How to Watch Alone Australia in Italy on Paramount Plus


Season 1 of Alone Australia has been out; learn how to watch Alone Australia in Italy on Paramount Plus Canada using the best ExpressVPN!

Because the Paramount Plus library has its site restrictions and this title is blocked in Italy, as it’s a part of Canadian library, it requires a secure VPN to avoid geo-restrictions and accessing Paramount Plus Italy to watch the thrilling survival experience of Alone Australia contestants.

Alone Australia is an Australian staying alive competition series that began on SBS on March 29, 2023. Ten volunteers and all other people will be separated, with the participants required to self-document and record their experiences.

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How to watch Alone Australia in Italy on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

To watch Alone Australia in Italy on Paramount Plus, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a reputable VPN service (ExpressVPN)
  • On your streaming device, install the VPN software
  • Connect to the Canadian server (Toronto)
  • Visit the Paramount Plus website and sign in
  • Watch Alone Australia on Paramount Plus!

Remember that you will need a Paramount+ Canadian library membership. Make sure that you check the Paramount Plus free trial that is available for all new users. 

Where can I watch Alone Australia?

You can watch Alone Australia – Season 1 on Paramount Plus Canadian Library but remember you will need ExpressVPN to avoid geographical restrictions.

Before registering, look for Paramount Plus pricing plans to ensure a correct subscription plan for your needs. Register for the Paramount Plus Free Trial of 7 days to watch Alone Australia online for free.

While enjoying season 1 of Alone Australia, you can look for the best shows on Paramount Plus to add to your bucket list. Paramount+ provides access to other channel libraries like CBS and Showtime.

However, remember that when CBS or SHOWTIME merges with Paramount Plus, you don’t get different charges, but you have more great options.

Other streaming options include Paramount+ Amazon Channel and Paramount Plus Apple TV Channel for Alone Australia.

What is the release date of Alone Australia?

Alone Australia begins with a double episode on Wednesday, March 29 at 7.30 pm and will air weekly thereafter on SBS and SBS On Demand.

SBS On Demand now has Alone S1-8 and Alone: Beast (American versions) and Alone Denmark, Alone Norway, and Alone Sweden. Now that you have the Alone TV show’s 2023 release date, let’s move ahead to read the storyline.

What is the Storyline of Alone Australia?

Participants are dumped out in a distant wilderness region, sufficiently separated to ensure they are unlikely to come into interaction with one another.

The competition often begins in mid-to-late fall, adding time pressure to an already tricky survival encounter as the impending winter drives temperatures to decrease and nutrition to become abundant. By this, there are certain rumors of some alone contestants who die in 2022, which aren’t proved till now.

Alone 2023 location is in northern Sask. Watch it online to find out who lasted the shortest time alone.

What is the Cast of Alone Australia?

“Alone Australia” has revealed the ten survivalists who will participate in the show’s inaugural local edition. However, the list of the Alone 2023 cast has been shared below.

Name Occupation Age State
Beck School teacher 42 Victoria
Chris Army Veteran 39 Tasmania
Duane Wildlife and environment officer 35 New South Wales
Gina Rewilding facilitator 52 New South Wales
Jimmy farmhand and engineering student 22 South Australia
Kate wildlife biologist 41 Australian Capital Territory
Michael vet and bush regenerator 42 New South Wales
Mike solo adventurist 45 New South Wales
Peter hunting guide 31 New South Wales
Rob Planning and environmental manager 41 Victoria

What type of Genre is Alone Australia?

Alone Australia brilliantly exemplifies the Survival genre, following the self-documented daily difficulties of ten people as they attempt to survive alone in the outback for as long as possible utilizing a limited quantity of survival supplies. We wonder, has anyone killed a bear on Alone?

How many Episodes of Alone Australia?

You don’t need to hold your breath; the Alone Australia Episodes detail are shared right below.

Episode no. Release date Quick Overview
1.1 29 March 2023 10 outdoor survivors are pushed to survive completely alone in the state’s wilderness in the dead of winter.
1.2 29 March 2023 The contenders begin to drop out of the race when they discover how brutal a Tasmania winter can be, and the circumstances become too much for some.
1.3 5 April 2023 Three competitors have departed the Tasmanian wilderness three days into the challenge, and the other competitors are experiencing the effects of going without sustenance.
1.4 12 April 2023 As they face hunger, the environment, and their emotions in the Tasmanian bush, the participants disclose the roots of their strength.
1.5 19 April 2023 As hunger, exhaustion, and cold take their toll on the remaining volunteers are forced to consider why they are taking on the most challenging endeavor of their lives. For one thing, the reasons to stay are eventually overshadowed by the motivations to go.
1.6 26 April 2023 After surviving the settling-in stage, the remaining competitors focus on their strategies to outlast the others and win the $250K.
1.7 3 May 2023 Food is becoming an increasingly important concern for all people. Some people have yet to discover anything to eat, and their hunger is mounting.
1.8 10 May 2023 Surviving in the Tasmanian bush is only one aspect of the contestants’ endeavor. The emotional solitude is wearing hard on one, which becomes too much for him.
1.9 17 May 2023 Those who remain in Tasmania’s bush have no clue that other people are still alive, compounding the daily battle – is the conclusion a day distant, or six months?
1.10 24 May 2023 The mental game is more important than ever for the surviving players. They have no clue how many individuals are left in the race or how long their opponents will fight. Everyone is hopeful that the end is near.
1.11 24 May 2023 The weather changes for the more severe, and a change in survival technique might be the making or breaking of the contenders. For how much longer can they hold out? Who is going to be the last man or woman standing?
1.12 (Alone Reunion) 25 May 2023 Contestants reunite

Alone Australia Season Contestant Profiles and Elimination Reasons

We all believe that’s it hard to survive and compete in wild situations; thus, the contestants of Alone Australia did their best to live through those scarce conditions.

Hence, some lost track and were eliminated, considered as the Alone worst contestants. You can check the table below to learn more about the contestant’s profile and elimination reasons.

Name Age Occupation Status Reason for Elimination
Gina 52 Rewilding Facilitator Winner – 67 days Winner
Mike 45 Solo Adventurist 64 days (medically evacuated) Low blood pressure and malnutrition
Michael 43 Vet & Bush Regenerator 30 days Missed his family
Kate 41 Wildlife Biologist 22 days Missed her family
Chris 39 Army Veteran 12 days Wanted to leave on a high after experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder
Duane 35 Wildlife & Environmental Officer 10 days Struggling with isolation
Peter 31 Hunting Guide 3 days Struggled to find food, also fell and injured his knee
Jimmy 22 Farmhand & Engineering Student 2 days (medically evacuated) Developed COVID-19, which caused his heart to beat at twice the usual rate
Beck 42 School Teacher 2 days Missed her family and could not start a fire due to wet materials
Rob 41 Planning & Environmental Manager 2 days Missed his family

Fun fact: The biggest animal killed alone was moose that was also surviving for its life and became part of Jonas’s meal.

Alone Australia – Official Trailer

If you are going to watch Alone Australia in Italy on Paramount Plus, then you should have a look at the Alone Australia trailer to prepare yourself for the wild adventure.

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What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides Alone Australia

If the thought of what to watch on Paramount Plus besides Alone Australia arises in your mind, then pause it and look down the table below to find a fantastic list of shows and movies to make your subscription worth it.

X Special Ops Lioness
Buried Disquiet
Zoey 102  The L Word (All Seasons)
El Tigre The Adventures of Manny Rivera Season 1

Alone Australia


ANSWER Gina wins the $250,000 grand prize as the inaugural winner of Alone Australia, but this was never an obstacle for her. Alone Australia doesn’t appear to be for the faint of heart, as players confront all kinds of scary natural elements; however, to 2023 winner Gina Chick, it was more of a chance than a problem.

Yes! Roland Welker won 1 million dollars Alone on behalf of risking his life to take that 1 million dollar to his home.

Woniya Thibeault is the prize-winner of one season of “Alone.” That’s the History Channel’s popular show on outdoor survival. She conquered “Alone: Frozen” and finished second in “Alone,” season six. But her strategy is about far more than just survival.

Based on the reports about the television show, no one has died. However, certain individuals among the candidates were injured during the episode filming, Declaring the rumors and news headlines of how Tracy died alone.

The competitors are not paid for each segment, and the only prize money is somewhere more or less than $500,000, which is awarded to the last survivor and grand champion of the challenge.

Contestants do not travel home immediately after winning, tapping out, or being removed from the game for medical reasons. Alone has “a whole re-feeding program,” according to Pender. “You don’t want just to hand them a meal and a beer when they leave after 60 days.”


In short, Use ExpressVPN to watch Alone Australia in Italy on Paramount Plus and enjoy the thrills of this survival-based show. We have tried our best to cover the answers to your queries on this website.

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You can also learn more about the Alone contestant rules and Alone season 1 winner online. Get yourself a VPN and adore the show while relaxing on your sofas.

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