblock Mediaset Play in USA for only US$2.49/mo (83% Off on 2 Years Plan). Surfshark has a large network of 3200+ servers in more than 65+ countries, including Italy, designed to deliver privacy, speed and permeability in geo-restricted services.

It enabled us to unblock Mediaset Play in USA using Surfshark’s Italian server:


Recommend server: Cosenza (Italy) server.

We wanted to see if Surfshark gave us the run for our money. We tested out Surfshark’s speed and came back with the results. For our 100 Mbps connection, it provided 88.14 Mbps download and 83.72 Mbps upload speed. This resulted in 98 millisecond latency in Mediaset it.


Surfshark speed test was mind-blowing!

Please, avoid the Potenza (Italy) server because of slow speeds and connectivity issues.

Surfshark’s amazing AES-256 bit encryption makes it impossible for hackers to chip in to your device.

The VPN can help you unblock and watch Great American Family channel, or if you are in the mood for some fashion television, Surfshark will make it so you can get Galavísión to work, nice and easy.

When you are streaming for Mediaset Play in USA via Surfshark, just make sure to connect to the fastest Italian server.

You can set up Surfshark on all of these devices, namely: iPhone, iPad, Raspberry Pi, Mac-book, Smart TV and Smartphones, respectively. Surfshark is well optimized for all of these OS, namely: Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. It provides unlimited connections at a time.

Surfshark’s 24/7 on-the-line customer care is always available to resolve your VPN issues on time. You can try out Surfshark for a 7 day free trial. Are you facing issues whilst streaming on Surfshark? Get a refund of your Surfshark subscription and stop worrying!


  • Can block pop-ups and viruses
  • Unblocks the most highly geo-restricted platforms
  • Uncensored internet surfing
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Multi-hop feature enabled



  • There is no dedicated IP for browser add-on
  • Lack of fast servers
  • Linux client needs maintenance
  • Sluggish OpenVPN support


3. NordVPN – Largest Servers Network VPN to Stream Mediaset Play in USA

NordVPN is one the largest server network VPN to stream Mediaset Play in USA. It has a coverage of 5310+ servers in 59+ countries, including Italy. Ready to unblock Mediaset Play in USA, check the screenshot below:


Recommended server: Milan (Italy).

After setting up NordVPN on our device. We opted for a bunch of speed tests. On average, we were getting 86.39 Mbps download and an upload speed of 82.86 Mbps on our 100 Mbps internet connection. This made up for 110 (ms) latency.


NordVPN speed test results

Please, avoid the Potenza (Italy) server due to sluggish speeds and connectivity problems while streaming Mediaset Italia online.

With NordVPN you can also unblock UP TV, watch VIKI or stream Rakuten.

NordVPN is available for all of these devices, namely: Raspberry Pi, Mac-book, Smartphone, Smart TV, iPhone and iPad. NordVPN is well optimized for all the following OS, namely: Android, iOS, Linux and Mac OS.

NordVPN will protect up to 6 of your devices simultaneously.

NordVPN’s AES 256 GCM encryption, powered by a 4096-bit memory interface, protects your data wherever you stream. The VPN does not compromise on the customer care department. It has set-up an excellent customer care service for binge watchers of Mediaset Italia online.

NordVPN is all priced at US$3.29/mo (Save 60% on 2-year plan).

If you are already a NordVPN subscriber and wish to discontinue you can get a refund within 30 days of your subscription purchase or renewal.


  • Secured dark web surfing
  • Secures 6 devices simultaneously
  • Absolutely No-logs
  • 5500 servers in 60 countries



  • In-efficiently bypasses Chinese geo-restriction
  • Pricier
  • Windows app needs maintenance
  • Lack of router support


Watch Mediaset Play with NordVPNLargest Server Network

What to Watch on Mediaset Play in USA?

Mediaset Play offers an expansive range of libraries of best shows on Mediaset Play and best films on Mediaset Play. Mediaset Play covers movies and shows in numerous genres, such as: action, drama, dystopian movies and a lot more exclusive content only on Mediaset Infinity.

What are the best movies playing on Mediaset Play?

You can watch all of these best films on Mediaset Play:

  • Last Year at Marienbad (1961)
  • Le vie del Signore sono finite (1987)
  • Who Killed Pasolini? (1995)
  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011)
  • A Serious Man (2009)
  • Man Of The Year (2006)
  • Puerto Escondido (1992)
  • The Nice Guys (2016)
  • The Front Page (1974)
  • Bicycle Thieves (1948)

Are there any good shows on Mediaset Play?

Here are some of the best shows on Mediaset Play:

  • Grande Fratello VIP (2016)
  • Premeregio Cinque (2008)
  • Amici Di Maria De Fillipi (2001)
  • Sacrificio de amor (2017)
  • Lejos de ti (2020)
  • All Together Now (2019)
  • Dominica Cinque (2009)
  • Avanti un altro! (2011)
  • Stasera Italia (2018)
  • Le lene (1997)

Which Devices are Compatible with Mediaset Play in USA in 2022?

You can stream Mediaset in all of the following devices, namely:

  • Desktop (PC)
  • Raspberry Pi (PC)
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple’s TV
  • Smart TV
  • Tablets
  • Smartphone
  • Amazon Fire Stick

How to Watch Mediaset Play in USA on Android?

Here is how you can watch Mediaset Play in USA on your Android device:

  • Select the best Mediaset Play VPN service from our suggested list. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has the fastest servers in the world.
  • Download and install ExpressVPN app on your Android device. This may take a while.
  • Open ExpressVPN app and login using your login and password.
  • Connect to the ExpressVPN server in Italy. (Recommended server: Cosenza – Italy).
  • Create a new Google ID while you are connected to the Italian server.
  • Download and install Mediaset Play Android app.
  • Open the Mediaset Play app.
  • Log-in or sign-up using your Facebook account.
  • Enjoy watching Mediaset Italia in USA on your Android device.

How to Watch Mediaset Play in USA on iOS?

Here is how you can watch Mediaset Play in USA on your iOS device:

  • Choose Mediaset Play VPN. You can get ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install ExpressVPN app on your iOS device. This may take a while.
  • Open ExpressVPN app on your device and login using your login and password.
  • Connect to an ExpressVPN server in Italy. (Suggested server: Cosenza, Italy).
  • Sign-out of your current Apple ID and create a new one using Italian postal code (preferably, of Rome)
  • Download and install Mediaset Play iOS app (IPA) on your Apple iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the Mediaset Play iOS app.
  • Log-in or sign-up using your Facebook account.
  • Enjoy watching Mediaset it in USA on your iOS device.

FAQs -Mediaset Play in USA

It is completely legal to watch Mediaset Play in USA with a VPN. No country has banned the usage of Virtual Private Network apps.

You are not recommended to use a free VPN to watch Mediaset Play. Developers at Mediaset Play stay updated to the latest dodgy free VPNs so that they can block these VPNs from accessing their geo-restricted services.

Besides, a free VPN is likely to breach a user’s data. Go for a safer route and purchase an authentic VPN (i.e: ExpressVPN) to watch Mediaset Italia online.

Mediaset is a free streaming platform to watch authentic Italian soap operas, TV shows and movies. It is limited to Italian audiences. Canadian binge watchers that are willing to watch Mediaset Play outside Italy will need a VPN to get past the geo-restricted security.

A VPN like ExpressVPN will get you past it.

Wrapping it Up!

Although Mediaset Play is a free streaming service, it is geo-restricted to Italian audiences. To bypass Mediaset’s geo-restriction in USA you need a VPN.

A good VPN (i.e: ExpressVPN) will not only establish a fast connection with Mediaset but will also ensure privacy in streaming Mediaset play in USA.

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