Most Racist Movies of All Times- Racism is Still Alive!

most racist movies

Racism is like cancer in this society, even in the present age there are countless examples of racism, we as a people have not evolved out of the skin color and gone beyond the aesthetics and typical stereotypes. Here are the most racist movies of all times that you can watch on Amazon Prime.

Most Racist Movies of ALL Times

“The Birth of a Nation” (1915) is the Father of all racist movies.

the birth of a nation
“The Birth of a Nation” was acclaimed as a turning point in the progress of filmmaking. However, it’s been always known as one of the most racist movies due to its depiction of African Americans by white actors in blackface, and it’s sympathetic view on American white supremacist hate group, Ku Klux Klan commonly known as KKK.

Goodbye Uncle Tom 1971

Goodbye Uncle Tom 1971

The Italian movie was pretended to be made as a documentary about slavery, but what really came out on the screens was far from it. The extremely racist movie showcases and portrays black people as evil and monstrous and that they deserved the painful life they are in. the movie was not appreciated by critics and literally slammed by everyone! The racism doesn’t end here, the producers themselves were pretty racist and degraded and underpaid the African or Haitian actors.

Mandingo 1975

Mandingo 1975

It’s not often when the Hollywood goes racist on the whites, however, this one has both the white and black characters portrayed stereotypically even down to the way they speak. The movie shows slavery-era America and is infamous for its violent portrayal of interracial relations. The two main white characters are shown as rapists, forcing their slaves to sleep with them and indulge in all kinds of vulgar activities.

The Passion Of The Christ 2004

The movie blames the Jews for the death of Jesus, in the movie, the antagonists who force Pontius Pilate’s hand are shown people who are extremely evil, heartless and bloodthirsty after Jesus. The depiction of those Jews who are not involved in the activity is shown as stupid mindless people who refuse to accept Christ as their Messiah.

Gone with the Wind 1939

The movie is a portrayal of the South during and post the war, the movie shows blacks of all kinds, not just the slaves and throws a negative beam on them. The main character, Mammy is shown to be unable to function without her supreme white masters. Even though the movie was well-received on the box office its depiction of black people makes it extremely racist. Literally, all slaves are shown to be very submissive and even loving as if they are pets. The bad blacks were depicted even more wrongly, referring them as apes who attack white women.

Critics also put it as one of the popular classics of all time.

Song of the South 1946

Johnny, a young white boy moves back to the South, the movie is instilled with racism as if someone injected these parts into the film. The portrayal of black characters, especially Uncle Remus has been done all wrongly and shown a biased side. Uncle Remus tells Johnny of the tales about mythical animals, who themselves are pretty racist stereotypes.

Due to its extremely racist content, Disney was never allowed to put the movie on sale since the 1980s.

The Littlest Rebel 1935

This movie is highly racial on two major points, first that Uncle Billy is clearly a supreme white, shown in a manner that the blacks were happy to be slaves under him and were subservient themselves.

Secondly, the slaves are shown to be afraid of union soldiers and would rather live in slavery and bondage.

The Mask of Fu Manchu 1932

The height of racism that Hollywood can go to portray is unbelievable, Boris Karloff was given yellow powder to emphasize on him being Asian, giving him slanted eyes and long fingernails, dressed up as a typical Chinese stereotype.

Fu Manchu is shown as an evil criminal mastermind, one of the most appalling quotes from the movie is: “Kill the white man and take his women

List of More Racist Movies

“North” (1994)

North 1994

The depiction of Inuits was racist and the movie as a whole was a great disaster despite the star-studded cast

“The Last Samurai” (2003)


Clearly shows white supremacy, when Tom Cruise teaches the Samurais their own skill in a better way.

“Fantasia” (1940)


Disney cartoon that shows a black centaur, a half-human, half-donkey.

“You Don’t Mess With The Zohan” (2008)

you dont mess with the zohan

Despite being a box office hit, the movie portrays Sandler as an Israeli soldier and also targets on the Israeli and Palestinian communities in a degrading manner.

“Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom” (1984)

indiana jhones

Depicts the Hindus as clearly evil, human-sacrificing psychos that practice vile acts.

“Breakfast At Tiffany’s” (1961)


The main character is made to wear prosthetic teeth and yellow make up, creating an ugly image of the Asian character, the movie is protested till date.

“Planet of the Apes” (the original, 1968)


Light skinned apes ruling over darker-skinned apes, need I say more?

“White Chicks” (2004)


The movie is a comedy, but it does portray two black cops dressed as white females and making fun of their traditions, therefore the movie lands on this list.

“The Love Guru” (2008)


The Hindu Guru is shown ridiculously, it was critically condemned and won three out of its seven Razzie nominations including the worst movie.

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Wrapping Up!

Its heart burning to see what kind of mentality and thinking people have. Theses most racist movies show what negative ideas have been brought to the screen. Thanks to people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and countless others who have fought to bring about justice in the society, but it’s sad- racism is still alive.

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