How to Watch The Black Demon in South Korea on Paramount Plus?

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Are you into horror, sci-fi, and thriller movies? Then you should add Black Demon to your watchlist! In order to watch The Black Demon in South Korea on Paramount Plus, you need to connect to ExpressVPN.

The Black Demon is exclusively available on Paramount Plus France, which is geo-restricted. Therefore, a VPN is required to watch Paramount Plus in South Korea. For your information, the Black Demon (2023) plot is exciting.

Paul Sturges leads his family on a trip to Mexico to assess their company’s oil rig. Upon arrival, they discover an almost deserted rig, with frightened workers revealing it’s been targeted by a legendary monstrous shark.

Sounds intriguing? Keep reading to find out how to stream The Black Demon Shark movie.

How to Watch The Black Demon in South Korea on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

In order to watch The Black Demon in South Korea on Paramount Plus, you need a VPN. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download its app on your device and sign in.
  3. Connect to the France server.
  4. Open the Paramount Plus site and log into your account.
  5. Look for and watch The Black Demon in South Korea!

Note: You can also watch The Black Demon (2023) for free using the Paramount Plus free trial, which is available for seven days!

Where can I watch The Black Demon in South Korea?

You can watch The Black Demon movie by tuning into Paramount Plus France. However, remember to connect to ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Paramount Plus, to watch the movie in France.

Since a subscription to Paramount Plus France is necessary to access the show, we recommend you check out the Paramount Plus pricing here. You also have the option to get a free trial to watch the movies for free!

Now that you know the answer to “Where can I watch The Black Demon?” it’s time to check out what the movie is about. Check out the next heading.

What is the story of The Black Demon?

The story of The Black Demon Shark is intriguing. It follows the story of an oil magnate, Paul Sturges, who rings his family to Bahia Negra.

In this dilapidated ghost town, the remaining inhabitants inform Paul about the emergence of ‘El De.

Shortly after their arrival, a colossal black shark brutally attacks the individual and boat that transported them. This shark stands apart from all other creatures—a legendary entity called The Black Demon.

It has laid territorial claim to the nearby waters, fiercely safeguarding the environment against human encroachment. The shark’s aggression leads to a trail of death, and it repeatedly assaults the very structure of the oil rig, endangering its integrity.

Paul and his family find themselves stranded with a small group of survivors. As they unravel the situation, they uncover that explosive charges have been placed on the platform’s supports. To find out The Black Demon’s ending, watch the movie now.

What is the Genre of The Black Demon?

The genre of The Black Demon Shark is Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thriller. The presence of a monstrous, legendary shark known as “The Black Demon” creates a sense of horror.

However, the concept of explosive charges on the platform’s legs adds a speculative aspect that aligns with sci-fi elements. To find out more, watch The Black Demon in South Korea now with ExpressVPN!

What is The Black Demon (2023) Release Rate?

The Black Demon movie release date was 28th April 2023. Since the movie is already up for streaming, you can watch The Black Demon in South Korea by connecting to ExpressVPN.

The Black Demon (2023) – Cast and Crew

Here’s a list of The Black Demon (2023) cast:

Cast Character
Omar Chaparro Sidekick
Bolivar Sanchez Diver
Carlos Solórzano Tommy
Josh Lucas Paul
Fernanda Urrejola Ines
Venus Ariel Audrey
Raúl Méndez El Rey
Arturo Duvergé El Rey’s Henchman
Luis del Valle Bartender
Omar Patin Harbor Master
Héctor Jiménez Chocolatito
Edgar Flores Crazy Eyes
Emilio Vásquez Fisherman
Julio Cesar Cedillo Chato

How long is Black Demon movie?

The runtime of the Black Demon shark movie is one hour and 40 minutes. Prepare to experience horror and suspense due to the constant threat from the giant shark and the characters’ challenges as they attempt to outsmart the creature.

Take a look at the Black Demon movie parents guide before watching!

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The Black Demon (2023) Review

The Black Demon” offers a unique take on shark horror films by combining the thrill of a bloodthirsty monster with a character-driven storyline. While centered around a mega shark, the movie delves into various forms of monsters and their impact.

Incorporating a blend of suspense, creature horror, and character-driven storytelling, “The Black Demon” presents a fresh perspective on the shark genre, offering audiences an engaging and well-acted cinematic experience.

The Black Demon (2023) – Official Trailer

Can’t wait to watch The Black Demon in South Korea? Here’s a glimpse of the Black Demon trailer:

Why is ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch The Black Demon in South Korea on Paramount Plus?

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The Black Demon

What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides The Black Demon?

Wondering what to watch on Paramount Plus? The options are infinite, from streaming the best shows on Paramount Plus to movies and sports. Check the table below:


While “The Black Demon” draws its inspiration from Indigenous folklore, enthusiasts of colossal creatures globally will identify a sense of familiarity within it. Rodriguez highlighted, ‘Our culture boasts its own colossal entities,’ alluding to the rich reservoir of Aztec and Maya mythologies.

It’s the Megalodon shark. The storyline revolves around a family marooned on a deteriorating oil rig in Baja, confronting a wrathful megalodon shark in a gripping battle for survival.

The new shark movie is called The Black Demon. Paul and his family find themselves marooned with a small group of survivors. As they unravel the situation, they uncover that explosive charges have been placed on the platform’s supports.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you can watch The Black Demon in South Korea on Paramount Plus using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

The Black Demon 2023 revolves around the oil executive Paul Sturges’ peaceful family trip that transforms into a harrowing ordeal as they come face-to-face with an enormous megalodon shark determined to safeguard its domain.

Find out what happens in The Black Demon ending – Enjoy streaming!

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