How to Watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA


Mitre 10 Cup 2022 is about to kick off in early August and will be covered live on Sky Sports. It is the 17th season of New Zealand’s provincial rugby union competition. The event is known as Mitre 10 Cup for sponsorship reasons. Due to content restriction policies, rugby fanatics in USA want to know how to watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered.  We understand that the content restriction policies are the real killjoy when you want to enjoy live streaming of the games like Nippon Professional Baseball, Commonwealth Games, and Elite Ice Hockey League. The good news is that a VPN can solve all your geo-restriction problems.

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Quick Steps – Watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA-

These quick steps will give you an instant way to watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA.

  1. Subscribe to an optimum quality VPN (like ExpressVPN) and Download the VPN app.
  2. Connect the VPN to a UK-based server.
  3. Download the Sky Sports app on your device. Create an account or Sign in with your credentials.
  4. Find the Mitre 10 Cup 2022 live matches or enjoy the games’ recordings.

Where is the Mitre 10 Cup 2022?

Mitre 10 Cup 2022 is held in New Zealand. The games will be played at 16 avenues, including:

  • Central Energy Trust Arena
  • Navigation Homes Stadium
  • FMG Stadium Waikato
  • Eden Park
  • Pukekura Park
  • Lansdowne Park
  • Sky Stadium
  • McLean Park
  • Forsyth Barr Stadium
  • Semenoff Stadium
  • Orangetheory Stadium
  • Tauranga Domain
  • Invercargill Rugby Park
  • North Harbour Stadium
  • Yarrow Stadium
  • Trafalgar Park

Is the Mitre 10 Cup professional?

Yes, Mitre 10 Cup turned professional in 2006. It is New Zealand’s Rugby Union Competition. The 2020 Mitre 10 Cup season was the fifteenth season of New Zealand’s provincial rugby union competition after turning professional.

The close-contact team sport is known as rugby because it originated in Rugby, Warwickshire school, England, in the 19th century.

Where Can I Watch all Matches Live of the Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in my location?

You can watch all matches of Mitre 10 Cup 2022 live on Sky Sports from any location. If you don’t have Sky Sports live streaming access in your location, use the all-around best ExpressVPN. If you miss the live event, you can watch recordings of the games using the VPN from anywhere.

How many Mitre 10 Cup teams are there?

There are 14 Provincial Unions (teams) playing for Mitre 10 Cup. As per the format announced by New Zealand Rugby (NZR), the teams will be seeded in Odds and Evens conferences based on the previous season’s standings. Teams positioned 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 will be placed in Odds, while teams positioned 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 will be placed in the Evens conference.

Mitre 10 Cup Fixtures and Schedule

Mitre 10 Cup 2022 fixtures are scheduled to start on Friday, 5 Aug. The regular season will conclude on Sunday, 2 Oct 2022.

  • The regular season has 9 rounds; 9 fixtures will be in round 1.
  • Round 2 has 8 fixtures.
  • Rounds 3 and 4 consists of 7 fixtures.
  • Rounds 5, 6, 7, and 8 will have 8 fixtures.
  • Round 9 will have 7 fixtures.

Is the Mitre 10 Cup on Sky Sports?

Yes, Sky Sports has exclusive broadcasting rights for the Mitre 10 Cup 2022. Sky Sports will stream the Mitre 10 Cup matches in certain regions only. Rugby fans in other regions can use our best-recommended VPN to get exclusive access to Sky Sports.

Is the Mitre 10 Cup 2022 on TV?

Yes, currently, Mitre 10 Cup 2022 is only on Sky Sports. Some OTT (over the top) streaming channels Like Kayo Sports will also stream Mitre 10 Cup 2022 online. But to watch the games on any of these channels, you must subscribe to ExpressVPN for VIP streaming access.

Who were past champions in the Mitre 10 Cup 2022?

In Mitre Cup 2021, Taranaki won the championship final against Otago 32-19. While Waikato won the Premiership final against Tasman with 23-20. The Championship final took place in Inglewood. And the venue for the Premiership Final was Hamilton.

How much do Mitre 10 Cup players earn?

Currently, Mitre 10 Cup players earn at least $18,000 per contract. While Super Rugby contracts pay approximately $70,000. It turns out that even novice Super Rugby players may earn around $100,000 per annum.

How much will the ticket cost for the Mitre 10 Cup 2022?

The tickets for the Mitre 10 Cup 2022 have different prices for different competitions. Tickets range from $15 to $250. Children’s tickets cost the lowest, adult’s tickets cost medium price, while you can also acquire family tickets.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA because it connects instantly and does not risk our location’s privacy. Read the description of the provider here:

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Mitre 10 Cup’s name was born out of a subsequent visit to the reknown drinking premise known as Mitre Tavern. However, many legends and founding fathers say that it is a carpentry term. Mitre 10 Cup is the name of New Zealand’s Provincial rugby competition, which is adapted for sponsorship reasons.

The Mitre Cup 2022 final will be held on Saturday, 22 Oct 2022.

This year’s Mitre 10 Cup is being held in New Zealand across 16 avenues.

Wrap Up

Mitre 10 Cup rugby is earning widespread popularity. And rugby fans are eager to watch Mitre 10 Cup 2022 in USA in many regions.

But ExpressVPN is a standalone VPN service to bypass the geo-blocking of Sky Sports and get you VIP access to the channel. With this magic key, you can get your hands to unlimited content libraries of all streaming services.

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