Disney Plus Free Trial

Disney Plus Free Trial

If you live and breathe everything Disney, you were in luck because you could easily get a Free Trial to check out Disney Plus for 7 days! And that’s not it, the free trial came with complete features and all the options.

You could get a free trial of Disney Plus? Well, it was pretty simple, you just had to head to the official website that is www.disneyplus.com and sign-up for Disney Plus.


  • Now you will be directed to enter your email address as shown in the image below.


  • Enter your email address and tick mark on the box below, then click on “Agree & Continue”.

d+ create password

  • Create a strong password and click on “Continue”

d+ payment

Here you will get the option to subscribe and choose the payment method, whichever plan or payment method you use, Disney Plus will give you 7 days free trial, so if you cancel before that you will not be charged.

Disney Plus Free Offer ended

Disney Plus initially advertised a free seven-day trial for a new audience, but this promotion is now notchoice. It’s conceivable that Disney might choose to bring the free trial back at an afterward date, in any case, so we’ll update this article with more points of interest in case the free trial is restored.

How To Cancel Disney Plus subscription?

If you decide that Disney Plus isn’t what you were looking for and wondering how do you cancel the subscription, it’s simple, don’t sweat.

Follow these steps to Cancel Disney Plus subscription:

  • Sign in to your Disney Plus account
  • Click on your Profile icon
  • Click on Account> Billing details > Cancel Subscription
  • Click ‘Complete Cancelation’

Wrapping Up!

Well you see how easy it was to get a free trial for Disney Plus, but what if Disney Plus hasn’t been launched in your country yet? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well, use a VPN like Surfshark or check out our detailed blog “How to Get & Watch Disney Plus Online: Sign-Up from Any Country”.

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