The Black Marvel Characters You Need To Know [2022]


When it comes to superheroes, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Just as there are different types of people, there are different superheroes. And just as people of different cultures have their unique perspectives, so too do superheroes of different cultures.

This is especially true of black superheroes. While black characters have been appearing in comics for decades, they’ve only recently started to get the attention they deserve. Black superheroes are here to stay and we will definitely see more in the Marvel movies in order yet to come.

So if you’re looking for Black marvel characters males to know, here are some of the best that we’ve seen in the entire MCU timeline.

T’Challa – Black Panther


T’Challa is the King of Wakanda, and T’Chaka and Ramonda’s oldest son. As Wakandan ruler, he assumed the Black Panther mantle. T’Challa went out to assassinate the Winter Soldier after his father died in a bombing strike engineered by Helmut Zemo.

Black Panther allied with Iron Man in the Avengers’ Civil War during his search for the Winter Soldier. When Black Panther discovered that Zemo was his father’s true killer, he apprehended him. He handed him over to Everett Ross, vowing never to let vengeance consume him again.

T’Challa was proclaimed King of Wakanda before attempting to find down Ulysses Klaue, who had returned after many years. T’Challa failed to apprehend Klaue and had to bring Everett Ross to the city to save his life instead.

Nick Fury


Nick was a Former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and originator of the Avengers. Lieutenant Colonel Fury started his career in the US Army and was honorably discharged in 1989.

While fighting off the Starforce headed by Yon-Rogg, Fury and Vers discovered their human ancestry as Carol Danvers.

Goose scratched Fury for invading her area, blinding Fury’s left eye. Danvers departed Earth to locate a new home for the Skrulls, while Fury kept the cause for his injuries hidden.



Eric Brooks was born in Soho on 10/24/1922. Lucas Cross sent his pregnant wife Tara to England before being arrested in Latvia. There she met Madame Vanity, another Order of Tyrana member.

Growing up in London, he protected an American vampire hunter, Jamal Afari. Knowing Eric’s history, he mentored and cultivated him. Afari taught Eric all he knew about vampires.

So, to avenge his mother’s death, Eric became a vampire hunter named Blade; however him and Afari ultimately divorce after Blade accidentally murders a maniac.

Elijah Bradley


Many black marvel characters like Eli Bradley come from a long line of heroes. Patriot, the hero, and Young Avenger is the grandson of the black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley.

Though Steve Rogers’ serum was lost after Dr. Erskine’s death, the United States Army was still eager to create more super-soldiers like him. Col. Walker Price and Dr. Wilfred Nagel gathered 300 African-American troops from Mississippi to experiment with new ideas.

There was only one person who survived the clandestine operations and assignments: Eli’s grandpa, Isaiah Bradley. By serving in the Vietnam War, his uncle Josiah X kept the family tradition alive. Isaiah’s old Captain America outfit only came in helpful much later.

Luke Cage


Luke Cage grew up in the Harlem ghetto. He grew up in a group named ‘The Rivals’ alongside Willis Stryker. Lucas had multiple gang battles with The Diablos. He was a minor criminal who worked for Sonny Caputo.

Lucas was eventually brought before the juvenile court system and recognized his actions. He changed his ways and became a cop with the NYPD. Stryker ascended the criminal ranks. Stryker’s actions enraged the Maggia, a New York mafia family.

Maggia ordered an attack on Stryker, who was spared by Carl Lucas. Due to Stryker’s job, his girlfriend leaves him and seeks solace in Lucas. Stryker then blames Lucas for the breakup of his relationship. Revenge was served by drugging Lucas and alerting the police.

Jericho Drum


Jericho Drumm was raised in a world of magic. Jericho left his brother Daniel to study psychology in NYC. After 12 years away, Jericho returned to Haiti to find his brother had become the Houngan Supreme and was battling a rival sorcerer backed by a spirit god called Damballah.

Daniel had almost died in the last battle with a rival magician. In their ancestors’ customs, Daniel had Jericho pledge to avenge him.

Jericho agreed to join Papa Jambo’s training. He intended to succeed Papa Jambo when he discovered he was the last monarch of Loa.

He Who Remains


He Who Remains is a cheerful but twisted man. His flippancy is due to boredom from his million lifetimes. To avert another horrible Multiversal War, he believed he was maintaining peace with the one Sacred Timeline.

He Who Remains built the Time Variance Authority, a huge bureaucratic behemoth. He also devised the TVA’s guidelines for finding “Nexus Events” that might separate new timelines.

After millions of years of preserving a single “Sacred Timeline,” he was recognized and defeated. A beast born of all time’s tears, he tamed and weaponized Alioth to serve as his castle’s guardian. A trio of alien Time-Keepers formed the TVA, concealing that its employees were Variants.

Monica Rambeau


Captain Monica Rambeau is Maria Rambeau’s daughter and also one of All black marvel characters. Childhood friend Carol Danvers refused to accept she perished in a mystery aircraft disaster.

Rambeau was delighted when Danvers returned six years later and persuaded her mother to assist Talos rescue Skrull refugees from Kree soldiers. Before the expedition, Rambeau helped Danvers choose her Captain Marvel costume’s colors.

Maria formed S.W.O.R.D. after Danvers left. Rambeau joined S.W.O.R.D. as an adult, like her mother.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes


Tony Stark met Colonel James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes at Stark Industries, where he worked for the Department of Acquisitions. Rhodes personally spearheaded a drive to reclaim Stark from the Ten Rings.

When they returned, Rhodes discovered Stark was more focused on becoming Iron Man than making military weaponry. Rhodes assisted Iron Man in capturing Obadiah Stane’s plans, only for Stark to reveal them to the public.

After the identity of Iron Man was exposed, Rhodes was urged by the US Congress and military to grab the armor. As Stark’s recklessness deteriorated, Rhodes had no choice except to take the Mark II, which Justin Hammer renamed Rhodes War Machine.



Shuri is Wakanda’s Princess and the throne’s heir. In addition to being T’Chaka’s biological daughter, she is also his third wife’s daughter. Shuri wanted to be the first female Black Panther.

Sounds generally undetectable at a distance. Aside from that, Shuri’s strong sense of smell enables her to recognize people and objects by fragrance alone. With her increased sense of taste, she can detect certain ingredients in foods.

Shuri’s physical strength has been enhanced. She can readily disassemble complex mechanical equipment with her bare hands. As a result, Shuri can easily avoid close-range heavy weapon fire while responding quicker than an Olympic athlete.



Brunnhilde is the reigning ruler of New Asgard and former commander of the fallen Valkyrie shield-maidens. After being defeated by Hela, she became Scrapper 142, a bounty hunter on Sakaar and discovers the Asgardian prince Thor to sell him to the Grandmaster. However, she becomes fond of him.

Valkyrie left Sakaar with the Revengers and helped Thor kill Hela, seeing the Ragnarök before joining the other survivors on their journey to Earth, only to be assaulted by the Black Order.

She helped take the surviving Asgardians to safety before Thanos, a horrible villain, destroyed the ship and killed the remaining soldiers, and she survived the Snap.

Miles Morales


An unlucky Brooklyn child named Miles Morales went to see his uncle Aaron Davis after winning a charter school lottery. His parents had forbidden him to go because of Aaron’s criminal record.

With the help of his closest buddy Ganke Lee, A Young black marvel character Miles realized he had talents comparable to Spider-Man, including wall-crawling, superhuman skills like camouflage, improved agility; however, instead of being heroic, Miles chose to be normal and leave heroics to Spider-Man.

After defending his family from Osborn, Spider-Man died. Miles was tardy. To carry on Peter Parker’s legacy, Miles adopted Parker’s concept of “with power comes tremendous responsibility.”



Phastos created the Eternals. When the atomic bomb struck Hiroshima, killing thousands of people, Phastos got disheartened. He left his Eternals and quit helping humanity.

Phastos was likely dispatched to multiple planets to protect sentient life forms from the Deviants with the aid of a Celestial seed inside the planet.

Phastos has advanced technology while keeping his intellect hidden. Phastos employs technopathy to protect humankind and help them evolve.
The only way to see the finest of humanity is to be with your family, says Phastos.

Sam Wilson


Sam Wilson is a former US Air Force pararescue pilot who used an experimental military wingsuit called the Falcon. Wilson left active service after his wingman Riley was killed in combat to aid other veterans who have PTSD. Wilson had met Steve Rogers and was pulled to his battle with HYDRA since S.H.I.E.L.D. had been compromised by HYDRA.

Wilson regained his former wings and helped thwart Alexander Pierce’s global dominance plans. After defeating Pierce’s HYDRA soldiers, Falcon volunteered to help Rogers find the Winter Soldier, who was Rogers’ close buddy brainwashed by HYDRA.

As Falcon searched for the Winter Soldier, he was accepted into the Avengers, which was dissolved after defeating Ultron.

Riri Williams


Riri Williams was a child prodigy who had her sights set on becoming an astronaut until an act of violence shattered her dreams. When Tony Stark could no longer be Iron Man, Riri replaced him with a custom-made suit she designed and created.

As a teenager, Ironheart follows in Tony Stark’s footsteps—and blazed her path. Ironheart can fly thanks to the thrusters in her wrists and feet. Riri’s armory includes exploding repulsor grenades, laser beams, precise missiles, etc.

Wrapping Up

No matter your interests, there’s bound to be a Marvel black character out there for you. So don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. You might find your new favorite hero.

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