How to Watch Resistiré Outside USA on MTV

Watch Resistiré Outside USA on MTV

With its wild and unique concept, viewers all around the world enjoyed the show during its television broadcast on MTV back in April last year. As the show is to be available for online streaming on MTV which is a US based platform streaming will be limited to the US because of the geographical restrictions imposed on its streaming by licensing agreements.

So, if you want to watch Resistiré outside USA on MTV then you will have to take some additional steps to do so. You can work your way around the above mentioned geographical restrictions by using a VPN, which can be done by simply following the quick ad easy guide mentioned further ahead in the article.

Watch Resistiré Outside USA on MTV – Quick Steps

To watch Resistiré outside USA on MTV you should follow the simple instructions listed below:

  1.     Download and install a VPN application on your mobile or PC that is well optimized for streaming use, like ExpressVPN which is especially recommended for this use case.
  2.     Sign up to create an account and then subscribe to one of the annual or monthly plans offered that you prefer.
  3.     Set up the VPN to connect t a server that is located in the US and gives you the fastest possible connection available.
  4.     Now just open the browser of your choice and watch Resistiré outside USA on MTV site without any further delay.
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Where Can I Watch Resistiré Outside USA?

You can watch Resistiré on the MTV website and mobile application as MTV holds the streaming rights to it, however, if you are outside the US, you will need to use a VPN to access the show. Additionally, if you have a cable subscription, you can tune in on UniMas’s television broadcast of Resistiré as well.

What was Resistiré 2022 Release Date?

The second season of Resistiré began its airing on the 21st of March 2022 and had its final episode aired on the 20th of April 2022. The show will once again be airing on TV and be up for online streaming on UniMas TV channel and streaming app on the 7th of February 2023.

What is Resistiré About?

In this reality show, the group of participants is placed on a mountain with nothing but their clothes on and half a million dollars on the line. The goal of the participants is to survive till the end of the show without the basic necessities of life or sacrifices some of their cash for the luxuries they desire to survive.

The participant will be divided into two teams, blue and orange, which will compete against each other in the multiple physical challenges they come across during the courses of the show.

Resistiré Cast? Who will be in Resistiré?

The partcipants for Resistiré season 1 is as follows:

Season 1 Mario Sepúlveda Sebastián Ramírez
Teresa Kuster Isaac Torres
Federico Farrell Jessica Pires
Aída Nizar Keyla Caputo
Ariel Levy Luis “Sargento” Sánchez
Manelyk González Ignacia Michelson
Clovis Nienow Francisca Undurraga
Laura Prieto Gabriel Martina
Margot Corvalán Zuleidy Aguilar
Boris Sá nchez Alexandra Monsalve
Felipe “Fritanga” Urra Cass Zamorano
Alexander Caniggia Charlotte Caniggia
Sara Pimentel Rodrigo “Dino” Inostroza
Eleazar Gómez Carolina “Krespita” Rodríguez
Erick “Ji-Hu” Sánchez

Resistiré 2022 Recap

In the second season of Resistiré, the orange team was made of Fernando Lozado, Samira Jalil, Guty Carrera, Alba Zepeda, Brenda Zambrano,  Miss Mickey, Robbies, Mora, Osiris Orozco, and Julio Camejo. The blue team had Chile, Yann Martín, Elizabeth, Kimberly Shantal, Emilio Betancourt, Susana Rentería and Diosa Quenzal. The season was won by Fernando and had Guty and Amira as the runner ups.

Who are the Contestants of Resistiré 2022?

The cast for Resistiré 2022 is as follows

Season 2 Fernando Lozada Guty Carrera
Samira Jalil Eduardo “Chile” Miranda
Osiris Orozco Yann Martín
Alba Zepeda Elizabeth Varela
Kimberly Shantal Brenda Zambrano
Miss Mickey Emilio Betancourt
Susana Rentería Robbie Mora
Osiris Orozco Julio Camejo
Diosa Quenzal

How many episodes are there in Resistiré?

The first season had a total of 95 episodes and the second season had a total of only 20 episodes of 60 minutes runtime each.

Is there a Resistiré Trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer for Resistiré uploaded on the MTVLA YouTube channel which you can watch by clicking on the following link.

What Else is Worth Watching On MTV?

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Resistiré  Outside USA on MTV?

ExpressVPN has a network of more than 105 countries, with over 3,000+ servers. Through tests and analysis, on a 100 MB connection, ExpressVPN can deliver speeds up to 89 MB download and 55mb upload.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Resistiré  Outside USA on MTV


ExpressVPN has a multitude of handful features built right into it, like a built in speed test utility, one click kill switch, slit tunneling capability, a clean and simple UI, and many more. With ExpressVPN’s Media Streamer, you can even stream content on devices that natively do not support the use of a VPN like smart TVs, Linux distro based devices, and other lower end or older devices.

With connection capabilities like these, you can easily stream your favorite shows from virtually any point in the world. Furthermore, as no upper limit on the bandwidth speed of data transferred is placed by ExpressVPN, you can use your internet connection to its full potential.

Among economically priced plans like ExpressVPN’s monthly and 6 month plan, their most popular one is their annual subscription plan which costs only US$6.67/mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free and is bundled with 3 months of free services. Furthermore, all plans offered by ExpressVPN come with a free trial period of 30 days and a full money back guarantee if you decide not to continue with the VPN within the specified period.

ExpressVPN places great priority on customer security and privacy and to ensure this, they use 256 bit encryption technology, lightway protocol,  a no knowledge DNS, and a strict no logging policy. These features are guaranteed to keep your online activity private and away from any sort of interference or external influence, all while keeping your IP address private and anonymous.

Allowing you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on a single subscription makes it extremely cost effective and simple to manage your VPN application across the multiple devices you own. Additionally, ExpressVPN has its application available on all platforms like Windows, IOS,  Mac OS, Android, browsers, and game consoles as well.

Furthermore, besides Resistiré, through ExpressVPN you can also watch other regionally restricted shows like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 6MTV Cribs Season 19Siesta Key Season 5 and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15The Real Friends of WeHo, Are You The One Season 9 and Ex on the Beach Couples, and may more.

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The second season of Resistiré, also known as MTV I Will Resist 2022 was won by Fernando Lozada. Fernando Lozada was part of the Mexican adaptation of the American reality show Jersey Shor, called Acapulco Shore.

The Spanish reality show, Resistiré 2022 was filmed in Calera de Tango, Maipo Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Republic of Chile.

The exact amount that Fernando Lozado earned from the reality show, Resistiré is unknown, but as he is the winner of the show, he most likely had the largest income among the participants.


Hopefully, after reading through the article, most of your questions regarding Resistiré have been answered. Now you know that using a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN you can watch Resistiré outside USA on MTV as it is a very easy way of getting by the geographical restrictions without any hassle.

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