(Unaired) Trump Insulting Episode of Black-ish Season 4 Releases on Hulu


Black-ish is frequently commended for the way it deals with touchy social themes. However, in 2018 an episode started so much controversy among the storyline of the episode that the series had to be racked.

The episode was called ‘Please, Infant, Please,’ and it included  Dre putting his newborn child, Devante, to rest with a bedtime story that reflects on the occasions taking place in the year after Donald Trump was chosen, president. In the scene, Dre references the president through cartoon story character and calls him ‘the Shady King,’ and talks about with his son Junior over athletes taking a knee amid the national song of devotion.

Long time before its February 27 release, the episode was racked. At the time, ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey explained that the scene about the NFL competitors taking a knee was not the reason the episode was stopped, only stating that there were differences in creative terms between the creators and network. The network’s choice to not release the episode was the ultimate reason Black-ish producer Kenya Barris chose to cut ties with ABC Studios and move to Netflix. The audience will finally be able to watch the episode after 3 long years.

Barris revealed in an Instagram post that the season 4  episode ‘Please, Infant, Please’ has now been released on Hulu along with the rest of the series.

He clarified that he asked that Walt Disney Tv reevaluate making the scene accessible to viewers stating,”22 minutes that I was, and still am, incredibly proud of.”  Further adding “Recognizing the importance of this moment, they listened and agreed,”.

Disney’s step to release the episode to the will likely make fans happy especially those who were upset that the episode never made it to the screen.

Black-ish‘s way of addressing social and political issues in an intellectual yet funny way is the reason it has been loved by audiences and been so much successful.

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