How to Watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock [Easy Way]


Are you looking to watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock? The true crime series has been making waves since 2013 and currently Cold Justice season 6 is airing on Peacock TV, so you can easily catch its new episodes.

But, this American-based streaming service doesn’t work abroad so to watch Peacock TV in India you need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Cold Justice is a treat for true crime fans, the show revisits old unsolved murder cases and tries to find a resolution. If you are wondering where can I watch all seasons of Cold Justice? Well, all of them are available on demand on Peacock TV, but remember to pair your service with a VPN in India.

If you are curious to learn more about the Cold Justice season 6 release date, how to stream Cold Justice on Peacock TV, or thinking where can I watch cold justice season 4, and even general queries about Peacock TV price plans and subscriptions, read on!

Watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock [5 Easy Steps]

Calling our true crime fans if you are looking into how to watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock. Here is our step-by-step guide on how you can with a premium VPN.

  • Download a reliable and fast VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Log in to your VPN and connect to a server in the US. If you use ExpressVPN, you can connect to the New York or the LA servers.
  • Create an account on Peacock TV. If you don’t have an account, we recommend getting a Peacock TV free trial.
  • Return to the Peacock TV website and search “Cold justice Season 6 episode 1 watch online”.
  • Select the episode you want to watch and start streaming.

Remember: You might need to pay a little to go premium, but you can cancel Peacock TV subscription as and when you want.

Where can I Watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India?

Are you wondering if can i watch cold justice on Peacock or if there are any other streaming services that I can use to watch Cold Justice?

You can watch Cold Justice season 6 in India on Peacock, FuboTV, DIRECTV, Prime Video, Oxygen, etc., although we recommend using Peacock TV due to its great service and HD streaming.

What is the Release date of Cold Justice Season 6 on Peacock?

Although the Cold Justice Season 6 release date was in January 2021, you can still catch the show even now in April. The new episodes of the show started airing on 4th April. You can also binge episodes from the previous five seasons and then stream Cold Justice Season 6.

What’s Cold Justice Season 6 about?

Cold Justice follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her group of detectives Steve Spingola, Tonya Rider, and Abbey Abbondandolo, as they travel to small towns and open unsolved murder cases, and try to find a resolution to the cases. They work alongside local law enforcement to make arrests and conduct their investigations.

The show is completely unscripted and looks into real-life cases to bring the gone but not forgotten victims to justice by trying to find their killers. As of January 2021, the show has featured 98 episodes.

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Who are in the Cast of the Cold Justice Season 6?

Now that you have an understanding of how to watch cold justice season 1 online free. Let us look at the Cast of Cold Justice Season 6 before you start to watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock.

Primary Cast

  • Kelly Siegler – Former Prosecutor
  • Yolanda McClary – Detective
  • Steve Spingola – Detective
  • Johnny Bonds
  • Tonya Rider – Detective
  • Aaron Sam
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  • How many Episodes are there in Cold Justice Season 6?

    There are 24 episodes featured on the sixth season of Cold Justice as of now. We have compiled a short compilation for each episode of the season.

    Episode Episode Name Air Date
    1 Holiday Homicide Sat Jul 10, 2021,
    2 Deadly Premonition Sat Jul 17, 2021,
    3 A Touch of Evidence Sat Jul 24, 2021,
    4 Unnatural Causes Sat Jul 31, 2021,
    5 An Officer’s Promise Sat Nov 06, 2021,
    6 Out in the Cold Sat Nov 13, 2021,
    7 A Desperate Father Sat Nov 20, 2021,
    8 Small Town Conspiracy Sat Nov 27, 2021
    9 Sifting Through the Ashes Sat Dec 04, 2021
    10 Victim or Villain? Sat Dec 11, 2021
    11 Father’s Day Massacre Sat Dec 18, 2021
    12 Three Generations Gone Sat Jan 01, 2022
    13 A Mother’s Last Words Sat Sep 03, 2022
    14 Shot in the Dark Sat Sep 10, 2022
    15 Dangerous Rendezvous Sat Sep 17, 2022
    16 For Love or Money? Sat Sep 24, 2022
    17 The Key to the Crime, Part 1 Sat Oct 01, 2022
    18 The Key to the Crime, Part 2 Sat Oct 08, 2022,
    19 Burning Mystery Sat Feb 25, 2023,
    20 Double Disappearance Sat Mar 04, 2023,
    21 Trail of Terror Sat Mar 11, 2023,
    22 On Holy Grounds Sat Mar 18, 2023,
    23 Deadly Abduction Sat Mar 25, 2023,
    24 Digging for Justice Sat Apr 01, 2023,

    Is there a Trailer of Cold Justice Season 6?

    Before you start to watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock, we suggest getting a taste of what’s to come by looking at the Cold Justice Season 6 trailer. Here is the trailer for your convenience.

    How to Watch Cold Justice Season 6 Without Cable for Free?

    Although the show is premiering exclusively on Oxygen TV, which requires Cable TV, if you wish to watch cold justice season 7 without cable you can do so on streaming services such as Peacock TV, Furbo TV, Youtube TV, cold justice Netflix and Hulu.

    Still, these services don’t offer free streaming. You can sign up for a free trial to binge-watch the show.

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    How Does VPN Allow You to Access Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock?

    Some Streaming services like Peacock TV put their content on geo-restrictions to abide by their content licensing agreements. So if you try to access that content outside of the agreed-upon areas, you will not be able to access it. This is where a VPN comes in.

    A VPN works by masking your original IP address and providing you with the IP of a local area.

    This IP allows you to easily bypass the geo-restrictions and access the content. A VPN, apart from allowing you access, also protects you against potential hacks by encrypting your online activity and data.

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    Why is ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock?

    ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for Peacock TV currently available on the market, as many of its users voted. The service claims to give its users high-speed connectivity, simultaneous device connections, compatibility, and security measures. We decided to test these features to see what makes ExpressVPN the best.

    ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Cold Justice Season 6 in India on Peacock

    We first tried to watch some of the best shows on Peacock TV by using ExpressVPN on a 100 Mbps connection. We were pleased to find that we could get up to 90 Mbps download speeds. This made streaming in HD a breeze.

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    We decided to use the expansive network of servers of which ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in 94+ countries to watch Peacock TV outside the US. We found that while connecting to servers in the US, the New York and LA servers were the best in terms of connectivity and streaming capabilities.



    Recommended servers: New York, Dallas, New Jersey

    ExpressVPN also has excellent compatibility with streaming devices due to its Media Streamer function. We tested it by putting on ExpressVPN and trying to get Peacock on Smart TV and could connect to it easily.

    We also found that we could hook up to 5 devices on one ExpressVPN account, which made protecting all our devices simultaneously easy. You can use ExpressVPN to not only watch Peacock TV movies but also watch shows and movies on Hulu, Netflix, and even Disney+.

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    Cold Justice Season 6

    FAQs – Watch Cold Justice Season 6

    You can watch Cold Justice season 6 in India on Peacock TV. You can also stream it on FuboTV, DIRECTTV, Oxygen and Prime Video. Although, we recommend Peacock TV due to its superior service.

    You can watch Cold Justice Season 6 for free on Peacock TV by signing up for a Peacock TV free trial which gives you access to Peacock TV content free.

    Cold Justice season 6 has 24 episodes released which can be streamed on Peacock TV in India with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

    The former prosecutor and the star of Cold Justice on Peacock TV, Kelly Siegler, is currently 60 years old. Her performance is beyond impressive.

    Wrapping Up

    Cold Justice is a treat for any true crime fan. The show follows a group of former law enforcement officers going to small towns and looking into cold cases.

    The show is available to stream on Peacock TV, but since it is only available for US viewers, you must use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Cold Justice season 6 in India on Peacock.

    We recommend using ExpressVPN due to its high-speed connectivity and online security. It is truly the best option to stream Cold Justice in India. We hope you found our guide helpful and will use our tips to watch the series for yourself.

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