How To Watch Sky Sports On Kodi in USA [2022 Updated]


Sky Sports is one of the leading sports streaming platforms in the UK and Ireland that offers more than 10 channels. With a plethora of streaming devices available, you must be wondering if you can watch Sky Sports on Kodi in US. The answer is yes, but for that, you will need a Kodi Sky Sports add-on!

If you are a sports streaming junkie, Sky Sports is one of the best channels to watch your favorite sports, including Cricket, Football, Rugby, Boxing, Formula 1, Basketball, Horse Racing, and more.

For your information about Sky Sports subscription in US, its price ranges from GB£20 (US$23.64) per month to GB£28 (US$33.1) per month, depending on the package. There is also the cheapest way to get sky sports.

Sky Sports streaming is exclusively available in the UK due to geo-restrictions, and if you want to stream Sky Sports in USA, you will need a premium VPN app like ExpressVPN. Without any further delay, let’s jump to the point and find out how you can watch Sky Sports on Kodi in US.

How to Watch Sky Sports on Kodi in USA by Installing UK Turk Playlist Add-on?

Although there are several Kodi Addons for Sky Sports, the best and the most reliable in the UK Turk Playlist, follow these steps to watch Sky Sports on Kodi in US by installing UK Turk Playlist add-on:

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your device and click on the “Settings” icon appearing in the upper-left corner.


The setting is located upper left corner

Step 2: In the new window, click on the “System” option.

Step 3: Click on “Add-ons” in the left column and toggle on the option of “Unknown Sources.”


Tap add-Ons from unknown sources

Step 4: Select “Yes” when the warning dialog box prompts to ignore it.

Step 5: While in the settings menu, click on the “File Manager” option.

Step 6: Locate “Add Source” and double-click on it.


Double click on Add Source option.

Step 7: Click on “None.”

Step 8: Paste this URL path “” in the box and click on “OK.”

Step 9: Next up, under the “Enter a name for this media source” option, write your desired name. To easily find the repository later, use a common and easy-to-remember name such as “UK Turk.”

Step 10: After installing the UK Turk Add-on on Kodi successfully, head back to the main window and click on “Add-ons” from the menu.

Step 11: Click on the “Box” button in the top-left corner.

Step 12: In the consequent window, there will be two options to install the add-ons; “Install from repository” and “Install from zip file.” Click on the “Install from zip file” option.

Step 13: You will have the option of “UK Turk” if you have given it that name or whatever name you have entered, click on that.

Step 14: From the sub-menu, select the repository file and make sure to get the latest version. After the downloading finishes, you will get a prompt message in the top right corner of the window.

Step 15. Now, select “Install from repository” and then “UKTurk Addon Repository.”


Find “UKTurk Addon Repository.”

Step 16: Choose Video add-ons of UK Turk Playlists and Install them. Wait for the completion notification of your desired Kodi Sky Sports add-on.

Step 17: You will find the UK Turk Playlist video add-on under the Add-ons and Video Add-ons option.

Step 18: Now run the UK Turk Playlist add-on and you will be prompted to provide the authorization PIN. Click on Yes and it will redirect you to a new web page. Look for the Generate Pin button while scrolling down and select it. You will get a unique pin code. Copy this code and paste it in the dialogue box on Kodi.

Step 19: Enjoy Sky Sports on Kodi in US.

You can also access sky sports on Roku

Watch Sky Sports with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Why Do We Need to Install Add-ons for Watching Sky Sports on Kodi in USA?

Kodi is an open-source media player that is primarily made for the local media library. Accessing and watching online content only grants access to third-party streaming platforms through relevant add-ons. Such is the case for Sky Sports streaming.

The next question is which add-on is the best for streaming content from Sky Sports. Although several video add-ons offer online media streaming, just a few offer the complete lineup of Sky Sports channels.

On top of that, such add-ons are unreliable and might not operate correctly or be taken down. That makes finding a workable solution a bit tricky.

However, there is a reliable and workable Kodi Sky Sports add-on called UK Turk playlist (Repository file URL: This add-on offers all the Sky Sports channels and also offers a slew of other live TV channels, TV shows, films, and other content.

Best sports addons for Kodi

Among many Kodi add-ons, it is hard to find the best sports add-ons for Kodi. After testing and analyzing more than 40 Kodi addons for sports, here is a list of the 6 best sports addons for Kodi:

1. UK Turk

2. Fusion

3. SportsDevil

4. Halow TV

5. Sportsmania

6. DC Sports

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Sky Sports On Kodi in USA?

Sky Sports is a geo-restricted streaming platform that offers services exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland. That means you can’t access Sky Sports outside UK due to geo-restrictions based on licensing agreements. If you are outside the UK, you will need a VPN to watch Sky Sports on Kodi in US.

Several VPNs are available online but not all of them work with Kodi. That’s why we recommend using ExpressVPN, which is the best VPN for Kodi.


Yes, you can watch Sky Sports on Kodi in US with the help of Kodi add-ons. For guaranteed access to Sky Sports, we always recommend the UK Turk Playlist add-on.

You can get Sky Sports F1 on Kodi by installing the UK Turk Add-on which offers access to all 10 Sky Sports channels.

Some of the third-party Kodi add-ons offer content that is licensed or copyrighted which might lead to legal trouble. That’s why we recommend streaming content offered in the public domain. Otherwise, get an ExpressVPN app to conceal your identity and location and enjoy your favorite content.


Picking the best Sky Sports on Kodi in USA is key to watching your favorite sports content on Sky Sports. As per our research and tests, we concluded that the UK Turk Playlist is the top recommended add-on for Kodi to stream Sky Sports content as of now.

Sky Sports runs a wide array of sports programs through its large network of 10 channels. You can benefit from Sky Sports free trial if you want to check out whether your favorite sports are offered on the leading sports channels in the UK or not. You can cancel your Sky Sports subscription at any time without any hassle.

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