ITV Hub Not Working With VPN in Germany [Easy Hacks for 2023]


Trying to watch ITV with a VPN and wondering why is ITV Hub not working with VPN? There are multiple reasons for this to happen. The service may have detected your real-time location, you are using a blacklisted VPN, or your VPN has weak servers.

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As it is a UK-based platform, to watch ITV in Germany  you would require a reliable VPN service. We suggest ExpressVPN due to its fast and reliable servers. But if, for some reason, a VPN doesn’t work with ITV, you can find some solutions below.

Why ITV Hub doesn’t work with my VPN in Germany?

The reasons behind your ITV Hub not working with VPN are all related to how ITV has gotten so good at detecting VPN usage in recent years.

We will list a few reasons that might be restricting you from watching any ITV Hub live streaming.

  • ITV Hub has recognized that you are not in the UK because of some cookie or cache data saved on your device.
  • ITV Hub has blacklisted the VPN you are using to stream.
  • ITV Hub has a system in place that can detect patterns in the traffic coming over to their site by VPNs
  • Your IP address and GPS location show two different places, one in the UK and one outside.
  • The VPN being used by you is not up to the standard, and it is allowing your real location to be shown.
  • The server location you have chosen on your VPN is not inside the UK, so it is simply not working.

So if you have been thinking why is ITV Hub not working with VPN, the above-mentioned reasons may be one of the causes. Solve these issues with some of the troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

Why is ITV Hub not working with VPN in Germany? [Troubleshooting Tips]

If your ITV Hub is not working with a VPN in 2023, here are some tips to help you make it past the particular issues you’re facing.

  • Clear all your cache and cookies:
    When you are travelling in Germany or if you live somewhere else, either way, your browser will have a lot of cache or cookies saved in the history which you have to clear.


Clear your cookies and cache.

  • Switch to another UK-based server location

Maybe the servers in your chosen location are blocked by ITV Hub, so you just need to shift to another server that is also based in the UK, so you can watch ITV Hub without problems.

  • Upgrade your VPN app. Uninstall, then reinstall it.
    Some errors are just easy to remove by upgrading your VPN app; it is a simple, automatic way to troubleshoot a lot of the common problems you face.

So, if lets suppose your ExpressVPN not working with ITV Hub, above mentioned tips will resolve the issue.

Why does ITV Hub detect my VPN in Germany?

Channels like ITV Hub have systems in place just to detect your VPN. They do this by keeping checks on your IP address, DNS, and RTC leaks.

If your VPN provider is not up to a certain standard of security, it is very easy for ITV Hub to detect the fact that you are not in the UK because they can just find out your real IP address and other details.

In an average household, one IP address is shared by 6-8 people who are all connected to the same network.

With VPNs, one IP address is used by hundreds of people all over the world at the same time.

This is a loophole for companies like ITV, who can go beyond the surface-level security provided by low-quality VPNs and unmask your actual location.

How does ITV Hub block VPNs?

Once they have figured out that your IP address is being used by more than the average UK household’s headcount, they can choose to block your connection and restrict you from watching their content because you are not in the UK. This mostly happens if you are using a free VPN for ITV Hub.

So which VPN works with ITV Hub? High-quality VPN companies such as ExpressVPN make it a point to have many different IP addresses in the same location by increasing the number of servers they operate in those areas. If your VPN company is not running by these standards, ITV Hub will find you and block you.

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ITV Hub not Working with VPN – FAQs:

You may be facing this problem because your VPN service is of less than ideal-quality. Consider shifting to a better, more high-quality VPN company.

If you cannot do that, you may benefit from updating your VPN app for uninstalling and reinstalling it. Another thing you can try is clearing your browser cache.

One VPN that you can use that will never cause this problem is ExpressVPN.

Yes, you can watch ITV Hub with a good VPN that offers many IP addresses for one location. We highly recommend ExpressVPN to watch ITV Hub in Germany.

Yes, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ITV Hub as it has the best speeds, multiple servers, and other features that you can look up if you want to try a good VPN.


ITV Hub is an entertaining set of channels that your whole family can enjoy, whether you are in the UK or not. By using a reliable VPN, you can watch all the content offered on ITV Hub, including different movies, TV shows, and sporting events. No more ‘ITV Hub not working with VPN’ hurdles! Also, you can cancel ITV subscription anytime you want. You can also watch sports like AEW Double or Nothing 2023 on ITV.

We hope that this article helped you discover all the answers you were looking for to get access to ITV while using a VPN service. Moreover, you also watch ITV on Roku.

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