How to Get Starz Free Trial [Easy Guide]


Does Starz have a free trial? You can’t get a 7-day Starz free trial via the official app or website even if you’re a new subscriber. However, you can get a Starz Play in USA free trial if you sign up for the service via Hulu, FuboTV, Sling TV, or Amazon Prime.

Since Starz Play follows regional restriction laws and it is only accessible in the United States, therefore, you can’t watch Starz Play and its movies and shows outside USA unless you get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

The trial period is only available for seven days, but you can stack the trial offers from Amazon Prime, Hulu, or FuboTV to enjoy the service for an incredible 21 days.

Other services offering a 7-day Starz free trial are Sling TV and AT&T TV Now (Direct TV). You can watch Starz for over a month if you bundle these trial periods.

Starz is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States thanks to hit Starz shows like Gaslit, Outlander, Raising Kanan, P-Valley, and Becoming Elizabeth.

The platform also has a respectable collection of Starz movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home, The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, etc.

So, how much is Starz? Starz costs US$8.99/month, but the service has an exclusive limited-time offer for only US$5/month for three months. You can also cancel Starz subscription if you don’t want to enjoy the service after the trial period.

Can You Get Starz Free Trial on the Official Website?


You cannot get Starz free trial from its official website.

At the time of writing, you cannot get Starz app free trial from Google Store and directly from the official website. However, Starz is currently offering an exclusive limited-time offer where you can watch all shows and movies for only US$5 per month for three months.

Once the three months are over, your plan reverts to the normal price of US$8.99. Don’t give up on a free trial Starz, as the streaming service can start offering it any time on the apps and website. This move is expected with the holidays around the corner, so keep checking.

How to Get Starz Free Trial on Different Streaming Platforms?

There is no Starz free trial on the official apps or website, but this doesn’t mean you cannot try the service for free. Other multiple streaming services are offering a 7-day free trial for Starz, so read on to find out where you can get a Starz free trial:

How to Get Starz Free Trial on Amazon Prime?

Most Amazon Prime Video subscribers don’t know they can use their service to keep track of premium channels and live TV. Starz is one of the additional channels available via the Amazon Prime Video service.

Amazon Prime members can add prime channels like Starz through the Amazon Prime Channels service. This allows users to get an Amazon Prime Starz free trial for seven days on top of the 30-day free trial on its streaming service.

This is a one-time offer for Amazon Prime members after a deal was struck between Amazon Prime Channels and Starz. You cannot get another Amazon Prime Starz free trial, so you’ll need to pay for a Starz subscription to keep enjoying their shows and films.

You receive the Amazon Prime free trial Starz directly when you create a Starz account through your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

How to Get Starz Free Trial on Hulu?


Enjoy Starz free trial through the Hulu streaming service.

Hulu is popular in the United States, and like Amazon Prime, you can get free trials of Starz via the service. The Hulu Starz free trial is available for new and returning customers who sign up for the base Hulu services.

After completing the Hulu sign-up process, create a new Starz account through the service to become eligible. The free trial of Starz through Hulu last seven days, but you’ll not be eligible if you’ve used Starz on Hulu in the past.

How to Get Starz Free Trial on FuboTV?


Starz has collaborated with fuboTV.

Getting a Starz free trial on fuboTV provides the best deals because the offer comes in two ways. First, fuboTV has a free trial for all new subscribers, which includes access to the entire fuboTV list of products, which consists of the Starz channel.

This means you get to try Starz when signing up for a free fuboTV trial. You can also get a Starz free trial if you’re a fuboTV subscriber who’s never used the service before.

The Starz free trial on fuboTV gives access to all Starz original shows and Hollywood blockbuster movies on the platform. Once your 7-day Starz free trial on fuboTV is over, you can subscribe to the service for as low as US$5/month for three months.

How to Get a Starz Free Trial on Sling TV?


Use Sling TV to get Straz free trial.

Sling TV is a well-known TV service in the United States that allows new users to try any of its services for seven days. Sling TV offers access to dozens of premium channels, including Starz, where you can also get a one-week free trial.

The Sling TV Starz free trial is eligible for new subscribers only or Sling TV users who’ve never signed up for a Sling TV free trial.

What Happens When Starz Free Trial Ends?


Get an offer when your trial period ends.

This is a question on most people’s lips after they get hooked on shows and films on Starz, but the answer is simple and direct.

You’ll have to pay the monthly subscription rate when your Starz free trial ends. So, you’ll have to provide payment details to keep enjoying the shows and films on the Starz platform.

However, it’s best to hit the cancel button before the seven-day free trial is over to avoid being charged for the service.

The Starz cancel process that you follow depends on how you signed up for the service. You could cancel your free trial from your account if you signed up to Starz through an app like Roku.

However, you’ll need to log in to your parent service’s account management system if you signed up for Starz through another streaming service like Amazon Prime. For example, sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account, and go to your Prime Video service tab to cancel Starz.

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Starz Free Trial – FAQs

Yes, an Amazon Prime membership offers a 30-day free trial period for new subscribers, including a 7-day free Starz trial.

Yes, Hulu offers a 7-day free Starz trial for new subscribers. You’ll need to subscribe to the Starz plan for US$8.99 to enjoy the service once your trial ends.

No, the free trial for Starz is not available for more than seven days, regardless of the method you use to sign up.

The free trial of Starz is only available for seven days when you sign up through another streaming service offering access to premium channels. However, you cannot get the seven-day free trial on Starz’s official website or app.

Wrapping Up

Starz is a top premium channel in the United States, offering great titles like Power Book III: Raising Kanaan, Power Book II: Ghost, Ambitions, Little Birds, etc.

The only way to get a Starz free trial is to sign up for the service via other streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV, and fuboTV.

Cancel the free trial of Starz before the seven days are over to avoid being charged for the service. Alternatively, you can pay the monthly Starz rate of US$8.99 if you like what you see.

The streaming service is currently offering a deal where new or returning subscribers pay US$5/month for the first three months.

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