YouTube TV Cost Outside USA: How Much You Pay and What You Get?


YouTube TV is one the best streaming services with over 85 local and cable TV channels, including unlimited cloud DVR for on-demand playback, fast-forwarding, and recordings. Before you think about getting an account, here’s everything about the YouTube TV cost outside USA and what you get from the service.

YouTube TV has the edge over other streaming platforms because of its familiarity as it has the same interface as regular YouTube with some amazing content. You can watch popular YouTube TV shows and movies on YouTube TV such as Power Book 2 Ghost Season 3, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Vanderpump Rules Season 10 and much more with a YouTube TV subscription.

However, YouTube TV has additional features and channels, making it an excellent investment for live TV viewing.

YouTube TV is cheaper than its main competitors in the United States, namely Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and the traditional services. It’s a great service for every binge-watcher.

YouTube TV is a geo-blocked streaming service and is only available in the United States. However, you can still watch YouTube TV outside USA easily with a reliable VPN i.e. ExpressVPN.

If you are experiencing a YouTube TV proxy error, then you need to change your VPN or use our thorough guide to lend you a helping hand.

So, how much does YouTube TV cost outside USA? Let’s find out the YouTube TV price and the benefits of subscribing to the service outside USA.

How Much Does YouTube TV Cost Outside USA?


The YouTube TV cost outside USA per month is US$64.99 for a single membership and it allows support for up to six accounts. However, as a new customer, you can get US$10 off the first three months and the YouTube TV pricing decreases to US$54.99/mo. Once the 3 months are up, you’ll be charged the regular amount.

Paying the monthly YouTube TV charges gives you access to a range of premium networks, major broadcast networks, original YouTube content, and popular cable networks.

Other premium networks and sports channels are available on top of the monthly YouTube TV cost. For example, you can add premium channels like HBO Max and AMC+ and sports streaming channels like Fox Soccer Plus to your YouTube TV package.

You can get unlimited cloud DVR storage space and you can also upgrade to 4K Plus for an additional US$19.99/mo. 4K plus is an add-on for the better video quality on supported content, unlimited video streams, and the ability to watch recordings without an internet connection.

How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost Outside USA?


YouTube Premium costs US$11.99 per month, but you can try out the service by taking advantage of the one-month YouTube TV free trial. The service is charged monthly, so you should cancel YouTube TV before the renewal date if you don’t plan on using it.

If you are outside USA, make sure to connect to ExpressVPN first. YouTube Premium has the following additional plans:

  • Annual Plan for US$119.99, allowing users to save US$20.
  • The Family Plan costs US$17.99/mo and supports up to five family members profiles of persons aged 13 and above.
  • Student Plan costs US$6.99/mo with a yearly verification requirement.

YouTube Premium differs from YouTube TV and provides an ad-free streaming experience on the platform. If you’re subscribed to both YouTube TV and YouTube Premium, you can stream YouTube videos on YouTube TV without ads. However, ads will be present on recorded and live TV shows.

What Channels Do I Get with YouTube TV Outside USA?


You get access to 85+ channels including Fox, HGTV, CBS, TNT, NBC, along with regional or local programs when you pay the cost of YouTube TV. Currently, YouTube TV is offering its services in 98% of US households.

Which premium channels and add-ons does YouTube TV have?

Different YouTube TV packages with premium, local, and sports channels exist. You need to pay an add-on fee in addition to the cost of YouTube TV to access these channels:

  • YouTube TV channels with base package (US$64.99/month and US$54.99/mo for three months for new customers)
  • 4K Plus (US$10/month)
  • Sports Plus (US$11/month)
  • Entertainment Plus (US$30/month)
  • HBO Max (US$15/month)
  • Showtime (US$11/month)
  • Starz (US$9/month)
  • Epix (US$6/month)

Other Add-ons:

  • Acorn TV: US$7/month
  • ALLBLK: US$6/month
  • AMC Plus: US$7/month
  • Cinemax: US$10/month
  • Comedy Dynamics: US$5/month
  • CONtv: US$5/month
  • CuriosityStream: US$3/month
  • Docurama: US$5/month
  • Dove: US$5/month
  • Fandor: US$4/month
  • Fox Nation: US$6/month
  • Hallmark Movies Now: US$6/month
  • IFC Films Unlimited: US$6/month
  • Law & Crime: US$2/month
  • MLB.TV: US$25/month
  • NBA League Pass: US$29/month or US$200/year
  • Outside Features TV: US$5/month
  • Pantaya: US$6/month
  • Screenpix: US$3/month
  • Screambox: US$5/month
  • Shudder: US$6/month
  • Sundance Now: US$7/month
  • UP Faith & Family: US$6/month
  • VSIN: US$4/month

Which local Channels does YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV has local channels, but availability depends on your location. For example, NYC YouTube TV subscribers access NBC 4, ABC 7, FOX 5, etc. Here’s a breakdown of local channels on YouTube TV:

The CW
Adult Swim
Animal Planet

What to Watch On YouTube TV After Subscription Outside USA?

FAQs: YouTube TV Cost Outside USA

Yes, it’s absolutely worth it because it offers a vast variety of channels, unlimited DVR storage for 9 months, and smooth performance. The subscription cost is US$64.99/mo but it comes with 85+ channels providing access to quality sports, movies, news, TV shows, and documentaries.

YouTube TV is available for US$64.99 per month, which is excellent value for streaming premium networks, original YouTube content, and major broadcast and cable networks. If you’re a new subscriber, you’ll get the subscription for US$54.99/mo for the first three months.

YouTube TV charges high monthly costs because of adding more and great channels to the content catalog. Its bundle comes with a large array of channels to watch.

New subscribers can get a YouTube TV free trial from the website or mobile app. Go to the YouTube TV homepage and click the “Try it for free” button. Choose your Google account and put in your zip code; click “Start Free Trial” and enjoy!


With only a few downsides to the service, it’s safe to say the YouTube TV cost outside USA is worth it. There are several YouTube TV packages, but you get so much more, even with the base plan that’s available for US$64.99 (US$54.99/mo for three months for new customers).

Users access popular sports and entertainment channels, a customizable streaming experience, and great features like unlimited DVR. In addition, the service works just like YouTube TV, so there’s no learning curve.

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