20 Best 10Play Shows To Watch in US in 2023!


Everyone in this day and age loves to binge and web series are an ideal choice for most streamers. In recent years, a lot of series, as well as originals, have been created, notably 10Play shows. In this article, we’ll cover the twenty top-ranking 10Play shows in August 2023.

Some geo-restrictions prevent users in US from using Tenplay. However, if you have a paid VPN service, you can access Tenplay in US.

Another great thing about 10Play is, you should be able to stream most of the 10Play TV shows like Survivor: Heroes V Villains season 10, The Dog House Australia Season 3 or free on the app after signing up.

Wondering about the best shows? You’ve found the ideal article if you’re interested in top-notch drama series. The number of shows on the platform have significantly increased and now have around 61 titles available in 2023. One of the popular shows you can watch is watch Amazing Race Australia Celebrity Edition in USA On Tenplay. It’s a thrilling and exciting series you won’t want to miss.

See below for a list of the 20 most recent good shows on Tenplay available on the service.

What are the best 10Play Shows in US?

10Play allows users to watch complete series online for free and also access various additional material, including behind-the-scenes videos and special extras. The apps are all available for free without any 10Play price on various devices.

In case, you’re wondering what is on 10Play, we’ve compiled a selection of our most popular 10Play shows for your convenience.

NCIS: Hawai’i (2021)


Director: Matt Bosack

Writer: Jan Nash

Cast: Vanessa Lachey, Alex Tarrant, Noah Mills

Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

Trailer: NCIS: Hawai’i

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Seasons: 2

With the first female Special Officer in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, the world’s most popular television series moves to the alluring beaches of Hawai’i.

She and her team investigate major crimes implicating military members, national defense, and the island’s secrets while balancing their responsibilities to family and country. The NCIS: Hawai’i is one of the best 10Play shows which consists of both mainlanders and seasoned natives.

Lie With Me (2005)


Director: Clement Virgo

Writer: Tamara Berger

Cast: Lauren Lee Smith, Eric Balfour, Polly Shannon

Genre: Drama, Romance

Trailer: Lie With Me

IMDb Rating: 5.2/10

Seasons: 1

Among the shows on 10Play, there’s Lie With Me. To feed her sexual appetite, nymphomaniac Leila spends her evenings in Toronto clubbing and sleeping with guys.

Leila is influenced by her parents’ choice to divorce. Amidst her chase for meaningless sex, Leila had an intense sexual encounter with David. David is a talented artist who shares his home with his reliant father. Watch now to find out more!

Dive Club (2021)


Director: Steve Jaggi

Writer: Steve Jaggi

Cast: Miah Madden, Georgia May Davis, Sana’a Shaik

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family

Trailer: Dive Club

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

Seasons: 1

Dive Club, one of the best shows on 10Play, tells the tale of a spirited group of young scuba divers who go on a hunt for their missing buddy in the aftermath of a hurricane that strikes their sleepy seaside community of Cape Mercy.

The village is in a celebratory mood on Salvation Day, but things turn for the worst when Lauren signs off on an SOS broadcast from the lighthouse. After tracking down Lauren at the abandoned lighthouse, the girls work together to uncover the truth behind the town’s mysterious history.

FBI: Most Wanted (2020)


Director: Rene Balcer

Writer: Rene Balcer

Cast: Roxy Sternberg, Keisha Castle Hughes, Julian McMahon

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Trailer: FBI: Most Wanted

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Seasons: 4

The high-stakes thriller FBI: Most Wanted centers on the Fugitive Task Force, which brutally hunts down and apprehends the notorious criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list.

It was created by Emmy Award winner Dick Wolf, the crew behind FBI (2018) and the Peace and Justice series. Agent Jess LaCroix, who has been in the business for quite some time, heads up a crack squad of covert operatives that are always on the go in pursuit of the most dangerous criminals.

Blue’s Clues & You (2019)


Director: Traci Paige Johnson

Writer: Todd Kessler

Cast: Joshua Dela Cruz, Traci Paige Johnson, Doug Murray

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Trailer: Blue’s Clues & You

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Seasons: 3

In each episode of Blue’s Clues and You on 10Play, the main character, Blue, leads the audience through a mystery while inviting them to go on an adventure with her and her best friend, Josh.

Blue discovers new clues in her illustrated world with each of her characteristic paw prints. These clues drive the plot forward and encourage the spectator to engage in conversation with Josh and Blue to decipher Blue’s Clues.

The Dog House (2019)


Director: Jake West

Writer: Dan Schaffer

Cast: Andrew Buchan, Perry Fitzpatrick

Genre: Documentary

Trailer: The Dog House

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Seasons: 3

This documentary takes place inside the Godmanchester-based animal shelter Wood Green. Due to the efforts of the staff, who are dedicated to finding new homes for the shelter’s pets, many dogs have found loving families.

Hundreds of abandoned or abused dogs are taken in by Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, every year. As a result of the tireless efforts of the organisation’s employees, a growing number of stray dogs have found permanent homes with caring people.

Five Bedrooms (2019)


Director: Christine Bartlett

Writer: Michael Lucas

Cast: Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Doris Younane

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Trailer: Five Bedrooms

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Seasons: 3

Five pals tired of being unmarried decide to purchase a home together. What follows is a narrative of devotion and its repercussions, including love and tragedy. Liz, Ben, Heather, Ainsley, and Harry rapidly perceive economic, cultural, and personal disparities.

The friends must decide whether to put the home back on the market or stick with their life-changing choice.

L.A.’s Finest (2019 – 2020)


Director: Brandon Margolis

Writer: Brandon Margolis

Cast: Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Trailer: L.A.’s Finest

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

Seasons: 2

L.A.’s Finest is among the best 10Play shows available. The character of former DEA agent Sydney Burnett, now employed by the Los Angeles Police Department, is the focal point of the Bad Boys spinoff film series. In the series, she’s assigned a new partner, Nancy McKenna.

Even though they have quite different personalities, you can always count on them to give it their all when tracking down crooks.

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate (2019)


Director: Adam Weissman

Writer: Adam Weissman

Cast: Bradley William Smith, Ryan Kaji, Shion Kaji

Seasons: 3

Trailer: Ryan’s Mystery Playdate

IMDb Rating: 1.8/10

Genre: Family

The series is based on the kid named Ryan, along with his parents, and two animated pals named Combo Panda and Gus the Gummy Gator as they come together to fix a series of creative, physical challenges and unbox riddles to discover the identity of Ryan’s mystery buddy.

This 10Play TV show promotes active play, demonstrates healthy ways of interacting with family members, and includes a curriculum emphasising creative problem-solving.

The Bay (2019)


Director: Daragh Carville

Writer: Daragh Carville

Cast: Daniel Ryan, Erin Shanagher, Andrew Dowbiggin

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Trailer: The Bay

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Seasons: 4

In this 10Play show, police procedural drama, we watch local detectives attempt to solve crimes and support the victims, witnesses, and their loved ones caught in the crossfire.

The primary investigators rely on the information gathered by the family liaison officers, who do so with the utmost care and compassion to do their jobs effectively.

Corn & Peg (2019)


Director: Chris Hamilton

Writer: Chris Hamilton

Cast: Shechinah Mpumlwana, Anneke Van Hooff, Shayle Simons

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Trailer: Corn & Peg

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Seasons: 2

Two best friends, a unicorn and a pegasus are dedicated to making their home of Galloping Grove a happier place for all beings. The Do-gooding combo “Corn & Peg” are formidable.

These noble mounts help others, exhibit acts of kindness, and learn about elements of a school preparation curriculum, including the alphabet, numbers, health, and orientation. The horse, along with Corn and Peg, as they do good in the world.

Kingdom (2019)


Director: Shinsuke Sato

Writer: Shinsuke Sato

Cast: Ju Ji-Hoon, Bae Doona, Kim Sungkyu

Genre: Action, Drama, History

Trailer: Kingdom

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

Seasons: 2

Among the historic shows on 10Play, there’s Kingdom. Odd stories about their sick King grip a kingdom, but the crown prince emerges as their only chance in the fight against a mystery virus that is sweeping over the nation.

The dead monarch returns to life, and a strange illness spreads over the land; the prince must contend with a new species of adversaries to expose the devilish plot and rescue his people.

Ready Set Dance (2019)


Director: Jade Barnes, Belinda Agostino

Writer: Jade Barnes, Belinda Agostino

Cast: Freya Bygrave, Rome Champion, Alannah Coleman

Genre: Adventure, Family, Music

Trailer: Ready Set Dance

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Seasons: 2

Ready Set Dance is a high-energy, story-driven dance series aimed at getting pre-schoolers moving and building their self-esteem, motor skills, and creative potential.

At the beginning of each episode, we are introduced to a new member of the Ready Set Kid Crew member, all of whom are colorful and easily recognizable. We also have our animated guides Freeze and Twirl to help us out.

Victorious (2010 – 2013)


Director: Dan Schneider

Writer: Dan Schneider

Cast: Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Trailer: Victorious

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Seasons: 4

For 16-year-old Tori Vega, there will soon be significant changes in her life. Tori, who her bigger sister had always overshadowed, has been accepted to the performing arts high school Hollywood Arts.

Hollywood Arts may be Tori’s moment to shine, even though the invitation was a surprise and she is still the new on-campus kid.

Bull (2016 – 2022)


Director: Paul Attanasio

Writer: Paul Attanasio

Cast: Michael Weatherly, Geneva Carr, Jaime Lee Kirchner

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Trailer: Bull

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Seasons: 6

Michael Weatherly appears as Dr Jason Bull in Bull, a drama based on Dr Phil McGraw’s early career; whose humanity, three Ph.D’s, and a top-notch team help him win cases.

Dr Bull follows a specific pattern for his case studies which includes psychology, human intuition, and high-tech data to understand jurors, lawyers, witnesses, and the accused.

Game Shakers (2015-2019)


Director: Dan Schneider

Writer: Dan Schneider

Cast: Cree Cicchino, Madisyn Shipman, Benjamin Flores Jr.

Genre: Comedy, Family

Trailer: Game Shakers

IMDb Rating: 4.1/10

Seasons: 3

A live-action comedy about two young girls, each 12 years old, who start a gaming firm worth several millions of dollars and bring on board the rap artist Double G as a business associate.

The video games shown in the shows will be made available by Nickelodeon as part of a cross-platform experience through the mobile applications and their website.

Dark Matter (2015 – 2017)


Director: Joseph Mallozzi

Writer: Paul Mullie

Cast: Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mystery

Trailer: Dark Matter

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Seasons: 3

After six years in hibernation, the crew of a derelict starship is awakened from their sleep in the depths of space.

They have no idea who they are or how they came aboard the ship since their memories have been erased. A distant mining colony that will become a conflict zone is the only information available regarding the identity of the people on board. Now, they must make a potentially fatal choice.

Gogglebox Australia (2015)


Director: Tania Alexander

Writer: Tania Alexander

Cast: The Dalton Family, Anastasia Katselas, Keith Riley

Genre: Reality-TV

Trailer: Gogglebox Australia

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

Seasons: 15

Some of Australia’s most opinionated and enthusiastic TV watchers remark on the greatest, worst, and most contentious programs and news events of the last week.

When families in Australia assemble in their homes to discuss current events that are making headlines across the globe, their interactions are captured on shows on Tenplay.

Butterbean’s Cafe (2018 – 2020)


Director: Jonny Belt

Writer: Robert Scull

Cast: Margaret Ying Drake, Koda Gursoy, Nahanni Mitchell

Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy

Trailer: Butterbean’s Cafe

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

Seasons: 2

Butterbean’s Cafe is a good show on Tenplay about the exploits of a fairy and her companions as they manage a coffee shop in the local community.

During their endeavor to manage a café in their community, a fairy and her companions get into a variety of scrapes and scrape their way out of others.

The Loud House (2015)


Director: Chris Savino

Writer: Michael Rubiner

Cast: Grey Griffin, Lara Jill Miller, Jessica DiCicco

Genre: Animation, Short, Adventure

Trailer: The Loud House

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Seasons: 6

Eleven children (10 girls and 1 boy) cause chaos in the Loud family. Lincoln, 11, is the only guy in a family of girls.

Lincoln’s sisters frequently give him makeovers, or he races them to the sofa to control the TV. Lincoln’s closest buddy Clyde is envious of his enormous family and always prepared to help.

Lori, Lincoln’s elder sister and the self-proclaimed boss, is dating Bobby, a not-very-smart lifeguard and mall security guard.

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On 10Play, you have access to a wide choice of live and on-demand video material to watch. The vast majority comprises 10Play TV shows, news coverage, and athletic events. Those mentioned above are some of the 20 best 10Play shows in US that you must watch.You can also watch other popular shows such as Riptide, The First Inventors and many more from all over the World.

And when you’re done streaming, it’s super easy to cancel 10Play. When logged into 10Play, use the login or email address in the upper right to access your Account Profile. In your profile, scroll down to Delete My Account and you’re done!

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