Twilight Characters Ranked from Best to Worst


Have you ever watched Twilight in order? If yes, that means you have come across several characters, including the featured ones, the twilight characters now, Twilight vampires, werewolves, and humans. All these characters were not created equal, and some are better than others when it comes to acting and also the roles they were assigned. 

If you don’t know much about these characters, then this article has your back. It will discuss some of these Twilight characters, grouping them from the best to the worst. We have also listed down Twilight movies from worst to best to give you more insight.

However, if you haven’t watched or read this series yet, it is better to do so first to understand better what we are talking about. Without further ado, here is the grouped list of Twilight Characters, ranked from the best to the worst. 

Featured Twilight Characters Ranked

Featured characters of Twilight are the main characters available in almost all episodes of the series. Below are some featured characters you will find in the Twilight series.

Renesmee Cullen


Renesmee Cullen was born on September 11th and is the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Her name was derived from Bella’s mother, Renee, and Esme, the mother who adopted Edward. Her middle name, Carlie, is from Charlise, the adoptive father of her dad, and Charlie, who is Bella’s mother. 

Renesmee’s physical features include hair and other facial features that resemble her father, Edward. She has curly hair that’s soft to the touch. Renesmee Cullen is not an immortal child, and almost everyone has seen her grow in the series. She is among the featured characters in the Twilight series.

Jasper Hale


Twilight Jasper Hale is a vampire representing the Cullens family. He is also Alice’s boyfriend and can control every emotion and mood of the person next to him. Twilight Jasper is addicted to drinking human blood and constantly struggles to maintain this lifestyle. He is among the featured characters in the Twilight series.

Rosalie Hale


Rosalie Hale is among the female twilight characters representing the Cullens family. She is also Emmett’s better half, and they got married not long ago. While she is beautiful and flashy, Rosalie is a vampire with which no one likes messing up. She is among the vampires who are not happy with Edward and Bella’s relationship since they see it as a danger to their family. She is among the featured characters in the Twilight series. 

Emmett Cullen


Emmett Cullen is also a vampire, but an extraordinary one representing the Cullen Family. She is teasing and playful but also possesses extraordinary strength to harm her enemies. She is among the vampires that want to see Edward happy, but she doesn’t extend the same affection to his wife. 

Alice Cullen


If you have watched the Twilight series, you probably know Alice Cullen. Alice is also a vampire but has an extraordinary gift of seeing things before they occur. She can predict the future. She is a pixie-like, smaller character who doesn’t know what she was before becoming a vampire. She has a thing going on with Jasper, one of the vampires in the Twilight series.

Esme Cullen


As her last name portrays, Esme Cullen is a vampire representing the Cullen family. She has several roles, being Edward’s adoptive mother, the matriarch of the Cullen family, and Dr. Carlisle Cullen’s wife. There was a time when Esme attempted suicide, and Dr. Cullen took her as his wife. She plays a mother-figure role perfectly in the Twilight series. 

Carlisle Cullen


Dr. Carlisle Cullen is one of the featured characters in the Twilight series. He is an adoptive figure and perfectly plays the dad’s role to all vampires in the Cullen Family. Despite being the most powerful vampire, Carlisle helps humans and ensures everyone feeds on animal blood, not humans. He sometimes changes into a human and serves as a doctor. 

Jacob Black


Jacob from Twilight comes from the Quileute tribe. He is a young teenage boy, and his father is a good friend to Charlie Swan. He knows stories of most cold vampires and how they live with humans without destroying them. 

Edward Cullen


Edward Cullen is also a teenage boy (17 Years) who turns into a vampire before the novel starts. He and other young vampires blend well with the humans, acting like high school students. Their character prohibits them from drinking human blood and only survives on animal blood. Edward is self-hatred because he doesn’t like being a vampire since he perceives them as evil. 

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Bella Swan


Bella Swan is our last and the worst featured character in the Twilight series. Also known as Isabella, she is a high student who feels like she is the odd one out everywhere she tries to fit in. She always puts others’ needs before herself, and she doesn’t like being social. She never dances, plays sports, or does other things to interact with others. However, she reads, cooks, and listens to music a lot. 

Twilight Vampires

There are several Twilight Vampires you need to check out in the Twilight series. These vampires include: 

The Volturi

The Volturi Vampire has two characters: Laurent and James



James is a vampire and tracker and also a mate to Victoria. He tries as much to hunt down victoria and is someone you need to watch in the Twilight series.



Laurent is a member of James’s coven. He disagrees with James about Bella and does not want to see it happening. He sometimes warns the Cullens of James and asks them to be vigilant. 

Newborn Army

The Newborn Army comprises several characters, as listed below. 



Huilen is a vampire under Mapuche vampire and is the oldest sister to Pire. It was Nahuel, her nephew, who turned her into a vampire.



Nahuel is also a Mapuche vampire or a human hybrid. He has three sisters, American Jennifer, Algerian Maysun, and the Norwegian Serena. He refused to stay with his family and joined Huilen, with whom they lived together. 

Romanian coven


Vladimir and Stefan are the last Romanian covens after Volturi overthrew their castle. The two hold a grudge against the Volturi and have vowed to punish him for his past mistakes. The two are serving as witnesses in Breaking Dawn.

Irish Coven


The Irish COven comprises Maggie, Siobhan, and Liam. The latter is Siobhan’s mate. Siobhan has an extraordinary power to alter courses while Maggie can detect if someone is lying. They are part of the group called to witness the Cullen clan vs. the Volturi in Breaking Dawn.

European Nomads

European Nomads comprises Makenna, Alistair, and Charles. Alistair is an old friend of Carlisle and has a unique tracking ability. He is called to witness the Cullens in Breaking Dawn with one duty of sensing if the statements are factual. 

Egyptian Coven


The Egyptian coven consists of Benjamin, Kebi, Amun, and Tia. This is among the oldest Covens, and they are called to witness the Cullens in Breaking dawn. However, later on, Kebi Flees to protect himself from Volturi. 

Denali Coven


Denali Coven comprises Eleazar, his mate, Carme,n, and others, including Kate and Tanya. There is also Garrett, who is Kate’s mate. They reside in Slovakia, but after Sasha and Vasilii were executed, the Coven moved to Alaska. They all have extraordinary twilight character powers, with Kate producing an electric current that can incapacitate the approaching enemies.

American Nomads


American Nomads comprises Mary, Randall and Peter, and Charlotte’s mate. Peter, Jasper’s good friend, helped Jasper escape when they were newborn vampires. Peter feeds on human blood but does not want the execution or preying of humans. 

Amazonian Coven

SB-Amazonian Coven

Amazonian Coven comprises three vampires, namely, Kachiri, Senna, and Zafrina. They are all with dark skin but taller than others. They also wear clothes made of animal fur, and they all love a reclusive life. They occasionally go out to feed on humans. Zafrina has unique twilight character powers, including creating illusions.

Mexican Coven


Mexican Coven has only one permanent member, Maria, who lives in Monterrey, Mexico. She once belonged to the Monterrey coven, which was wiped out, leaving her alone. Lucy and Nettie later joined her before she killed them with the help of Jasper. Jasper fell in love with Charlotte, leaving Maria to run the Coven alone.

Bree Tanner

SB-Bree Tanner

Bree Tanner can be termed as a young female vampire who Victoria created While she was a human, Victoria turned her into a young vampire when they went to prey on the Newborns. Bree Tanner’s character is played by Jodelle Ferland, a skillful Canadian actress.

Riley Biers 

SB-Riley Biers

Riley Biers is also a vampire in the Newborn Army. He has blonde hair with red eyes and performs his work faithfully, depending on what he is assigned to do, just because of Victoria. Riley, however, opens up one day to Edward about the mistreatment he gets from Victoria, and things don’t get better between them. He is later destroyed. 

Twilight Werewolves

Werewolves are some of the fantastic characters in the Twilight series. There are several werewolves, and we will discuss them below. 

Ephraim Black


Ephraim Black is a great-grandfather to Jacob and acts as the last chief to the Quileute tribe. He is a shape-shifter and creates a treaty with the Cullen family that wolves don’t expose Cuillins. One condition is that they should not bite humans.

Collin Littlesea and Brady Fuller

Collin Littlesea and Brady Fuller can be described as the youngest wolves in the kingdom. Collin is a first cousin to Jacob, while Brady is a distant one and is closely related to the Clearwater siblings. 

Seth Clearwater

SB-Seth Clearwater

If you can remember Leah, then Seth Clearwater is her younger brother. He transformed into werewolves in the New Moon series and rose to the ranks simultaneously with his sister, Leah. While he is excited about becoming a werewolf, he doesn’t like it because of the wolves’ behavior. He has a sharp mind and exposes things as they happen. 

Leah Clearwater


Leah is also among the female twilight characters. She only shape-shifting wolf in the Quileute tribe and is one of the most followed characters in the series. Despite being small, she is the fastest wolf in the park.  She also transformed into a wolf in New Moon when she was 19 years old. However, her transformation made her father suffer a heart attack and die.

Jared Cameron


Jared Cameron ranks as the first wolf after Sam to phase out. After turning into a wolf, he imprinted a girl, a feeling he had never before. While Jared remains a background character, his presence in the film made it more interesting than some of the main characters.

Paul Lahote


Paul Lahote, a grey wolf, always has angry outbursts, significantly affecting his wolf form. He was the third wolf to phase and is enraged when Jacob communicates with Bella. He tries to attack Bella, and some wolves find him annoying. 

Embry Call

Sb-Embry Call

Embry Call is also a gray wolf but has black spots on his back. He is a friend to Jacob, and his first act is on the New Moon series. He terms Bella as a vampire girl because of her relationship with the Cullens. Embr, together with Quil, later joins the Jacobs wolf park. 

Quil Ateara V


Quil Ateara V is a cousin to Jacob, and they are also friends. He is loud, muscular, and terrifying, and other wolves at times fear him. He loves Bella and sometimes flirts with her. Unlike other wolves, he appreciates that he turned into a wolf, and he l,ikes every little bit of it. He is part of the group that joins Jacob’s pack.

Sam Uley


Sam Uley is a leader or an alpha who represents La Push Pack. His aversion to the Cullens leads Bella to discover that there are vampires. Sam Uley was abandoned by his father when he was young and had to take on adult responsibilities at a tender age. He somehow hates the Cullens and blames them for his transformation, which he doesn’t like. 

Twilight Humans

There are also human characters in the Twilight series. Below are some of the visible names in some of the series.

J. Jenks

Also known as Scotts, Jenks is a balding attorney and sometimes forges legal documents. He works for different characters, including Bella, who had employed him to forge some of her documents, including birth certificates and passports. 

Rachel and Rebecca Black


Rachel and Rebecca are twins, daughters of Billy and Sarah Black. They are the oldest sisters of Jacob and do not like living in Forks. At one time, they cannot cope with Sarah’s death, and they move out of town. Rechel attends school while Rebecca becomes a surfer.

Quil Ateara III


Quil Ateara III acts as the paternal granddad of Quil Ateara V. He has a wife, Molly Swan, and raised her grandson when his son passed away. He, at times, also advises Sam Uley and is among the friendliest people that Bella listens to.

Sue Clearwater


Also known as Sue Uley, Clearwater is the widow of Harry Clearwater, who died prematurely after suffering a heart attack. Sue gave birth to Seth and Leah, who transformed into werewolves. She loves spending time with Charlie and sometimes prepares his meals when Bella is out.

Emily Young


Emily Young is Sam Uley’s fiancee and a cousin to Seth Clearwater and Leah. She has exceptional body features, including three long disfiguring scars, copper skin, and black hair. In New Moon, Emily befriends Bella. She is comfortable with her family, and sometimes she cooks for them. 

Eric Yorkie


Erick Yorkie, a classmate of Bella, is among the human characters in the series, Twilight. Eric becomes interested in Bella when she moves to Forks. He has some of the best body features, including oily black hair, and is very tall but with a poor complexion. Sometimes he invites Bella to his school for a dance, among other pastime activities. 

Angela Weber


According to her description, Angela Weber is also a friend and a classmate of Bella, and she is a quiet and very shy girl. However, she has excellent physical features, including soft brown eyes and light brown hair. She always respects people’s spaces, and she is one of the loveliest characters in the series.

Jessica Stanley


Jessica Stanley is also one of Bella’s classmates and a friend in the Forks. She is the person who informed Bella about the Cullen family when she joined the school. Unlike others, she is interested in Bella’s popularity, not the character. She has some great body features, including being petite and having curly dark hair. 

Mike Newton


Mike Newton is a boy in the series who has a crush on Bella. Unfortunately, Bella doesn’t feel the same for him, making him lose his intentions. He is described as a handsome boy with a cute baby face and pale, blonde hair. He is from a wealthy family that owns a sporting store. 

Tyler Crowley


Tyler Crowley is also one of Bella’s classmates, and he nearly hits Bella with a van, but Edward is there to save her. Tyler then becomes desperate for Bella’s attention and always wants to meet her to apologize for the incident. He makes Edward always protect Bella. 

Billy Black



Billy black is among the human characters in the Twilight series, and he is Jacob Black’s father. He grew up in La Push and became an elder in the Quileute tribe. He is an old, wrinkled face and has black eyes and hair. He also has two daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, among other family members. His wife died sometime back. 

Harry Clearwater


Harry Clearwater is among the Quileute tribe elders but unfortunately died sometime back due to a heart attack. He left behind a wife, one daughter, and a son. His death came by after learning that his son was a werewolf. 

Renée Dwyer


Renée Dwyer became a wife to Charlie Swan immediately after she finished her high school education. She later left with her Baby, Bella, after the marriage ended, and she had to find other ways of raising her child. Later on, she married a baseball player and sent Bella to go and live with his father. Bella resembles her mother, Renée Dwyer. 

Charlie Swan


If you have watched the Twilight series, you probably know of Charlie Swan. He is Bella’s father and also a police officer in the Forks. Charlie is among the fantastic characters you will find in this series. He divorced Renee sometimes back, but Bella had to come back and live with him. Even though he moved on after the divorce, Bella always mentions that Charlie has not gotten over her mother yet. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it; the twilight characters now who made the Twilight series a success. As you can see, they come in different forms, including featured characters, werewolves, Vampires, and also human characters to make the series enjoyable. So, if you haven’t watched the series yet or read the books, make a point of doing so since there is so much waiting for you.

You can always refer to this article and see what each character came by in the series. If you want to watch movies as addictive as Twilight, we’ve compiled a list of the best movies like Twilight to help you out.

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