Disney Plus Pilot Launch Delights Netherlands with a 60 Days Free Trial!

disney plus pilot launch

Everyone’s been waiting for the Disney Plus pilot launch, a service that’s been planned to kill all the big boys like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and offer better content at cheaper rates!. And it’s just not that, there will be several TV shows by Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney Originals that will surface on Disney Plus.

While everyone’s waiting for the platform to launch, Disney has gifted the citizens of Netherlands with a surprise launch, that too with a 2 Month Free Trial!. While the officially announced launch date of the platform is 12th November 2019, the Netherlanders have been gifted this sweet present as a surprise.

All you have to do is provide them with your debit card number, and you’ll get two months free access to Disney Plus. While the service can be accessed from outside the Netherlands, a VPN alone will not help you access the Disney Plus Netherlands, furthermore, even when you access it with a VPN, the login or trial options are not available. Also, the need for a debit card number from the Netherlands is important.

You can, of course, get fake credit card numbers and credentials, however, we at ScreenBinge do not advocate such illegal and unethical practices.

It seems like a bold move to launch first in the Netherlands, indicating a direct shot at Netflix, as its headquarters is situated there. Disney Plus pilot launch is making sure to ramp up on content and make it the one-stop platform for all your streaming needs… but until the service launches globally you can still enjoy your favorite movies and shows like The Star Wars  | Star Wars: Rebels | Guardians of the Galaxy and various others on Netflix.

Here is a glimpse of shows and franchises Disney Owns

Unfortunately for the viewers in the United States, Canada D+ is set to launch on 12 Nov 2019 and in Australia and New Zealand on 19 Nov 2019.

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