Now TV Not Working With VPN? [Easy Hacks for 2022]


You are here because your subscription on Now TV not working with VPN. You must be curious, why Now TV not working with VPN?” Well, it is most probably because your VPN is black-listed. Don’t worry! A premium VPN like ExpressVPN will provide instant access!

Now TV is a UK based OTT streaming service that offers amazing movies, satellite dish content online and live streaming on a set-top box. It comprises 11 channels, including Cartoon Network and Gold.

You can sign-up to Now TV to access fan-favourite programs, such as Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and the newest episodes of Wednesday

To watch Now TV in the US, you will need a VPN provider with UK servers and amazing security features. ExpressVPN should do the trick and help you get access.

Why is Now TV not working with VPN? [Quick Guide]

You must be wondering Why is Now TV not working 2022? Well, When you are trying to stream its channels, your device freezes to the geo-block error. In other words, Now TV not working with VPN.

This is because these streaming platforms are critical of copyright agreements with third-parties and marketing agencies. However, we have diagnosed this error before. Here are some fixes you can try-out.

Delete cookies


Clear your cookies and cache.

Cookies store user meta-data. This includes your IP address and user logs. Websites and streaming platforms use cookies to detect your online presence and possibly your IPv4 address.

To delete cookies, clear your browser’s cache and delete any stored cookies from the browser’s settings. Once that is done, you can get back on Now TV, that ought to do the trick.

Switch to a different UK server

If you are still curious “Why is Now TV not working 2022?”, perhaps your VPN IP has been detected by WebRTC on Now TV’s client-server. This is one of the most common mishaps in the VPN industry.

Is your Now TV VPN access restricted? You can switch to a different UK server with secure tunnelling enabled. We recommended ExpressVPN’s Docklands server.

Change Protocol

VPN protocols determine the rate at which you are connected to the client-server. Make sure that you are connected to Now TV with a fast and secured protocol like PPTP, WireGuard, Light-way protocol.

In order to change the protocol on ExpressVPN, open the ExpressVPN app. Now select ‘Preferences’ from the menu bar at the top of the screen. From there, select ‘Protocol’ and then choose the protocol that you would like to use.

Finally, click ‘OK’ to save changes and your protocol will now be changed. Take note that some protocols may not be available in certain countries. If so, ExpressVPN will let you know and suggest an alternate protocol.

Change encryption

VPN’s encryption type is responsible for protecting your online identity and sensitive data. Make sure that your VPN uses a symmetric key to convert your plain-text data into ciphers with a 4096-bit DH key.

To change the encryption on ExpressVPN, go to the Security section in the Settings menu and select the desired encryption protocol.

Change Time zone

Sometimes online-platform’s last hope to estimate your geographic location is through your device timezone. You can change your timezone to make it look like you are viewing from the UK.

Reinstall the VPN app

You can reinstall the VPN app on your device, perhaps even switch devices with the same VPN to watch Now TV live streaming. This happens due to a lack of developer support.

Contact customer-care

You can contact the customer care of your VPN via live chat on the VPN’s official forum. They will solve your issue. Actually, it is recommended to go for a VPN that has in-house representatives as customer care agents.

How to fix Now TV not working with VPN?

If you are wondering ‘what VPN works with Now TV?’, we got you covered. All you need is a VPN that fits the criteria. You need a VPN plug-in that can:

  • Devise an IP address that is not in the GeoIP’s database.
  • Can periodically create and change your IP address to evade blacklisting. This is a rare feature for even premium VPNs in the market.
  • Has dedicated servers for various activities. This means, it does not overcrowd the same servers with users for miscellaneous activities. This saves you a lot of time to connect to Now TV.
  • Has a strong encryption standard, kill-switch feature and most importantly, it does not leak your IP address and DNS of websites you view.
Watch Now TV with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Why Now TV blocks my VPNs?

Now TV has strict licensing agreements with PCCW, ABC and numerous media regulatory agencies that limit the airing of its channel line-up to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italian TV houses outside the UK. This is why it blocks your VPNs.

It is a pay-to-watch OTT satellite TV service owned by Sky. Now TV uses deep-packet inspection, WebRTC, Geo IP databases and the notorious DNS leaks to block VPN viewers. When you try to stream Now TV without a VPN, you get the error message that reads:

“It looks like you’re on our UK site. You won’t be able to sign up and purchase content from your location.”


Now TV is geo-restricted due to copyrights.

Now TV and BBC iPlayer are careful of piracy and agency costs that come along in producing the most demanded shows. This results in geo-restriction and Now TV not working with VPN. There is no free VPN for Now TV.

Can I use Now TV with a VPN? Yes and to watch Now TV’s live and pre-recorded programs without raising alarms, you will need a VPN that is designed to break through their geo-block unnoticed.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Now TV. It has extensive platform support and in-house built light way protocol for $6.67 (GBP5.39)/month, only.

Now TV not Working with VPN – FAQs

The reason Now TV is not working with your VPN is that it is blacklisted and can not devise a dedicated server or an IP address when you need it the most.

If your current VPN does not play any of the 17 Now TV channels anymore, you can switch to a more robust VPN with a private DNS feature.

So what VPN works with Now TV? ExpressVPN is the CNet-certified VPN that creates truly dedicated IP addresses for users to stream the most popular UK digital platforms including Britbox and Now TV.

Yes, Now TV does work with a VPN. We always recommend ExpressVPN because it has great features that will always unblock the channels for you.

To get a VPN to work on Now TV. You need to buy a robust VPN. Here is how to fix Now TV not working with VPN issue:

  • Buy ExpressVPN‘s subscription.
  • Install the ExpressVPN app.
  • Log-in and connect to the UK server (Recommended: Docklands).
  • Go to the Now TV to get a subscription plan.
  • Download Now TV app.
  • Sign-in and enjoy your vacation.

If you have come across ExpressVPN not working with Now TV, it is because the server that you are using is blacklisted by Now TV. Consider switching to another UK server to solve ExpressVPN not working with Now TV (Recommended: Docklands).


So, Now TV not working with VPN? Now TV is geo-restricted and it likes to keep things that way. But you can get around that by using a robust VPN that overcomes the site’s geo-block and solves Now TV app not working with VPN issues.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Now TV, based in the British Virgin Islands. It comes with an array of encrypted and secured features designed to unblock CBBC, BBC iPlayer and all 17 channels of Now TV from anywhere.

You can get an ExpressVPN Now TV plan and watch your favourite sports programming from the US on Now TV, nice and easy.

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