Best Shows on Rai TV That You Should Definitely Watch

If you’re a beginner at learning the Italian language, your best bet is to visit the country; spend some time and get acquainted with the language. However, of course that’s not doable for everyone so the next best thing is watching Italian TV shows.

The TV shows will help you pick and learn words that you can then form into sentences; which will make your Italian better bit by bit everyday.

Can’t find the right Italian TV shows? We recommend heading over to Rai TV to watch these shows. We’ve gone through the trouble of listing down the best shows on Rai TV that will help improve your language and keep you engaged (you won’t feel like stopping).

The only hiccup you’ll face is the geo-restrictions placed by the streaming platform since it’s only available in Italy for now. Now, you’re probably wondering how can I access the channel? Well, the simple answer is you can access Rai TV in US with a VPN!

Without further ado, let’s get right to the list of the 12 best Italian TV shows for new learners!

The Classic: Il Commissario Montalbano

Il commissario Montalbano

If you are new to Italian TV shows, you should definitely start with Il Commissario Montalbano. This show has been around for many years and it’s a classic Italian TV show.

The show follows the life of Inspector Montalbano as he solves crimes in the town of Vigata. Despite being a detective show, the show is full of humor and light-hearted moments; you could say its the perfect blend for a show.

The Thrilling: Gomorrah

The Thrilling: Gomorrah

Love thrillers? Gomorrah is the perfect show. This show is based on the book of the same name and follows the life of a crime family in Naples. The show is full of violence, suspense, and twists that will keep you hooked until the very end. It shows how the crime family interacts with the other criminal organizations in Naples.

The show is also available on HBO Max, and you can watch HBO Max outside US with a VPN! Interested to know what else HBO Max has in store? Here’s a list of the best shows on HBO Max as well!

The Wholesome: Un Medico In Famiglia

The Wholesome: Un Medico In Famiglia

Un Medico In Famiglia is an amazing and wholesome family show to watch with your entire family. The show follows the life of Dr. Lele as he deals with the ups and downs of life in a small town in Tuscany.

The show is full of heartwarming moments and family values that make you feel good after each episode.

The Best In Slang: Zio Gianni

The Best In Slang: Zio Gianni

Zio Gianni is one of the best shows on Rai TV. If you’re looking to sound like a native Italian and improve your skills further; Zio Gianni is the guy you need to know.

This show features some of the best slang words and expressions present in the Italian language. The show has a lot of funny moments and interesting expressions that will keep you engaged till the end. Zio Gianni will leave you with a better understanding of how to use slang in Italian; don’t worry you won’t be learning any bad words!

The Notorious: The Young Pope

The Notorious: The Young Pope

The Young Pope is a show full of controversy. It follows the life of Lenny Belardo, who becomes the first American pope at a young age. Throughout his mission, Lenny faces many challenges and must deal with the politics of the Vatican.

Lenny is a complex character, and the show deals with many heavy topics such as religion, power, and sexuality. The show isn’t kid-friendly, but it sends a powerful message and you should definitely check it out!

You can also watch the show on Netflix, however, if you can’t find it in your library, then you’ll need to change your Netflix region to USA.

The Easy Learning: Italian Talent Shows – X Factor, The Voice, Italia’s Got Talent

If you are looking for a show that is easy to follow, Italian talent shows are a great choice. These shows follow the format of popular American talent shows such as The Voice and X-Factor.

With these shows, you can improve your listening skills while watching your favorite singers compete for the title of best Italian singer. While watching these shows, you’ll definitely have fun learning the language. These are some of the best shows on Rai TV!

The After Dinner: La Repubblica Delle Donne

The After Dinner: La Repubblica Delle Donne

Want an after dinner show? La Repubblica Delle Donne is a great choice. This show follows the lives of four women as they live in Rome during the 1950s.

The show is full of interesting historical moments and provides a good overview of the role of women in Italian society at that time.

The Italian show comes with English subtitles so you can improve your language skills while enjoying it. La Repubblica Delle Donne is a perfect choice for an after-dinner show. It’s also a great choice to understand the Italian culture better.

The Daily: Striscia La Notizia

The Daily: Striscia La Notizia

If you want to be fluent in Italian, then consistency is key! You will definitely need to watch Rai TV regularly to understand and learn the language better! One of the best shows on Rai TV to learn Italian, is by watching Striscia La Notizia.

This news show is in Italian with English subtitles so you can improve your understanding of the language while keeping up with the latest news. The show shares daily news bulletins and latest political satires.

The Cute: Uomini E Donne

The Cute: Uomini E Donne

Uomini E Donne is one of the best shows on Rai TV that is full of cuteness and wholesomeness. This show follows the love lives of several couples as they go on dates, face break-ups, and also make-up. You can call it a relationship or dating show.

The show keeps you engaged as each couple’s story unfolds while you also get acquainted to the Italian language. It can also help you understand relationships better and transform your thinking about commitments. So, watch this show and root for your favorite, cute couple. We hope they win!

The Funniest: Casa Vianello

The Funniest: Casa Vianello

Do you love watching funny comedies? If so, you should watch Casa Vianello. This show is a classic Italian comedy that follows the life of a family living in Rome.

Everything in this show can make you smile. It has some episodes that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Casa Vianello is a great comedy show; so it’s definitely addictive!

The show is in Italian with English subtitles, making it easy for you to polish your Italian speaking skills. The show is also available on DirecTV and you can watch DirecTV outside US with the help of a VPN!

The Memorable Drama: L’Amica Geniale

The Memorable Drama: L'Amica Geniale

Do you love the drama genre? If so, you should watch L’Amica Geniale. This show is based on a book of the same name and tells the story of a young girl who grew up in Naples during the 1950s.

The little girl has a genius friend who helps her navigate the difficulty she’s facing growing up. L’Amica Geniale is a great show to understand the culture of Naples; while polishing your Italian speaking skills.

You can also watch the show on Amazon Prime Video with the help of best VPNs for Amazon Prime. Craving more content? Then check out the best shows on Amazon Prime as well; using your subscription.

The +1: Amici Miei

The +1: Amici Miei

The +1: Amici Miei is another comedy show that will have you falling off the chair with laughter. It’s know as the best TV show on Rai TV because you’ll be laughing till you cry.

The story is about several friends as they live in Florence during the 1970s. They practice silly pranks, get into trouble, and do bits that are hialrious! The show is easy to understand and is full of funny moments that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

You need to watch it if you have had a bad day and still want to learn some Italian.

3 Tips to Learn Italian With Shows on Rai TV

If you are new to the Italian language, you should keep a few things in mind before watching Italian TV shows. Below are three tips to start learning about Italian TV shows.

Tip One: Pace Yourself with the Episodes

It is important to pace yourself with the episodes when you are starting. Do not try to watch too many episodes at once. This can be overwhelming, and you might not retain all the information. Start with one or two episodes and then move on to the next day.

Tip Two: Consider Having English or Italian Subtitles

If you have trouble understanding some of the words or phrases, consider turning on the subtitles. This will help you follow along with the show and understand what is happening. You can find subtitles for most Italian TV shows online.

Tip Three: Don’t Get Bored When you Don’t Understand

When you are starting, it is normal not to understand everything happening in the show. This can be frustrating, and you might feel like giving up. Don’t get bored, though! With time, practice, and patience you will start to understand what is happening in the show.

Rai TV is an amazing Italian channel that is home to amazing titles. You can find some of the best shows on Rai TV that you can watch to improve your language skills. La Repubblica Delle Donne, Striscia La Notizia, Uomini E Donne, Casa Vianello, L’Amica Geniale, and Amici Miei are all great choices.

All the shows we’ve listed above are addictive, fun, and interesting sources of information that will help you improve your understanding of the Italian language. Start watching them today and see how much your skills improve. Happy Binging!

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