How To Install TSN On FireStick in USA [Easy Guide]


All the sports fans, gear up! Are you wondering how to install TSN on FireStick in USA to avail of top-notch & exceptionally impeccable sports content?

This blog contains the information you need on “how to get TSN on FireStick in USA” on your Amazon Fire TV stick. Furthermore, there is a complete guide on how to subscribe to the app to have premium access.

TSN is the perfect pick for all sports enthusiasts, not only in Canada but worldwide too. There are countless sports options to binge on and viewers can choose from some of the best shows on TSN. From recorded shows, matches, live shows & tournaments to the facility of every match’s highlights & much more.

The TSN price for its Premium users is 27.33 CAD (US$19.99 per month) or 273.26 CAD (US$199.90) annually. You can avail the TSN movies and shows with TSN free trial or with the paid premium version.

The amazing TSN app also gives you on-demand access in case you missed any show. Stay up to date with the giants of the sports world, such as the NBA, MLB, UEFA, NHL & more, by knowing all about the best sports streamer in town.

If you want to watch TSN in USA then you will need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN as TSN like other Canadian channels such as CBC and Crave TV are only accessible to Canadian residents.

So how to watch TSN on FireStick in USA? 

If you want to watch TSN on FireStick in USA you must remember that the TSN app is neither available on the Amazon app store nor is it directly accessible for users outside Canada. However, since TSN is a Canadian sports app, an alternative way (a third-party website) is to install TSN on FireStick in USA. 

How to add TSN on FireStick in USA [Easy Steps]

The TSN app on FireStick is relatively easy to install as it involves only three basic steps to run smoothly. Here is the breakdown of the steps to install and add TSN on FireStick in USA:

Get the Downloader Ready First

Follow these steps

  1. Open Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Click on the ‘search‘ option & write “downloader‘ in the search bar.
  3. Tap on ‘downloader’ from the suggestions & it will start installing.
  4. Wait until the download completes, then go back to the home screen & click on the setting option.
  5. Surf down & you will see the ‘Fire TV‘ option; tap it.
  6. The next screen appearing will give you the option “Developer options‘; click it.
  7. Out of the two next given options, click on ‘Uninstall Unknown Apps‘.
  8. It will lead you to many suggestions; you will click on ‘Downloader.’

The downloader is now ON & is ready to function.


Install the TSN app on FireStick

Now that we have successfully installed the downloader app, we will use it to get TSN on FireStick in USA. Here are the steps to be followed;

  1. Open the FireStick home screen.
  2. Click on the three-dotted tiles bar (on the right side of the screen) & which is next to the setting option.
  3. Out of the given options, tap on the ‘Downloader‘ option.
  4. It will ask you to allow access to your phone’s gallery; hit ‘YES’.
  5. You will see a URL box then, click on it & enter the given link in it: 
  6. Hit the ‘Go‘ button, & the downloader will start to install.


  • You will see the TSN app page; it will ask you if you want to install it, as it requires no extra steps.
  • Immediately click on the ‘Install‘ option. Please wait for it to complete.
  • Click on ‘Done‘ afterwards.

Not to forget that you can delete the APK file afterwards, as it serves no purpose now.

Download the Screen Rotation App

The third & last step is installing Rotate Screen Orientation after successfully installing the TSN app on FireStick. The primary purpose of downloading the Screen app is to make TSN stream smoothly without bugging or halting. Here’s how you install the rotate screen orientation:

  1. After deleting the APK file (as mentioned earlier), you will be on the downloader page.


  • On the top left of the screen, click on the ‘Home‘ button.
  • It will ask for the URL; add the link; & hit the ‘GO’ button.
  • You will then see the ‘Download‘ option; hit it.
  • It will take you to the option saying if you want to install a Rotate Screen Orientation application.
  • Click ‘Install‘ & wait for it to complete the downloading.

Do not forget to uninstall the APK file at the end to clear up the unnecessary space. Also, you can do it manually ON the rotate screen orientation in the settings to avoid doing this every time you open TSN on FireStick in USA.


What steps should be taken before adding TSN on FireStick in USA?

The steps to take for adding TSN on FireStick in USA involves the receptor FireStick being at least ready to take on the newly coming apps. Here are the simple steps that users can follow to make FireStick ready;

  • Open FireStick & go to the settings.
  • Select ‘My Fire’.
  • Then choose the “Developer Option.”
  • It will give two options, “Apps from Unknown Sources” & “ADB Debugging.”
  • Select both.

There you go; now you have made FireStick ready to accept applications from unknown sources & branch even more content.


How to install TSN on FireStick in USA using Apps2Fire?

To install TSN on FireStick in USA using Apps2Fire, here are the steps to be followed

  • Connect FireStick with your TV.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Select the ‘About’ & then the ‘Network’ option under it. Note the IP address.
  • Next, install both TSN & Apps2Fire apps from the play store on your android device.
  • Open the Apps2Fire & go to Set up on the top right.
  • Enter the IP address.
  • Then go to the local Tab & open the TSN app.
  • Install it; it will directly connect the TSN app to your FireStick.

You can also fix TSN Error Code 241404 in case it pops out on your screen while streaming.

Why do you need a Rotate Screen Orientation App to install TSN on FireStick?

Having the Rotate Screen Orientation is vital because even though TSN on FireStick  is an exceptionally prolific app, it does not support the viewing experience on larger screens.

Majorly because the TSN app was not originally made for FireStick. The addition of the rotate screen option not only makes the app run smoothly but also supports the tremendous viewing experience.

Not to forget that the Rotate Screen Orientation application is not available on FireStick, which means the users need to download the app from the third website & then connect with FireStick TV for better viewing. Here are the steps for downloading rotate screen orientation:

  • Open FireStick.
  • Go to the downloader.
  • Add the required URL;
  • Click the ‘Go‘ button & it will download the Rotate Screen Orientation.

But If you still tired for this service so no worries, you can easily cancel TSN subscription within 2 minutes.

TSN on FireStick in USA – FAQs

To get TSN on FireStick for free, the users will have to download a third-party website, mainly a downloader, to get TSN on FireStick. This way, they can watch TSN’s impeccable content for FREE.

TSN is not available on FireStick because it is not present on the Amazon app store. So, the user can do it by sideloading on a third type website (preferably a ‘downloader’) on a fire TV or stick.

To use the TSN app on FireStick, you can choose the free version by sideloading the third website or any subscription plan to access premium features.

It includes streaming live matches, tournaments & world cup series. The subscription plan, which is also called TSN Direct, starts with the following;

  • 24 hours plan which costs US$7.99+tax.
  • monthly US$19.99 +tax
  • semi-yearly plan costs US$99.99 + tax.

Wrapping Up!

For all sports enthusiasts, TSN on FireStick provides the giant, unprecedented & uber cool watching experience, but how do we get it? Do we need to opt for the premium version, or is it free? The blog above answers all the questions.

Take a look at the most easily & efficiently explained ways of connecting the TSN on FireStick in USA to get the best watching experience. If you have roku subscription, you can also check our detailed guide to watch TSN on Roku.

The app, however, is unavailable on the Amazon app store, the best way is to go for FireStick side download through a third-party website, preferably ‘downloader.’ The whole installation method is explained in this blog, so no need to worry.

Get your TSN app connected to FireStick now by following the above-mentioned easy methods & enjoy the unending sports content for free.

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