What’s New on Netflix Australia to Watch in July 2019

What’s New on Netflix Australia to Watch in July 2019

July is almost here. And if you are wondering what to watch on Netflix Australia, we have the overall list of shows and movies that are coming in the upcoming month.

But from the massive list of new releases on Netflix Australia, it is pretty hard to decide which title is must watch show or movie.

This is why after spending almost a week in finding a complete list of new releases here is the breakdown of movies and show you should not miss in the month of July on Netflix.

However, if you are looking overall all list of shows and movies on Netflix in July 2019, then make sure to check it out too!

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Top Movies Coming to Netflix Australia in July 2019

For all the Netflix subscribers in Australia, the upcoming month of July is full of 20th Century classics.

Apart from Originals movies of Netflix, there are recently not a single movie that has been in theaters in the past year.

Since July is almost here, we are getting a list of movies and series that are coming to Netflix Australia.

To turn your chilly cold July in Binge Paradise, following movies you must watch in the upcoming month:

The Last Action Hero (July 1st)

A Stranger in Town (July 1st)

The Thing (July 1st)

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Top Shows Coming to Netflix Australia in July 2019

Stranger Things 3 is the most highly anticipated series in all regions on Netflix in July 2019.

The series is coming to Netflix on July 4rth, but at the same time, we also say goodbye to Orange is the New Black, as the grand finale of the show is coming on July 26th.

Our top pick for July on Netflix Australia are as follows:

Money Heist Season 3 (July 19th)

Family Reunion Season 1 (July 10th)

Stranger Things 3 (July 4th)

Weekly Episodes Coming to Netflix

The following are the latest titles that release brand new episodes on a weekly basis:

  • Abyss (Season 1) – Mondays
  • Animal Kingdom – Wednesdays
  • Arthdal Chronicles – Sundays
  • Chief of Staff – Saturdays
  • Abyss and Chief of Staff will conclude in July.

July 1st

  • A Stranger in Town (1998)
  • Big Fat Liar (2002)
  • Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (Season 1)
  • Designated Survivor: 60 Days (Season 1) Netflix Original K-Drama Series
  • Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)
  • NOVA: Death Dive to Saturn (2017)
  • NOVA: Decoding the Weather Machine (2018)
  • Fight for My Way (Season 1)
  • Flowers (Season 1)
  • Hit The Top (Season 1)
  • Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie (2002)
  • Kicking & Screaming (2005)
  • Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room (2019) Netflix Original Stand Up Special
  • LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission (Season 2)
  • Lifepod (1993)
  • Little Ghost (1997)
  • Mama (2013)
  • Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983)
  • Next of Kin (1989)
  • NOVA: Black Hole Apocalypse (2018)
  • Parenthood (2010)
  • Pirate Radio (2009)
  • Out of Africa (1985)
  • Running Wild (2017)
  • School 2017 (Season 1)
  • School Dance (2014)
  • NOVA: Poisoned Water (2017)
  • NOVA: Prediction by the Numbers (2018)
  • Sixteen Candles (1984)
  • Swiped (2018)
  • Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
  • The Accountant of Auschwitz (2018)
  • The Croods (2013)
  • NOVA: Thai Cave Rescue (2018)
  • NOVA: Ultimate Mars Challange (2012)
  • The Last Action Hero (1993)
  • The Thing (1982)
  • War Against Women (2013)

July 2nd

  • Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection (Season 1) Netflix Original Thai Series

July 3rd

  • The Last Czars (Season 1) Netflix Original Docu-Drama series

July 4th

  • Kakegurui (Season 2)
  • Stranger Things (Season 4) Netflix Original Sci-Fi Series

July 5th

  • Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

July 6th

  • Free Rein (Season 3) Netflix Original Teen-Drama Series

July 10th

  • Family Reunion (Season 1) Netflix Original Comedy Series
  • Parchis: The Documentary (2019) Netflix Original Spanish Documentary

July 12th

  • 3Below: Tales of Arcadia (Part 2) Netflix Original Children’s Animated Series
  • Point Blank (2019) Netflix Original Action Film

July 16th

  • Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein (2019) Netflix Original Mockumentary

July 17th

  • Pinky Malinky (Part 3) Netflix Original Children’s Animated Series

July 18th

  • Secret Obsession (2019) Netflix Original Thriller

July 19th

  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Season 11) Netflix Original Comedy Series
  • Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya (Season 1) Netflix Original Anime
  • Last Chance U (Part 4) Netflix Original Docuseries
  • Money Heist (Part 3) Netflix Original Spanish Series
  • Queer Eye (Season 4) Netflix Original Reality Series
  • The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (Season 3) Netflix Original Children’s Animated Series
  • Typewriter (Season 1) Netflix Original Hindi Series

July 24th

  • The Great Hack (2019) Netflix Original Documentary

July 25th

  • Another Life (Season 1) Netflix Original Sci-Fi Series

July 26th

  • My First First Love (Season 2) Netflix Original K-Drama Series
  • Orange is the New Black (Season 7) Netflix Original Comedy Series
  • Sugar Rush (Season 2) Netflix Original Cooking Show
  • The Worst Witch (Season 3) Netflix Original Fantasy Series

July 30th

  • Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It? (2019) Netflix Original Stand Up Special

July 31st

  • Kengan Ashura (Season 1) Netflix Original Anime
  • The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019) Netflix Original Drama

Let us know which movie and show you are going to watch on Netflix in July 2019, by shouting out your comment below.

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