How to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA


Just like many of us, you must be anticipating the release of the American Drama Good Trouble. Word around the socials is that it is releasing on Hulu on 10th March 2022.

So if you’re like us, that are looking to watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA, then you’ve come to the right place.

Many of our viewers may reside outside USA, which is where Hulu’s content viewership doesn’t exist.

To bypass this, you’ll need a VPN service and that’s what this article is about. We’ll show you how, with a reliable VPN, you can enjoy Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu on 10th March 2022.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA with a VPN

Watching Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA is now possible, by using a premium VPN. Here’s what you do:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN; Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN due to its super-fast servers!
  2. Download its app on your preferred streaming device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and log in with your subscribed credential. Then, use it to connect to a server located in the USA.
  4. Now visit the Hulu website or app and create an account. If you already have one, then ignore this step.
  5. Log in with your credentials on 10th March 2022 and you’ll find Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu available to stream.

Good Trouble Season 4A Release Date

You’re in luck! Good Trouble Season 4 was renewed for a fourth season in September 2021, whose premiere date is scheduled on Hulu on 10th March 2022.

Good Trouble Season 4A Trailer

The Foster Spinoff “Good Trouble” is back after a much-awaited season 4. Check out the trailer below:

After the ending events of The Fosters, the Foster siblings Callie and Mariana move to Los Angeles, in an apartment building called The Coterie.

Callie pursues the career of a law clerk working for Judge Wilson and Mariana is a software engineer. The two siblings step into adult life with high hopes and expectations while befriending many.

In season 4, we see Tommy’s trial-ending decision, while Callie is trying to get Kathleen out of legal jeopardy.

Someone new will be joining Coterie as Mariana meets with Evan and leaving Sumi as an acting manager. We’ve also been teased on the possibility of Callie leaving, which is something that’ll be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Best VPNs to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA

No need to wonder in the VPN market alone. In this section, we’ll take you three of the most premium VPN choices to go for, as one of these three are sure to be your choice for streaming Hulu.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA

ExpressVPN - Best VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside-USA

Saving the best for the first, it is our all-time favorite ExpressVPN. We declare ExpressVPN as the Best VPN to watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu.

That’s because it has amassed credibility in categories of speed, compatibility, and customer service. It has been crowned “Best VPN” two years in a row, one at T3 Awards in 2020 and at Future Tech Awards in 2021.

Independent testing has shown its bandwidth speed peak of 89.78 Mbps download speed and 82.22 Mbps upload speed on a 100 Mbps internet connection.

ExpressVPN Speed Testing Results for Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu-outside-USA

ExpressVPN has a strong network of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. These fast servers let you watch Better Things Season 5 on Hulu outside USA.

They come equipped with Lightway security protocol and TrustedServer technology, designed to give faster and more secure connection and an advanced level of privacy.

It runs the latest AES-256-bit encryption tool, has Private DNS running on every server, and can secure 5 devices simultaneously. That means you may watch your favourite shows like Dropout on Hulu outside USA on all of your devices without any restrictions.

ExpressVPN has two new feature upgrades called Threat Manager, which monitors any third-party tracking, and Parallel Connection that improves the server bandwidth.

ExpressVPN comes at a price of US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan). ExpressVPN happily welcomes its customers with a 30-day risk-free trial period as well. 

Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA

Surfshark - Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu-outside-USA

For all our audience members craving a budget-friendly choice, we’ve got the best for you. Surfshark VPN is hands down the most pocket-friendly VPN choice for unblocking Hulu outside USA. That is because of its advanced tech features, top-notch upgrades, all bundled at an affordable price. Surfshark was recognized as “Best Value for Money” by in 2019.

When tested on a 100 Mbps connection, it gave us a download speed of 88.14 Mbps and an upload speed of 83.72 Mbps.

Surfshark Speed test results to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside-USA

Surfshark’s network of 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. These servers are diskless reduce the risk of data-logging on hard drives and have 1 Gbit ports, which will soon be upgraded to 10Gbit ports. Use these highly-optimized servers to watch Thing About Pam on Hulu outside USA without any technical glitches.

With the help of Surfshark, you can easily watch Fresh on Hulu outside USA.

It runs CleanWeb technology that rids malware-hosting sites, cookie ads pop-ups, and annoying ads from your surfing experience.

One Surfshark account can be used on unlimited devices simultaneously, which means, thanks to SmartPlay technology, it can protect every device in the house. That means you can easily unblock HBO Max outside USA with the help of its Smart Play technology.

Surfshark comes at a price of US$2.49/mo (83% Off on 2 Years Plan). Surfshark also offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA

NordVPN - Largest Server Network VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside-USA

NordVPN is a commendable choice amongst power users who have spoken highly of its server network, user-friendly design, and responsive customer service.

On our 100 Mbps connection, NordVPN provided us with a download speed of 86.49 Mbps, and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps.

NordVPN Speed Testing Results for Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside-USA

This speed is fast enough to let you have a better streaming experience while watching Rick and Morty on Hulu outside USA.

In fact, NordVPN is one of the very few VPNs that hold a large server network. Throughout the years, NordVPN has received fame with custom-built security features, top-notch benefits, and much more.

NordVPN’s large server network is of 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. The VPN comes with features like VPN tunneling, ISP throttling, and Private DNS leak protection.

It even comes in the form of a lightweight extension to secure your browsing experience. The double protection feature changes your IP twice to make your web traffic untraceable.

NordVPN can be used on 6 devices simultaneously, or, thanks to SmartPlay, you can connect it to your Wi-Fi router and protect more devices.

With the help of these features, you can enjoy various Hulu shows and movies with NordVPN, like Nightmare Alley outside USA on different devices with ease.

Choose NordVPN long-term package at US$3.29/mo (Save 60% on 2-year plan) . It even comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

How VPN Allows you to Access Hulu outside USA

Watching Hulu from abroad is a challenge, because of the geo-restrictions set by Hulu. This is due to licensing agreements with the content creators that the popular OTT platform restricts its viewership.

If you live in the USA, you can access Hulu, but for accessing Hulu outside USA, one of the best Hulu VPNs like ExpressVPN is required.

What a VPN simply does is connect you to a server of the desired country that provides you with an IP address while masking your existing one.

By doing so, your original region is hidden, and you can pose virtually as a US user. By doing so, you can watch Hulu outside USA.

How to Create Hulu Account outside USA

Since access to Hulu is geo-restricted for non-US region visitors, you’ll need a reliable VPN to get in. Here’s how you create a Hulu account if you reside outside USA:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN app and use it to switch your location by connecting to a US-based server.
  2. Go to the Hulu website or app and go to its subscription page.
  3. Subscribe to its base package, be it $6.99/month (ad-supported) or $12.99/month (ad-free), and use any of the accepted global payments.
  4. Log in with your newly subscribed credentials after which you can watch Hulu.

Introduction of Good Trouble Season 4A Characters

According to TV Line, here is a brief recap of the beloved characters of Good Trouble below:

Callie Adams Foster is the recent graduate of UCSD Law School and Mariana’s adopted sister
Mariana Adams Foster is a software engineer and Callie’s adopted sister who recently graduated from MIT
Malika Williams is a bartender and political activist
Alice Kwan is the building manager of The Coterie apartment building
Gael Martinez is a graphic designer and artist who falls for Callie
Judge Curtis Wilson is a conservative judge
Davia Moss is a body-positive influencer and teacher

Good Trouble Season 4A Cast

The cast of Good Trouble is as follows:

Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster
Zuri Adele as Malika Williams
Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan
Tommy Martinez as Gael Martinez
Roger Bart as Judge Curtis Wilson (season 1–2, guest season 3)
Emma Hunton as Davia Moss (season 2–present; recurring season 1)


Good Trouble is already streaming online season 1-3 on Hulu. On 10th March 2022, you’ll be able to watch Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu as well.

All three seasons of Good Trouble are available to stream on Hulu. You’ll be able to stream season 4 from 10th March 2022 onwards.

The new episodes of Good Trouble season 4 will be released on Hulu on 10th March 2022.

You can watch all three released seasons of Good Trouble on Hulu outside USA.

Wrap Up

From 10th March onwards, you’ll be able to stream Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu outside USA. For our beloved fans living outside USA, you’ll need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to get access.

Make sure you choose a VPN out of the three best choices we’ve shared. With a VPN like ExpressVPN, you’ll be ready to stream Good Trouble Season 4A on Hulu from 10th March 2022.

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