How to Watch Disney Plus On Samsung Smart TV in 2022

Watch DisneyPlus on Samsung Smart TV

Want to learn how to watch Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV? Then you’ve landed on the right page. We will guide you through the whole process.

It’s fairly simple, and there are more than a single way to watch Disney Plus on your Samsung Smart TV, so pick whatever suits best for you.

Disney Plus started off as one of the toughest contenders which came head-to-head with top streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, which also happen to be the oldest services of them all.

But there is only one issue with Disney Plus, it is not available globally. If you try to access Disney Plus from any place where it is not available, you will come across the following error:

“Sorry, Disney+ is not available in your country.

Disney Plus Geo Restriction error

Luckily we know how to get Disney Plus from anywhere using a VPN and how to get it on your Samsung Smart TV. so continue reading and find out how!

How to Get Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV

Since a Samsung Smart TV cannot directly get access to ExpressVPN, we can configure it with the MediaStreamer that will enable us to get the geo-restricted Disney Plus app on our Samsung Smart TV.

Activate MediaStreamer on Samsung Smart TV

  1. Start by Subscribing to ExpressVPN; Our Top Choice!
  2. Visit the provider’s DNS Setting Page and Sign-in.
  3.  Click on the given option to register your IP address.
  4. Visit the Setup Page and Sign in.
  5. There you will find your IP addresses to enter in the next step below.

Set Up MediaStreamer to watch Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV

  1. Launch your Samsung Smart TV and press the Menu Button.
  2. Go to Network > Network Status.
  3. On your screen, select IP Settings.
  4. Select DNS Settings and Enter Manually.
  5. Enter the IP addresses you found above and press enter.
  6. Congratulations! the process is complete!

All left to do now is to get the Disney Plus app from the App Store and download it to have an extensive session of all the Mouse House trending titles including the new Cruella movie on Disney Plus.

ExpressVPN offers an amazing 12+3 months package at US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) with 30-day money back gaurantee.

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How to Watch Disney Plus On Your Samsung TV Using Google Chromecast

It is effortless to mirror your mobile phone screen, whether Android or iOS, on your TV. All you need is Google Chromecast for Disney Plus, and you’re game!

Here are the steps on how to watch Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV using Google Chromecast:

  1. Insert your Chromecast dongle into your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. On your mobile device, Sign in on Disney Plus.
  3. You will find a casting option on the top-right of your device.
  4. Click on it and select your TV from the available devices.
  5. Choose the title you want to stream.
  6. Press play and watch it mirror on your TV alongside!

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Does Samsung Smart TV have Disney plus?

Yes, Samsung has all the major streaming applications available in its system, and Disney Plus is one of them. If you are in a region where it is not yet launched, then you can use ExpressVPN to get Disney Plus without any restrictions.

How do I get Disney plus on my old Samsung Smart TV?

Head to the Smart Hub on your Samsung Smart TV and search for the D+ app. When you find the app, download and install it, and it will appear in the app section.

If you get the geo-restriction error, then get ExpressVPN Media Streamer that will help you get the service from anywhere.

I Can’t find Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TV.

There could be several reasons you cannot find the D+ App on your Samsung TV. However, the most common reason is that either the device is old or you are in a region where the service is not available.

Watch DisneyPlus on Samsung Smart TV

If Disney Plus is not showing on your smart TV, you can try connecting it to the ExpressVPN server in the U.S and check if you can find the app in the Smart Hub.

Wrapping it Up!

Finally, now you know how to watch Disney Plus on your Samsung Smart TV! it’s time you arrange those movie nights packed in from of the TV because you know how to get the Mouse House streaming service on your device via the best Disney Plus VPN out there, ExpressVPN.

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